Poor T-HUD

Troy Hudson, in the little time I’ve dealt with him, seems like a really nice guy. Very approachable and cool. I kind of feel bad for him. After battling the ankle injury for years, now the hip. That’s a pretty bad run for him.
But the fact remains, the Warriors need a back-up PG. Neither Baron nor Monta can keep it up at this pace, and I’m not comfortable with Belinelli (or Jackson) at the point for long stretches. Here’s who I’m looking at (and not looking at) as point guard options.

Earl Boykins – He is a true shooter, which the Warriors need. He doesn’t play defense, and he’s really the world’s smallest shooting guard, but he can shoot and he brings energy. He may be cheap, considering he’s making no money at this point. I would worry about how his minutes affect Monta, and how Boykins would react to watching MOnta and Baron in the fourth quarter. All three can’t play.

John Lucas – He isn’t as good a shooter as Boykins, but he’s more of a pure PG. Lucas can get to the basket, he’s a really good playmaker and has some experience. He’s quick and fast, which fits the Warriors’ system. He’s a gamer, so he’ll come up big in big situations. He may disappear for stretches though and he’s undersized, which would be a problem on defense.

Jay Williams – He’s been at Warriors games. He’s certainly talented. I doubt he’s healthy enough to play an NBA season, otherwise another team would have him, is my guess. But if he’s healthy, I’d try him. He was a baller before the motorcycle accident.

Gary Payton – Offensively, he’s lost a few steps. But he can be a floor general. He’s a steals guy, too, so that fits the Warriors’ defensive focus. He’s a veteran presence and would be a fan favorite. He’s also cheap. I wonder if he’s in the condition for Warriors basketball. But he’s one of those guys who are always ready to go.

Carlos Arroyo – a true point and great playmaker; he’s used to being a back-up, though he doesn’t like it, he’s been ready to move on from Orlando; he’s an expiring $4M contract, so he’ll be playing for something and, if he doesn’t work, he’ll be gone in a few months; With Jameer Nelson and Keyon Dooling, Orlando doesn’t NEED him.

Tyronn Lue – Atlanta has a bunch of PGs. But Joe Johnson is the star, Acie Law is the future and Anthony Johnson is the cagey vet they like. Lue is a really good 3-point shooter. He’s a veteran with playoff experience and he wouldn’t threaten Monta’s development. He’s not a true point guard, but good enough to give Baron a rest. He’s also a free-agent to be, making $3.5M

Nate Robinson – He’s a long shot, but Zeke loves Marbury and Mardy Collins. Nate is a head case, but that means he’d fit right in. Because he’s so little, he’ll be a fan favorite. Plus he’s a high energy player, exactly what the Warriors need off their bench. He’s an exciting player, so he’d fit with perhaps the NBA’s most exciting team. Not a true point guard and his 3-point shot has diminished, but he has been playing for the Knicks.

Steve Blake – A real long shot since the Blazers are battling the Ws for a playoff spot (surprisingly) and they’d rather give up Jarrett Jack. But, if and when they fade, they’ll probably get a PG in the draft. Blake is the short-term solution at PG. For the Warriors, though, he’d be perfect. He’d have to get used to not starting, which he’s done regularly the last two seasons. He can shoot, he’s a solid PG and a good leader.

Jannero Pargo – Not sure the Hornets would be willing to trade with the Warriors, being in a playoff race with them and all. But he’s struggling this season, and with the way Chris Paul is playing, they don’t really need him. He’s No. 3 behind CP3 and Bobby Jackson. Pargo is cheap, at $2M with a player option for $2M next season. This season aside, he’s a good outside shooter, a clutch 3-point shooter and he fits the Warriors style. I liked him with the Bulls, and I still like him. He would be a nice low-key acquisition.

Smush Parker – Sorry, E.J. He can’t shoot well enough. That wouldn’t be that bad, but his attitude is terrible, which is why he wasn’t re-signed in Los Angeles and he’s no longer wanted in Miami. Plus he has a player option for $2.4 million that he’s sure to pick up, so he’d be around next season, too.

