Troy Hudson’s career finished?

A little note-gathering went a long way at the Target Center this morning. Reporters who were initially looking to grab some quotes about Troy Hudson’s return to the arena where he spent the last five seasons were told by coach Don Nelson that the 11-year veteran may have made his final NBA appearance because of recurring problems with his left hip.

Hudson, who has played in only nine games as a Warrior, is expected to miss at least a month — if not far longer.

“I think Troy’s probably done. I don’t think he’ll play again,” Nelson said. “I’m serious. It’s unfortunate, but he has a hip problem, and I haven’t heard a second opinion, but it doesn’t look good for him. . . . We’re quite concerned that he may not be able to play again. Right now, we’re talking maybe four to six weeks off, and then check again, but he has some (bone) spurs on his hip and arthritic conditions, and it’s just not a positive thing.”

Hudson initially had a flare-up of pain in his hip during the first week of the season. After sitting out 12 games for rest and treatment, he tried to play through what pain remained. That comeback lasted for seven games over two weeks before the pain grew too intense to continue.

“After you wake up day after day limping a different way, you start thinking, ‘Man, I’ve got to make sure this is right before I’ll be walking funny at 35,'” Hudson said.

Hudson has not played since Dec. 12 against Portland. He will see a specialist in New York this week, and plans to see another one in Colorado in the near future, although an appointment is not set.

When Hudson had his initial consultation and MRI scan in November, doctors broached the idea of surgery to repair the hip. But that option would probably cost him 12 to 18 months — a tough prognosis for a guy on a one-year deal.

“If I did have to get a surgery, it could be a surgery where it takes a year and a half to recover,” Hudson said. “A guy who’s 31, 11 years in the league, can’t really take a year and a half off. You would basically have to say, ‘OK, my career could be over.’ Not from the standpoint that I can’t play any more, but the fact that a lot of teams wouldn’t take a chance on a guy who was 33, who had a hip surgery, who’d been out a year and a half.”

— Geoff

Geoff Lepper

Geoff Lepper has covered the Warriors since 2005 for the Oakland Tribune and Contra Costa Times. Before that, he covered baseball and college sports for the Marin Independent Journal.

  • question is, who replaces his him? Nelly’s Belli?

  • B-Randon

    Sorry to hear about Hudson, but it’s obvious that we have to waive him. This perhaps could force a little more pt at the pg for Marco B, but really, we haven’t really needed pg minutes from either Marco or THUD this year with Stack Jack, Monta, and Barnes handling when Baron’s resting. Nonetheless, as the season progresses, we will probably need more pg minutes to spare Baron, so we’d have to figure that out…dunno if that’s more minutes for Marco B or not. But by waiving THUD, we would have a roster spot open for none other than Mr. Patterson. Ruben Patterson that is. Not saying he’s the greatest thing since sliced bread, but I think that he would do really well for the Warriors. He’s an aggressive defender, and he can still finish around the basket pretty well. I think this would be a really good pick-up. Then maybe we could swing a deal for Andre Miller.

  • EJ

    too bad for troy. but you have to wonder; why sign an injury prone back up point to back up your injury prone starter? i’d still would’ve like to have had traded for earl watson. i’m good with running barnes or jack at the point forward.

  • JustPuked

    It was a good risk/reward call to sign Hudson. He was a guy that could play at a fast pace, hit his free throws, could hit the three and was never shy about shooting. Even better, because he signed at the Veteran’s minimum, the NBA pays for a chunk of his salary. No real risk if he gets hurt, plenty of upside if he panned out. It looks like he’s done so no big loss.

    Belinelli has finally looked comfortable in limited minutes. In reality, Ellis is already the back-up point guard, he just happens to also be the best shooting guard on the team as well. Belinelli really only needs to play at most 10 minutes a game to fill the role originally designed for Hudson.

    Like EJ said, between Jackson, Barnes, Ellis even Harrington, there are plenty of guys that can bring the ball up the court. Those guys are all great with the ball when the court is spread out. The significant drop off, when Baron goes to the bench, is the ability to get the ball to the hot hand in the half court. Ellis is getting better at it, but nobody on the team has Baron’s ability to make the offense work in the half court and Thud never did either.

