Blog Question

“Do you have any insight about some of the words spoken between Monta and Baron as Monta was headed to the bench(or any other teamate)about the last shot he hoisted? Is Monta developing lil attitude problem within the team?” – Andrew

I assume you’re talking about Monta’s illadvised hoist at the end of regulation against Orlando. I was covering that game, so I was so into writing my story, I didn’t even see it. Plus, they moved us up pretty high. A couple years ago, when we were courtside, I would’ve heard it. I’ll be sure to ask Baron, though I’m sure he’ll say they were words of encouragement.
But I will tell you this. Stephen Jackson tried to cover for Monta, which I thought was … cute. We asked Monta how that last play was supposed to go. He said the play was designed to get the ball to Jax, “but that didn’t happen.”
We asked Jax how that last play was supposed to work. He said it was designed for Monta to make a play. Of course Monta and I think Nellie had already said the play was for Jax. Not only that, everyone could see the play they run, and Jax was waiting/calling for the ball once he got his man on his hip.
We asked again, “So that play wasn’t designed to get you the ball?” He conceded a little bit, but still protected Monta. He said Monta had the option of making a play or giving him the ball.
From my experience, the only time players protect teammates is when teammates make a mistake. In his support of his teammate, Jax revealed that Monta blew that play at the end. Which we all knew anyway.

Marcus Thompson