Blog Question

Mind giving some insights on why or what aspects Belinelli is struggling? From summer league, I know he’s not ready defensively, but on offense, he looks NBA ready. How come he’s not even active for a lot of the games? – manhattanproj

First off, let me start by saying that it’s OK, probably even a good thing, that Belinelli isn’t playing yet. Matt Steinmetz, Fox Sports sideline reporter, made a good point a while ago: rookies don’t play for the league’s best teams. And it’s true. Which rookie plays any significant minutes for San Antonio, Phoenix, Dallas, Boston, Detroit or Utah? If you need a rookie to play, you’re not that good of a team. So it’s a good thing that the Warriors don’t need to run Marco out there.
As far as his struggles, Belinelli is simply a one-trick pony right now. He can shoot the ball. Other than that, he can’t bring anything more – at least not as much as Monta Ellis, Kelenna Azubuike or Mickael Pietrus, who play the same position.
Marco is fraile, which hurts him on defense. He’s not a good rebounder, which guards in this system need to be. He is a better passer and creator than most know, but he needs time to develop. This is just a higher level than he’s played before.

Marcus Thompson