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Mind giving some insights on why or what aspects Belinelli is struggling? From summer league, I know he’s not ready defensively, but on offense, he looks NBA ready. How come he’s not even active for a lot of the games? – manhattanproj

First off, let me start by saying that it’s OK, probably even a good thing, that Belinelli isn’t playing yet. Matt Steinmetz, Fox Sports sideline reporter, made a good point a while ago: rookies don’t play for the league’s best teams. And it’s true. Which rookie plays any significant minutes for San Antonio, Phoenix, Dallas, Boston, Detroit or Utah? If you need a rookie to play, you’re not that good of a team. So it’s a good thing that the Warriors don’t need to run Marco out there.
As far as his struggles, Belinelli is simply a one-trick pony right now. He can shoot the ball. Other than that, he can’t bring anything more – at least not as much as Monta Ellis, Kelenna Azubuike or Mickael Pietrus, who play the same position.
Marco is fraile, which hurts him on defense. He’s not a good rebounder, which guards in this system need to be. He is a better passer and creator than most know, but he needs time to develop. This is just a higher level than he’s played before.

Marcus Thompson

  • EJ

    assuming both baron and monta are back next year, how does that impact belinelli’s playing time? would that mean he’s only be able to play with baron on the court? i can’t imagine him and monta out there together from defensive stand point.

    marcus, do you see marco developing a more physical game similar to manu’s? with a spot on j from up to 25 or even 30 feet he’s got the quickness to pull off a shot fake and take it to the rim (and i’ve seen he can elevate pretty well). not so sure he’d be able to absorb much contact with the frame he’s got, so i’d just be concerned about him finishing inside.

    on a separate note, i’ve completely given up on patty-cakes-o’bryant. i cannot believe how unprepared he was in the laker game. he had a chance to show us something. nothing. at all. and it wasn’t like he was up against dwight howard. i would’ve liked him to show some heart. i dunno, a reason he should be out there. he’s been replaced in the rotation by mbenga, who coming off ACL surgery. that’s just sad…

  • manhattanproj

    what about POB? is he officially a bust now? how can you get past by mbenga in the depth chart when you are the 9th overall pick? that’s why it’s bad to draft a one NCAA tournament wonder in the lottery.

    what i dont understand is where did that game against the clippers come from? he looks like a player against kaman. why can’t he play more like that? go figure.