Baron: Best PG in NBA?

Show me a point guard who, in the fourth quarter, would put the team on his back on the offensive end, then go to the defensive end and guard Allen Iverson and Carmelo Anthony on consecutive possessions.
Maybe Chauncey Billups is doing that. Jason Kidd can handle the defense end of that bargain, but isn’t as capable offensively. Nash is not doing it. Nor is Deron Willions or Chris Paul. Definitelt not Tony Parker.

Before I can press publish, Baron shows why he may not be the best PG in the game. Down 2 with 20 seconds left, he drives all the way to the hole and:
a. scores a layup
b. draws a foul and hits the free throws
c. kicks it out for a 3-pointer.
You guessed it. C. Warriors lose.

Marcus Thompson

  • zgreat

    Baron may not be the best PG in the NBA but to use that last play as an example isn’t fair to him. If Steven Jackson hits that shot, no one would complain.
    Maybe kicking the ball out for a trey was the play Nellie wanted to run and Baron followed the coach’s instructions. If Baron takes it all the way to the hole and misses, then some would argue that he choked in the clutch.

    A fair critique would be something like Baron takes too many threes.

  • commish

    Right you are. Baron did all he could do but the other Capt let us down by not making the final shot; and in fact having a crummy shooting night percentage-wise. Only question is can he continue to play about 40 minutes a game and keep himself together for the next four months? Man do we need a decent backup point guard, which leads me to ask you, Marcus, is the Monta at PG experiment officially dead?

  • KevinB

    I got to thinking the other day back to the Run TMC days and Tim Hardaway. If both he and Baron were in their prime, who would you choose as your point guard?

  • EJ

    i agree with you two. the way officiating was going i don’t think baron would’ve gotten the call anyway. that’s a shot that jack needs to make. it’s the same shot buike made in philly on the ROAD.

    regarding monta, one of my knocks on him as a point is that he only plays at one speed. he constantly kept trying to speed dribble around iverson on sunday and got nowhere. granted, iverson is a great defender, but i don’t see monta slowing down a bit or using a hesitation move. everything is already predetermined and there’s hardly any improve to his moves. when his jumper isn’t falling the only way he gets his buckets is off leak outs and transition. he’s got only one move in a one-on-one situation: jab step, jab step, hard dribble right, pull up jumper.

    marcus, i read your column on possible point guards for the warriors. you shot my smush request down, so how about this one. delonte west. wouldn’t he be a perfect fit in nellie’s system? he’s make just under 2mil this year and is i think a free agent after.

  • JustPuked

    D-wade lists Baron as one of his favorite 5 all stars. And no, that’s not a commercial. Baron is definitely in the top 4 in the league. Nash and Kidd have been at the table a long, long time and you got to include Billups. Of that group, only Nash is a sub-par defender. Williams & Paul are up and coming and play defense. Parker and Iverson get a mention, but they’re not holding too many guys down on defense. Who am I forgetting?

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