Finally Some Life

Gotta love how Baron injected some life into this team. He always seems to know when to make a play. If only heh can stop hackin’ and stay out of foul trouble.

Marcus Thompson

  • beau

    when jackson is bad, he is soooooo bad. that turnover on the fastbreak was a killer, his stubborn insistence on going one-on-one followed by the inevitable complaints of a foul after he misses a badly forced fadeaway, and his inexcusable defense against a hobbled Bryant. Why in God’s name won’t he force him to drive?! the only thing Bryant can do right now is shoot a jump shot.

  • Andrew Rosenblum

    Boom Dizzle was incredible — the thing is, he’s not even a particularly good 3-point shooter, but he does hit some huge shots — like tonight! He’s got that “I want the ball” killer instinct in crunch time, which they need. Only Jax, and maybe Monta, also have it on this squad.

  • commish

    It looked to me like Kobe pulled his left groin. That is painful and hard to play through because it just gets worse and can really pull and he could be out for two weeks or more. I’ve had that injury and told the guy in front of me if it is a groin pull, Kobe’s done for the night.

    Kobe’s arrogance is his all-too-visable alter ego. He always is above everyone else in his own mind and probably mostly in reality. I do not stand in awe of this selfish and spoiled man-child and frankly don’t give a damn what he said. For what it is worth, and time will tell, at least we got the Laker monkey off our backs for one glorious day in December 2007.