Another Good Roadie

By any standard, a 3-2 road trip out east is a good roadie. Per the Warriors standards, it’s even better.
No doubt, they had should-wins against Memphis and Minnesota. Sure, Cleveland is strugglig right now. But pulling those type of games off is still a feat for the Warriors, formerly a get-well visitor for struggling squads. Throw in the fact they shoulda won at New Jersey — had Monta Ellis seen the numerous STAY ON THE SHOOTERS posts, he wouldn’t have left Vince Carter all alone — and it was a really good road trip.
Want to see how much this team has grown? Check out their road resume.
They are 9-7 to date. Only Orlando (13) and Phoenix (11) have more road wins. Detroit and New Orleans also have nine road victories. Of their seven losses, they were in the game late against the Clippers, Lakers, Portland and New Jersey. Their blowout losses were at Detroit, Utah and Boston — three of the league’s best teams.
If they can just get it together at home (7-5 so far), they’d be able to get comfortably above .500

Marcus Thompson

  • “Their blowout losses were at Detroit, Utah and Boston — three of the league’s best teams.”

    As of 12/24, Utah is not even a playoff team (their record of 15-14 have them in 9th place in the West).

    I’m not sure if a record through 29 games is good enough to say whether a team is great or not, but it does show some evidence that they are not one of the league’s best.

    With that in mind, Utah is one of the teams that could beat the Warriors night in and night out. It is just a bad match up for the W’s. So, the blow out loss isn’t that surprising.

  • Marcus


    Be real. Utah is one of he best teams in the league. When it’s all said and done, they’ll be up there. Remember, there was a time when Dallas was struggling bad. Now look at them. I wasn’t judging by record, but by talent. With the players they have, they are one of the league’s best teams. The only thing different about the Jazz roster from the team that reached the West Finals is the absence of Derek Fisher. You ready to say Fisher made them one of the league’s best teams?

  • jim

    Two things tell me this is a better team than it was last year. One is the road wins. The other is the number of games they’ve won when they weren’t shooting well and really didn’t have the offense clicking. Even during the stretch run last year you didn’t see too much of that.

  • Wes

    I’d like to see them get some point guard depth to help take the bodily abuse/stress off of Baron. I still feel as though he’s not as explosive as even last year. I remember one of the TNT reporters once saying that Baron Davis was never a high flyer and that’s why that dunk last year on Kirelinko was amazing. Apparently they never saw him prior to his injuries at UCLA and his early years with the Hornets.

    Who would you like to see the Warriors pick up for some depth? anybody on the free agent list or perhaps in the d-league?

  • john jolly

    Marcus, maybe you didn’t have your coffee… they HAVE gotten it together at home. 7 and 1 at the Oracle since Nov 16, with the only loss being in OT.

  • commish

    I think we can summarize the turnaround in one word–well maybe two: better defense. The Warriors are playing much better D and it shows up in the win columns. I think this last road trip was the longest of the season, so we can look forward to more wins than loses as long–and it is a big IF–Baron and Jax stay healthy, knock on wood.

    Merry Christmas Marucs!!

  • Marcus

    John Jolly,

    I wouldn’t consider the Warriors’ turnaround at home complete. Of those 7 wins, five came against the Clippers without Brand, Milwaukee, Miami and San Antonio without Tim Duncan. Of course, they get points for winning the games they should win, and beating Phoenix, Houston and the Lakers were good wins. But let’s not say call them world beaters at home yet. Let’s see how they do against Denver, New Orleans and a healthy San Antonio – all of which are coming up in the next couple of weeks.

  • Marcus


    Earl Boykins. I want someone who can shoot. Earl isn’t a point guard. But I’d rather have someone who can knock down an outside shot consistently than someone who is a true point guard.
    If not Earl, I’d go after Tyronn Lue.

  • dareedle

    Wow, the West is loaded and the Warriors need to surpass last years regular season to even sniff at the playoffs. Phoenix looks vulnerable with an Amare that looks like McDyess post-op than the beast from years past. Lakers are healthy with Odom finally contributing with Sir Kobe. Portland is the little engine that could and has the record to best the Warriors. Utah and Houston are willing and able to take the 7-8th seed from the G-men should we falter. Besides the Spurs who are coasting and resting players, I can’t say there is a big difference from the teams 2-10 in the Western Conference with all teams capable of first round upsets.

  • EJ

    on a totally unrealted topic, here is something i need to vent, marcus. espn has portland ranked higher than us in their power rankings. i’m not buying into the hype up there. especially considering we’re only in december. sure, they’ve pulled off 11 straight, but 9 of those have been at home. they hardly blew out the lowly sonics on xmas. meanwhile, the warriors are winning on the road (and played well enough to win in the loses) and no one has taken notice of that. considering the amount of games they’ve had to play on the road so far this year, it’s been freakin’ impressive. no way the blazers come into oakland and win. we don’t get them here until march. can’t wait for that.

  • NY

    marcus, i was at the nets game. unfortunately, right behind the (standing) seven foot warrior bench. missed the VC shot, but caught Nelson chewing out Baron after the play. You sure it was Monta who left VC open?

  • The warriors needs rebounding. They have enough long range shooters and 3 pt. shooters. There is no wide body on the warriors to take up space or do any real inside work or damage for rebounds. I feel Leon Powe would be a great asset for the warriors. He’s a great rebounder, young, and a homegrown product. Boston is not using him all that much and a good deal may be possible. He could only be an asset for the warriors.

  • Marcus


    I didn’t tape the game, so I can’t go back to check. Based on my memory, Monta was the one running out at Vince. Usually, the guy running out is the one who was supposed to be there in the first place. Could he have been covering for Baron? Possible. I’d bet that Nellie was chewing out Baron for getting beat off the dribble so easy, which set up Vince’s open 3-pointer.

  • Marcus

    John Jolly,

    Told you the Warriors weren’t back at home. The last two games at Oracle, they nearly lost to lowly Minnesota and lost to Denver.