Beans off the Bench?

Andris Biedrins made his fourth start of the season Tuesday night. He came in with just over five minutes left and immediately paid dividends.
Through three quarters, the Warriors were up 79-64 and Biedrins was a big factor. He had 14 points and five rebounds and an assist. He was vital because the Warriors started the game bricking outside shots. Biedrins immediately gave them someone who could finish inside. He finished the quarter with six points, and the Warriors 8-point deficit was down to two entering the second quarter.
Doesn’t it seems like Biedrins always come off the bench and provide a spark? Before tonight, he averaged 8.7 points and 10.3 rebounds in three stints off the bench, compared with 11.4 points and 9.9 rebounds as a starter.
Should the Warriors keep Biedrins in the starting lineup permanently, or make him the sixth man? He’s shown he can be effective both ways. I lean towards starti ng him, and bringing him off the bench against low-post scoring centers, such as Saturday’s game against Miami and Shaq. I don’t like Biedrins picking up early fouls, plus it gives the smaller unit a chance to tire out the opposing big man.

Marcus Thompson

  • Star B

    Agreed about Beans, playing him against certain guys just get him into foul trouble and lessen Nellie’s option as game progress to match up. If Al has it going, that’s going to play into W’s advantage, so I think they should go to him early and see if he has it, if not bring Beans in. I thought Beans should have played more too, they lost the big lead with him out and Al in. I would like to see BD sub with Beans in as scoring option. Every time they got the ball to him, he scored. Also Buike, deserves more playing time. Everything he does is right. Sub BD more with Tay and Buke on the wing.

  • JustPuked

    I think you nailed it. He has a tendency to pick up quick fouls against the premier big guys when he starts. So he’s most effective if, after the flow of the game has picked up, he subs in against the premier big guys. Against average guys, we’re better off starting him. Once he learns how to gauge the way the game is being called and the aggression level of the premier big guys without picking up the early fouls, it will be a no brainer to start him…unless it’s for specific match up reason like Harrington on Yao.

  • manhattanproj

    blog question: marcus, mind giving some insights on why or what aspects belinelli is struggling? from summer league, i know he’s not ready defensively, but on offense, he looks nba ready. how come he’s not even active for alot of the games?

    p.s.: how about the year that mike dunleavy is having? is this finally the year that he “breaks” out? maybe he is the type of SF that take 6 or 7 years to figure it out. and i’m a bit disappointed by richardson’s play in charlotte. i thought he would be at least in the all star discussion in the east but he seems to be struggling.

  • EJ

    hey marcus. what is going on with al harrington? he’s scored a total of 15 points the last 3 games and is averaging only 18 minutes in the last 5. he shoul’ve been able to put up some big number against the blazers, bucks, heat, and duncan-less spurs. isn’t it too early to be hitting a wall?

    there was that game against the clips last month where he dropped 27. no one could guard him! it’s games like that where i’m saying to everyone, “man, al could drop in 24 a night if he really wanted to.” i’d like to see him post up at the elbow more, similar to dirk and like what they already to with baron. he’s pretty accurate from 15 feet even when he’s contested.

  • EJ

    AND, i don’t know if anyone else has noticed but since jack came back al has been averaging only 10 ppg.

  • JustPuked

    Nice call EJ, I’ve been wondering what’s up with Al Harrington too. When he gets it going the Warriors always seem pretty unbeatable. I have no idea, outside of his boys getting hammered in Rose town, why he’s not hitting it like he was. I didn’t tie it to Jax but you may be on to something…