Duncan out, Ginobili hurt

Tim Duncan could play if he needed to. But since the Spurs went 2-0 without him against Dallas and Utah, he obviously doesn’t need to. He didn’t even sit on the bench, instead watched the game from the locker room.
Many Ginobili is playing with a sprained ligament in his left hand. It happened when he was upended by a charge-seeking James Jones at Portland on Dec. 2. He used his left hand to brace his fall, sustaining the injury. His left hand is sore and he feels pain when he shoots.
This is bad news for the Warriors. Ginobili, because of his injury, has pretty much just been going to the basket. He normally settles for jumpers and fade-aways on occasion. But now he’s just putting his head down and headin to the cup. As a result, his last two gamems entering tonight, he was 28-for-31 from the free throw line.
Expect a lot of fouls by the Warriors and a lot of free throws for Ginobili, as the Warriors play defense with their hands.

Marcus Thompson

  • JustPuked

    The free throw line parade for Manu didn’t happen as expected. When guys don’t go for all his head fakes and histrionics, it’s comical watching him work. Once I realized the Dubs were following the scouting on him to NOT jump on any of his fakes, I was able to enjoy a good laugh every time he flailed around, flopped or threw his limbs all over the place (inevitably followed by whining to the referees). It was down right refreshing to see the referees NOT get sucked in by it all and to watch a game where the star power of a particular player didn’t dictate if fouls were called or not. It’s wonderful to watch a NBA game be decided by the players. If more games were called this way the NBA would gain back a lot of the fans they’ve lost over the years.

  • Marcus

    And the refs seemed like they were trying to help him get to the line. Did you see that foul he got in the fourth quarter, when he dipped his shoulder into the stationary defender to draw a foul? It was so obvious, because the defender didn’t bite, and they still gave Ginobili the whistle.
    BTW, that was the best defensive execution by the Warriors since shutting down Dirk.

  • JustPuked

    Yeah, I saw that play. Guys like him are always going to get one or two, off the wall fouls called against their opponents. It reminded me of a sequence with Kobe in the Laker game.

    Like two minutes before the half Beans gets subbed in and I groaned…”Crap (I said something different) Andris is going to pick up his third foul!”. A minute later, Kobe gets hounded by BD and BD knocks the ball out of bounds. Kobe just glares at the ref. Lakers inbound and Kobe runs a pick ‘n roll, Beans flashes and as Kobe dribbles past him, with no contact even close to worthy of a foul…Whistle! The same ref Kobe glared at earlier calls a blocking foul on Beans, and just like that he picks up his third foul. Freakin’ Kobe.

    At least they didn’t hand him a championship like they did for DelicateWade. Wade has mad skills but that championship against the Mavericks was a farce. I already hated the Mavericks so it’s not like I was even remotely rooting for them. Trust me, I wanted the Heat to win. Even I could see those were some seriously bull shite calls. I don’t have a solution on how to fix it, but that stuff has to get cleaned up.