    Overall, not that big of a loss to the Dubs. I wish him the best. I wonder who is on the short list to replace him if he goes on IR? Any ideas Marcus?

  • manhattanproj

    well you have to wonder why did mullin draft lasme instead of taurean green. lasme, an undersized pf, would never make the team. he doesnt have the bulk to be millsap. why not take a flyer on green, who is a legit pg prospect? i didnt understand that during the draft and, now with hudson out, the back up pg spot is even more of a question.

    btw, justpuked, monta is not the best sg on the team. keleena is. monta is a tweener, a scoring guard. he’s not good enough to be a true point right now, not big enough to be a sg, so he has to be paired with baron. imo, monta is best being the 6th man and provide instant scoring, but that means baron has to play big minutes, so that’s a no no.

  • EJ

    i actually agree that monta is the best sg on the team. with respect to buike, monta is able to create his own shot and is doing a better job at getting to the line (about 6 attempts the past 5 games). i’ve like the combo of ellis and jackson in the backcourt to spell baron. i’m sure as the season goes on we’ll get to see more of brandon wright, and that should definitely bode well for getting baron some rest as jack or barnes could take on the ball handling responsibilities.

    i was also a little confused on the drafting of lasme. we had just traded for wright and planned on keeping o’bryant on the team. i suppose mullin wanted to address the rebounding issues from the jazz series. lasme was a beast inside in the a-10.

    all of you can call me crazy, but i would love to see smush parker on the squad. when pietrus is eligable, why not send him to miami for smush straight up? let’s make it happen mully!!

  • BigKat

    I was at the Warriors/Blazers game up in Portland. Just think, someday, I’ll be able to tell my grandkids that I was at Troy Hudson’s last game.

  • dareedle

    Besides our top 5, we don’t have much depth. We have a lot perimeter players, so it may not matter if we have a pure point guard or not. We can’t pick up a guard like Duhon because he can’t score, the Lakers have four PG but won’t trade with the Warriors, and Nellie won’t play a rookie or even a middle of the road but not grasping Nellie Ball Sarunas who should be our back up point. Most likely if Ellis or BD go down for a game or two, we will stick with Captain Jack at the point forward and load up with three point shooters. If either Ellis or BD suffer a year ending injury there is always Boykins waiting for his max mid level exception. Besides the Fakers/ Warriors and the Celtics/ Detroit matchups it seems the post season is already slotted and 90% of the regular season games are meaningless with teams just sleep walking into the fourth quarter.

  • manhattanproj

    why pick up smush parker? he’s not a legit 3 point threat and he’s not an up tempo type of pg. he can’t create and he costs money. w’s can probably find a better pg in the d-league or europe for less. and there really isnt a need for pg as the warriors dont walk the ball up. the only reason w’s sign hudson was to spell baron. hudson can shoot the 3s, quick and is cheap, which smush isnt. i think pietrus is a better fit than smush, so no point in trading for him. why pay smush millions for playing 2mpg?

  • manhattanproj

    blog question: Do you think monta is a high first round pick had he come out after 1 or 2 years in college? I still think he would be, at best, a late first round or early 2nd round pick. Because he is an undersized sg trying to convert to a pg. and scouts dont like tweeners unless you are AI. Looking at the past 2 drafts, is monta a better pg prospect than kyle lowry, jordan farmer, rondo, javaris crittenton, randy foye, mike conley, etc? I dont he is. I think monta is quick, speedy, good college 3 point shooter, and a fantastic college scorer. But he doesnt have the vision, ball handling, and poise to be considered a top flight pg prospect. And this year, he would have to compete with derrick rose (good point but can’t shoot, jason kidd-ish) and oj mayo, etc. So would college have helped Monta? Interesting to see what you and others have to say on this.

  • Rome

    I like and agree to your backup PG assesments. I think our W’s do need a viable backup, but I’d be really careful about who to bring in. I think the W’s have the best chemistry in the league, and that is something that’s always very delicate. Knockdown a few free throws last year vs Utah, and our team’s chemistry would have taken us to the conference finals.