Memphis is Pretty Terrible

If you think the Warriors don’t play any defense, try catching a Grizzlies game. At least the Warriors force turnovers and rack up steals. Memphis doesn’t even do that.
You should’ve seen Juan Carlos Navarro and Damon Stoudamire trying to guard Baron Davis and Monta Ellis. Actually, the numbers tell you all you need to know.

Baron/Monta: 45 points, 17-for-33 shooting, 11 assists, 9 rebounds, 3 steals, 4 turnovers
Damon/Juan: 25 points, 11-for-26 shooting, 9 assists, 7 rebounds, 2 steals, 3 turnovers

Aside from Rudy Gay, and I guess Pau Gasol, who I’ve never been a big fan of, this team leaves a lot to be desired. I really thought they were going to contend for the eighth spot. What was I thinking?

And what were you all thinking, everyone who wanted the Warriors to sign Darko Milicic? Boy were you guys off base!

Marcus Thompson

  • john

    Some possible concerns. It looks like Hudson is a bust because of his hips and so the Warriors need another backup point guard. Also, Azubuike’s knee problems may be more than tendinitis. Was I the only one wondering why Wright wasn’t guarding Miller during the 4th quarter?

  • Vince

    Maybe we can use our 2008 2nd round pick to trade for Smush Parker? He is making only $5 mil for 2 years and Pat Riley doesn’t want him. I think he’s a good choice now considering we can use Jason Richardson’s trade exception. Just not sure if the Heat will unload him for just a 2nd round pick though. We need another backup since Troy Hudson doesn’t seem to be able to recover.

  • JustPuked

    Yeah, Memphis is pretty bad. Think Huston wishes they still had Rudy Gay? He sure would come in handy as that third scorer they’ve needed. Good for us they made the trade. I’m pretty happy Mullin passed on Darko as well. After Dunleavy, the last thing Warrior fans would want is another guy that plays as if he’s an accountant on lithium.

    Hey John, I just saw your similar comments over at Adam Lauridsen’s Fastbreak blog. I think Belinelli might be ready to step in and take 5…maybe stretch it to 10 minutes at the point guard spot. He’ll give you the same lack of defense as Hudson but at least Marco knows how to play the passing lanes. Hudson is more likely to drive ‘n dish when his shot isn’t falling but overall Marco has better court vision and is turning out to be a clever passer. Realistically, they’re both streaky outside shooters so if Belinelli can get hot while Hudson’s hurt…Thud may be riding the pine for a long time.

    BTW Marcus, I’ve name dropped your blog a couple of times over at Adam’s as well. It looks like it worked. You’ve had some great posts that didn’t get the traffic they deserved.

  • JustPuked

    That’s Houston…

  • Marcus


    Better yet, imagine if the Warriors had been able to move up one more spot to nab Rudy Gay. How much better would this team be if they’d drafted Gay at No. 8 instead of Patrick O’Bryant at No. 9? In hindsight, would you have given up Biedrins for the right to draft Gay? What about Monta? I wonder if Jason Richardson would have gotten it done?

  • JustPuked

    In my fantasy recent draft do-over:
    2005 1st Rd – Andrew Bynum (#10) at #9 instead of Ike Diogu
    2005 2nd Rd – Monta Ellis at #40 PERFECT
    2005 2nd Rd – Amir Johnson (#56) at #42 instead of Chris Taft

    There’s your front line depth and future point guard.

    2006, as you pointed out, would have required a trade to get Rudy Gay. Not sure if “We Believe” happens without JRich. If you leave it alone, POB is the “young prospect” instead of Diogu in the Dunmurphy trade.

    2006 2nd Rd – Paul Millsap (#47) at #38 instead of Kosta Perovic

    Talk about your front line depth. That would be one scary deep team. Think we could have pulled off the KG Trade with that roster?

    Of course hind sight, 20/20 blah, blah, blah but that’s one hell of a fantasy draft.