This Was Ugly

For some reason, the Warriors didn’t come to play. They were really sluggish and uninspired. They chucked jumpers on offense and reached on defense.

Check out these lines:
Baron Davis 2 points, 1-for-8 FGs, 1 assist, 3 turnovers
Monta Ellis 8 points, 2-for-5 FGs, 3 assists, 0 turnovers
Al Harrington 7 points, 3-for-7 FGs, 1 rebound, 1 assists
Stephen Jackson 13 points, 6-for-12 FGs, 1 rebound, 2 assists, 4 turnovers

Conversely, they were getting shredded on offense. Baron gave up 19 points to Billups, 11 of which came at the FT line. Prince, guarded mostly by Jackson, had 23 points on 8-for-14 shooting. McDyess outplayed Harrington, finishing with 14 points on 7-for-9 shooting and 11 rebounds. Hamilton schooled Monta for 13 points and six assists on 6-for-11 shooting.

Jax was upset after this one. He went on a rant as if they were in a five-game losing streak (maybe he sees something coming):

Q: One good thing was that the starters got rest, right?
“I don’t need (any) rest. We got our butt kicked. We weren’t ready to play and that’s terrible. That’s terrible to say when you start the road trip off getting blasted like this. You’ve got to be ready to play. This is definitely uncalled for. We’re a professional team and we’ve got to be ready to play. There’s no excuse for us to come out and get blown like that, to start a road trip off like that. That’s terrible.”

What’s the reason for this?
“Just not ready to play. I don’t know why. We’ve got a great job. Everybody’s healthy enough to play. I don’t know why we weren’t ready to play. I can’t answer that question.”

“As a team, some guys came ready to play, certain guys came in not ready to play, and we can’t be like that. We’ve got to be on the same page to win games. We’re not a great team. We haven’t done anything yet. We still have a lot of work to do and we’ve got to continue to keep that underdog attitude. Once we get too confident, games like this happen. That’s not the team we’ve got to be. We’ve got to be the team that continues to go out there and respect other teams and feel like we still have a lot to prove. We haven’t done anything yet, and we’ve got to go out there and continue to play like it.”

You worried about the offense?
“Offense is not our problem. We’re going to score points. It’s our defense and competing. We’re a soft team. We’re not being aggressive on defense. We’re not being a scrappy team. It’s a defensive thing. Guys not ready to play. Offensively, we’ve got so many guys who can score, I don’t guys should come in the game worrying about scoring. We need to play defense. That’s how we’re going to be the team we needed to be.”

Last time you guys were here, you all played great spirited basketball. Did you …
“We had J-Rich, too.”

Did you expect to play that same way coming here again?
“We should’ve come in here and felt like that. This is the first game of our road trip. We should’ve came in here with a little swagger, kind of how we played last year. We won by 30 points here last year. I came in here feeling good about it. It’s not about me. We’ve got to do it as a team.”

Good leadership or overreacting? What do you think?

Marcus Thompson

  • Kahalab

    Yea, he’s right. And J-Rich does make a difference. Wonder if Charlotte would consider trading him back for Wright?

  • Andrew

    Correction..It was FUGLY

  • jim

    He’s exactly right. This team wins by playing all out as a team. If they don’t play all out, or don’t play as a team, they aren’t a good team.

    I cut them a bit of slack for the scheduling, though.

  • JustPuked

    That’s leadership. Thanks for sharing the quotes. It’s nice to see these guys are saying the same things that the fans are muttering under their breath:

    “You guys get paid millions to play a game, it’s inexcusable to show up and just mail it in.”


    “We’ve got a great job. Everybody’s healthy enough to play. I don’t know why we weren’t ready to play.”

    They’ve still got an opportunity to turn this road trip around. I hope they do it.

    PS, what’s up with the italics in the comments?