MP switches to Reebok

The player once known as the French Jordan is now a Reebok endorser. Pietrus used to endorse the Jordan Brand, which was a dream come true for him, being a Jordan fanatic. When he came into the league, Pietrus wore two necklaces. One had a cross medallion. The other had a Jordan logo medallion. He kissed them both often.

So you know I was surprised when I saw him sifting through a box of Reebok gear. Apparently, Jordan didn’t re-up his deal.

“They didn’t want me no more,” MP said with a smile, so I couldn’t tell if he was joking or not.

Nonetheless, he has a two-year deal with Reebok, joining Baron Davis as the team’s lone representatives. (If you care about that type of stuff, you probably noticed B.D. wearing Iverson’s shoe.)

“I’m about to bring Reebok back,” MP promised, in his usual boasting fashion. “You watch.”

Marcus Thompson

  • zeelurker

    Kind of ironic MP was once referred to as the French Jordan. Now he may not even be the third best French player in the NBA.

  • frenchhoops

    well M. Pietrus was called “French Jordan” for his jumping abilities not because he was the best french player… even when he was still playing in France.

  • is it me or has MP been getting yelled at alot by his team mates?

    do you have any insight Marcus?

  • barry

    MP was wearing jordans last night against the rockets

  • Marcus Thompson

    MP has long since been the target of Warriors’ player coaching. Partly because he makes a lot of mistakes, and partly because he’s not the type to go back at the person yelling at him.

  • manhattanproj


    who was wearing jordan in tonight’s game against the bucks? i thought i was someone wearing jordan tonight. is it steve jack?

    and i think monta need to sign up with one of the big companies – nike, reebok, or adidas – rather than stay with and1. and1 can’t do anything, just look at KG when he was with and1.