Baron: Best PG in NBA?

Show me a point guard who, in the fourth quarter, would put the team on his back on the offensive end, then go to the defensive end and guard Allen Iverson and Carmelo Anthony on consecutive possessions.
Maybe Chauncey Billups is doing that. Jason Kidd can handle the defense end of that bargain, but isn’t as capable offensively. Nash is not doing it. Nor is Deron Willions or Chris Paul. Definitelt not Tony Parker.

Before I can press publish, Baron shows why he may not be the best PG in the game. Down 2 with 20 seconds left, he drives all the way to the hole and:
a. scores a layup
b. draws a foul and hits the free throws
c. kicks it out for a 3-pointer.
You guessed it. C. Warriors lose.

Marcus Thompson