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“What do you make of the Peter Vescey’s comments in the New York Post about Dolan looking at Mullin for the Knick’s GM job? Is it all BS? Will Cohan let Mullin out of his contract?” – john

It was Marc Berman, not Peter Vecsey. But I understand why you assumed it was Vecsey. This is coming from the Post, which is known for their spitball-on-the-ceiling methods.

From what I know of Mullin, he wouldn’t touch that job with Keith Smart’s hands. Mullin is a low-key family man. He is a New York native, but he likes things much more simple.

Whoever gets that job must be egotistical, teflon-skinned and willing to sacrifice his personal life. That doesn’t fit Mullin. Not even the huge pay raise, I don’t think, could lure him into that.

As far as Dolan looking at Mullin as a GM, it’s possible. I wouldn’t put it past the Knicks to send someone to gage Mullin’s interest. But from what I was told, some of the speculation was fueled by Mullin’s presence at the Garden on Tuesday. Of course, the Warriors were playing the Knicks.

Even if it is true, that the Knicks want Mullin, that just doesn’t strike me as the job for him.

Marcus Thompson

  • JustPuked

    With a 4-1 road trip and now 6-1 over there last seven games, the Warriors are arguable the hottest team in the NBA right now. Of course the want some of Mullin.

    Hey, so it looks like my Tony Parker talk about Monta was actually selling him short. Kid Flash is beyond for real. Now that he’s dishing when he penetrates he’s a monster. Plus he’s got that jumper tuned…scary! He was quicker than the Brazilian Blur in tonight’s win over the Suns. I still can’t believe all the folks that were so impatient that they 1. Didn’t believe this kid could ever start to develop PG skills and 2. That we should trade him now…especially because of Belinelli. Nothing against Bells but, uh, that would have been stupid. Great call by Mullin. No wonder NY wishes they had him back in the fold.

  • TPG

    Yes, I agree – Monta is looking better and better at the point. So much so, that the signing of Troy Hudson is looking more and more like a waste. Jackson and Barnes can each man the point after BD and Monta. And regardless of what Hudson’s getting paid, he’s taking up a slot; the W’s lost a young big in Lasme to make room for Mbenga. I wish they would have given up on Hudson instead; you just can’t teach height. And who knows where Lasme will be in 2-3 years; I’m sure Lasme will be somewhere playing ball – Hudson probably won’t. As for Mullin leaving for NY, I’d hope he would stay and keep the Warrior family intact, although I think most of the improvement in the W’s has Nellie’s fingerprints all over it.

  • EJ

    hey marcus. just wanted to send my condolences to the barnes family on their loss.

  • JustPuked

    EJ I was thinking the same thing earlier this morning. Marcus, is our best bet just to send our correspondence to the Warrior HQ, addressed to Matt Barnes care of the Warriors?

  • Marcus Thompson

    I asked a Warriors official. They said send it to the Warriors downtown facility in his attention.

    Golden State Warriors
    attn. Matt Barnes
    1011 Broadway
    Oakland, CA 94607