Andris: Shaq Who?

While every other Warriors pulled up short or opted for the circus act rather than taking Shaq on head-up, Andris went straight at the big fella. Nor should he. Shaq is not a shot blocker, unless you put it in his face. Plus Andris is so quick off his feet and has such great touch around the basket. You have to love Andris’ heart and effort. He has never backed down from a battle. He never tries to step outside of himself and play a game that’s not his. He never even celebrates. He just what he does.

Marcus Thompson

  • Scott

    Marcus- What do you think about the warriors adding someone like Chris Wilcox or Kurt Thomas from Seattle as legitimate big guys that could stand up against Boozer and Duncan?

    Seattle is pretty much headed towards a 60 loss season, and I really don’t think Mbgenga or Croshere’s the answer right now. We need a legitimate big guy. I am also not so sure about Hudson as a backup point guard. Why didn’t we sign Brevin Knight during the offseason? He is a legitimate point that could actually spell Baron for 10-12 minutes. I am concerned by January that Baron is going to breakdown.

  • Andrew Rosenblum

    Hi Marcus — good to have you back.

    Following up on Scott’s comment, what do you think is wrong with Troy Hudson. He seems to shoot like 1-6 with 1 assist in a typical stint. Do you think he’ll come out of it? I too am nervous seeing Baron logging 43 minutes a night…

  • zgreat

    From what little I’ve seen of Hudson, to me it looks like the flow of the game is moving too fast for him, similair to say Sarunis II last season. However, at least Hudson looks like he may get up to speed (he’s rather new to the team and has missed a lot of practice due to injury). Sarunis II looked hopeless as he looked like he was moving around the court in slow motion.

  • Marcus


    I think Chris Wilcox fits well, and Kurt Thomas even more so, though both have obvious limitations that may not make it worthwile, depending on the deal. Wilcox is athletic and a good finisher. But he’s not the low-post defender the Warriors need. Kurt Thomas is, and he can stick the midrange jumper conistently. But can he keep up with the Warriors’ pace. He did OK in the Sonics’ tempo, but he only played big minutes, against good low-post scorers. That’s a lot of money ($8M) for a one-trick pony, which is why he’s in Seattle and not still in Phoenix.

    As far as why they didn’t get Brevin Knight, he’s just as injury prone as Baron. Troy Hudson was cheaper and, some might say better.

  • Marcus

    Andrew Rosenblum,

    Troy is just trying too hard. He’s heard about and seen first-hand the fast-paced fun action. So he’s been eager to take part. So far, he’s been only looking for his shot. But this style of play takes some getting used to, and he’s coming off an injury. So he’s trying to get his legs under him while in a track meet.