Artest vs. Jax

The Brawl Buddies faced off Wednesday and Sacramento, and it was brutal. The way they were going at it, you would never have known it was Artest who Jackson ran into the crowd to defend when he threw those infamous haymakers.

They never got testy with one another, but they were banging and hacking away. Jackson took several Artest shoulders to the chest, and Artest absorbed some hard swipes from Jack. The crazy part was that three-point play, the one that preceded Jax’s technical foul, was a touch foul.

I was honestly surprised at how physical they were, but even more surprised that Jax held his ground. Artest is a bruising dude, man. He punishes people down low. The Warriors left him one-on-one, too. No help or nothing. Jax is a great defender against soft players, or when he has the quickness advantage against a bigger four. But he had neither the size, strength and quickness — but held his own.

Marcus Thompson

  • JustPuked

    Plus, with all that going on and a ton of unnecessary whistles (both ways) Jackson kept his cool. Last year Jackson loses it and gets tossed, picks up his sixth foul anyway or at minimum leaves his teammates 4 on 5 while he gripes about a call. So far this year he’s really taking to the responsibility of being a team captain and it shows. That first huge three to end the drought, then the dagger on the break, plus the monster rebound contested by Artest and finally those free-throws to ice it. That’s the play of Capt. Jack. Last year none of that happens because he’d be in the locker room after picking up a second technical.

  • zeelurker

    I’m not surprised those two really went at it and didn’t get upset at each other. They are both great competitors and I was under the impression (perhaps mistaken) that they were good friends. Artest was at a few of the Warriors play-off games and Jackson mentioned that he was glad Artest wasn’t at the strip club when he fired the gun.

  • i noticed that, although they were playing tough against each other, they seemed comfortable in doing so. they must have played that way against each other during their Indiana Pacers days.

    that sac team, man. i feel like our warriors just sucker punched the playground bullies.

  • JustPuked

    The new digs look slick. I liked the Hoop Junkie moniker better but if this site is more reliable that the last one, I’m all for it.

  • JP


    Nice article on the passing of Matt’s mom.

    Charles Barkley mentioned that the Kings might be looking to unload players at the trade deadline. He mantioned Bibby, Miller & Artest.

    Artest seems to me like he might be a good fit for the W’s. His defense & toughness would really help in playoffs.

    What is your take? Also would he fit in with W’s team chemistry? And what would the W’s have to give up?

    Thanks, JP

  • Andrew

    Blog Question::


    Do you have any insight about some of the words spoken between Monta and Baron as Monta was headed to the bench(or any other teamate)about the last shot he hoisted? Is Monta developing lil attitude problem within the team?