Andre Miller – First off, he’s on the books for $9.4 million this season and $10 million next season. What’s more, he’s too good. He’s a starter, and that would enfringe upon Monta. You would end up wanting Miller to play in the fourth quarter with Baron. But where does that leave Ellis? Or, he would be on the bench in the fourth quarter with Monta playing with Baron? How would that impact Miller? Someone won’t be happy, and that’s not good for team chemistry.

Chris Duhon – He’s Smush Parker without the attitude. The last thing the Warriors need for its second unit is a PG who can’t shoot. He’s more of an man-to-man stifling defender than a turnover creator, which doesn’t fit the Warriors defensive scheme. He’s better in the halfcourt set. I wouldn’t be mad if they got him, because he is a pretty good player and he’s cheap (one year left, $3.25M). But I wouldn’t be excited.

Marcus Thompson

  • commish

    Hey Marcus, I hadn’t thought about The Glove–isn’t that Payton’s nickname? Out of sight, out of mind. Do you know if he’s in any kind of playing shape? And where is Cabbages when we need him (Not!).

  • JustPuked

    Great list, thanks for the in-depth research and analysis. My take:

    Free Agents: Boykins can’t play defense to save his life and Williams just isn’t ready to go. Payton has all the intangibles and would be a great story, but his shooting as fallen off dramatically and he’s barely the defender he once was. Could he put it together for just 5 or 10 high energy minutes a night? Would he even want to? I haven’t seen Lucas play enough to make much of an assessment. Whatever happened to Pierre Pierce? Are there any unaffiliated D-Leaguers that shined, like Andre Barrett or R. Benson? I know some people are high on Dee Brown but I’ve never been much of a fan.

    Trade Bait: Arroyo is a bit of a head case but he’s a hell of a player. Lue also works but a definite drop off from Arroyo. I’d pass on Robinson and Blake. Jannero Pargo is intriguing, but I doubt the Hornets would trade with us. I also like Jarrett Jack, he plays hard nosed ball, but he’s enough of a shooter and I don’t see Portland trading with us.

    10 Foot Poles: Smush is the definition on an attitude problem. Apologies to EJ but here’s a guy that picked up Kobe’s “I’m better than everyone else” attitude…but often isn’t even the best point guard on his own team. Hell no. I’d throw Nate Robinson in this category as well. Miller is way too costly. So costly he’d make it too hard to resign Monta. So you’d be choosing Miller over Monta. Sorry, can’t do it. Duhon. Can’t shoot. Enough said.

    First Choice Arroyo, Second choice….er….

    As it is, until Hudson officially retires, the Warriors waive him or someone else, or a trade is made that opens a roster spot; there isn’t any availability for another player on the Warriors.

    My bet is Mullin does nothing (two weeks?) while they see if Belinelli can handle the 5-10 minutes as well as Hudson getting that second opinion and deciding exactly what he wants to do with his career/injury. Then, as usual, Mullin is going to make a move that none of us even came close to guessing. That’s been Mullin’s MO the last few years. Nellie was out of the blue, the Dunmurphy trade came out of no where, the Richardson trade was unexpected. Sure, we knew they had to trade JRich for salary reasons and some suspected that Higgins taking the GM position with the Bobcats made them a logical partner but it was far from being an expected move. My point, when it happens we’ll all be thinking, why didn’t I think of that.

  • PhilB

    Would Gary Payton really be interested in coming to the Warriors? Judging by his agent’s call to the Celts after the Pistons game, he’s just looking for a championship bandwagon to jump on.

  • manhattanproj

    why not just bring back anthony roberson? capable handler, good shooter, just not a playmaker, but w’s dont need him to be a playermaker.

    or find someone from the d-league. dont really like the names you put out other than steve blake, the consummate pro.

  • petaluman

    I agree that we’ll probably wait this one out – unless Baron or Monta are hurt and out for more than a couple of games. That might force our hand. For now, Mullin and Nelson are probably hoping for a quick resolution and lining up their alternatives.

  • BigKat

    I don’t think there’s any way the Blazers trade Blake away. He’s too valuable to them.

    But he would be a great backup PG on the Warriors.

  • TPG

    Trade Mickael Pietrus for Mike Conley (Memphis); Pietrus’ restriction drops on 1/1/08.