We’re Baaaaack

Welcome to the Times’ new blog. “Hoop Junkie” has been terminated as Geoff Lepper and I partake in this duet, “Inside the Warriors.”
Now you have both of us bringing you Golden State information and answering all your questions. If you do have a question for one of us, you can post it on here or email myself (mthomps2@bayareanewsgroup.com) or Geoff (glepper@bayareanewsgroup.com). Denote it as a “blog question” so we know to post it, and the answer, at “Inside the Warriors.”
If you haven’t already noticed, I am putting the best comment from the week in the newspaper in our NBA Sunday package. So let ’em rip.

Marcus Thompson

  • JustPuked

    Sweet! It’s gotta be nice to finally be answering questions about a winning team. Do you think the Warriors will be able to sustain a winning record with their brutal record in December? Lakers, SA, Portland all have big teams, and then the Eastern Road Trip, and the Texas Triangle. Trial by Fire or Crucible…

  • JustPuked

    …I mean their brutal schedule…

  • Marcus


    I think they’ll be all right in December. They’re already 2-1 this month (should be 3-0). It is a tough schedule, but the only games you can’t say they should win are the two games against the Lakers, Tuesday’s home game against San Antonio, and the roadies at Detroit, Cleveland (LeBron should be back by then), Denver and Houston.
    If they lost all those games, that’s eight losses in December.
    If they win the rest of their games — vs. Miami tonight, at Portland, at Memphis, at Minnesota, at New Jersey, home vs. Minnesota and Denver — they’d finish the month 9-8. That’s a pretty good month considering the schedule.
    Assuredly, they will win a couple games you don’t expect them to, and they might even lose a game or two they shouldn’t. But I fully expect them to finish the month with a winning record. After surviving November – the slow start, the Stephen Jackson suspension, the multitude of personal issues, the injuries – December doesn’t look so daunting.

  • I feel there is still a need for a wide body and more rebounding for the warriors. I think a good acquisition to think about would be to try to acquire our home product, Leon Powe. I believe he would fit well into the warriors system, play his heart out here at home, give stability inside the painted area, give us a double-double (rebounds/score)on a daily basis. With him sitting at the end of the bench on the Celtics–he could be up for grabs for a little of nothing and would be a great asset for the warriors as well as the Bay Area.

  • JustPuked

    Thanks for the reply Marcus. I like you’re reasoning….but the Warriors haven’t yet proven they’re a reliable road team. The East Coast and Texas trips still leave me apprehensive, ya know.

    On the optimist side, I gotta think we take at least one from the Lakers. With Tim and LeBron gimpy we could come out of December looking pretty good. Let’s hope the Dubs keep it together and keep playing the way they’ve been playing. Right now they’re the most exciting team in the league. The national press is starting to notice and say nice things …then they throw a “but” in there. I guess I can’t complain since I’m still hesitant to go all Denzel, climb on a car get my King Kong on.

    G$$$- Have you seen Boston play? Outside of the “three”, they’re not exactly world beaters. I’m all for Cal/Oakland pride but if Powe can’t get off the Celtics bench, I don’t see how he’d get off the bench for the Warriors. At best he’d displace Wright and that…just don’t make no sense.