Boom Dizzle Televizzle

Reebok Entertainment is debuting a new television show called Framed. It airs Friday night at 7:30 on the Independent Film Channel (Comcast 503, Direct TV 559, Dish Network 331). And guess who’s starring in the premiere episode?

That’s right. B. Diddy.

“Framed” is documentary top show that pairs two celebrities — an athlete and an entertainer — and one creates a 30-minute short film on the other. Rapper Nelly will do a short film on Allen Iverson. Actress Regina King (Cuba Gooding Jr.’s wife in Jerry Maguire) will do one on Vince Young. International soccer star Thierry Henry will be “framed” by actress Paz Vega (the housekeeper on Spanglish).

For the first debut eoisode, Baron is teaming up with Emmanuelle Chriqui (Sloan, Eric’s girl, in the HBO show Entourage). She spent two days kicking it with and filming Baron around Las Vegas and Los Angeles. She captured Baron in a whole different funkadelic light.

The trailer is pretty funny. Baron is really on skates in some tight shorts and a young tanktop.


Marcus Thompson