How Much is Monta Worth?

A friend of mine, who watched Monta’s performance live Wednesday, called me with a little anxiety about the Warriors ability to keep Monta.
I explained to him Monta will be a restricted free agent and that the Warriors will have the upperhand. Not only can they match any offer, the fact that they can should scare most bidders away.
Still, he persisted, “What if someone does offer? What if a team signs him to a fat offer sheet? Can the Warriors lose him?”
Of course they can. But I got to thinking (“Uh, oh!” My grandmother used to say. “Marcus is thinking.”), what number would be too much? If you were Chris Mullin, and Atlanta or whoever signs Monta to an offer sheet, what’s the number that makes you say, “Nice knowing you Monta”? $10M per year? $12M per year?
Or, do you match no matter what, even if he gets a max deal offered to him?

Marcus Thompson

  • john

    Match! No question. How many other guards match his output in this league. Plus, he’s only 22. You can build a team around him.

  • EJ

    i’ll go as high as 8mil a year, 9mil if i were to stretch it. you can’t build a team around monta, not around a tweener. granted, his physical ability is undeniable. but i don’t see him as the type that makes his teammates better. right now, baron makes andris look like an all-star. can’t say monta does the same nor can i see him doing so in the future. i also don’t see him as being able to take the team on his back and go get it done. if it’s anything more than 10mil per, i’d rather go out and make a run at arenas. that would probably make more sense in the long run. i’m still pushing for it, marcus. agent zero back in the bay in ’08!!

  • Ray

    Monta is a Scottie Pippen not in terms of their play, but in terms of their roles in a team. With Jordan, Pippen looked good. With BD and Jack, Monta looks good. He is also so wide open all the time because of the system that Nelson runs. In a half court team, he cannot do a lot of things he does with this team. So, I am not even sure if he is the right player for another team, let alone, another system.

    He deserves the credit for learning this system, doing what he does within this system and making his shots. He deserves about 6-7 mil/yr, but with the inflation in the NBA, I would go as high as 8 mil/yr for 6 yrs max.

    We still haven’t seen what Bellinelli can do, what if he shoots 45% from the 3 next year. Then you loose a bit of the quickness from Monta but gain range as a shooter and neither is a true point. Also, out of all the players to develop, Wright needs to do so the most for the Warriors to have any chance at consistently winning. He is the key to anything the warriors do now and their future.

  • itsagreattimeout

    Depends on how he does in the playoffs.
    EJ said it well. Plus we’ll have Azubuike and Belinelli (who I still think will be great).

  • EJ

    how is it even possible to sign baron AND monta AND andris? it looks like keeping those 3 would command about 30mil. then have to worry about wright and belinelli in a few years.


  • LW

    Whatever the cost must sign him to long term deal
    Ditto AB….not too many better who are available

    Both are only going to get a whole lot better.

  • manhattanproj

    however much ben gordon is worth.

    like ej and others have said, monta is not and will never be a lead guard. he NEEDS baron to play well. without baron, monta means nothing. monta is just a more athletic and sexier version of mike james, chucky akins, and troy hudson.

    if a team offers franchise type of money for monta, i would seek out a sign and trade deal. if atlanta offers, then sweet. monta for joe johnson and al hofford or monta for joe johnson and shelden williams. even straight up, i would do it. think about what joe johnson can do in nellie’s system. another versatile scoring wing in a true SG body. not a tweener.

  • manhattanproj

    btw, marcus, i have a blog question similar to this a few weeks ago.