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Continuing the Monta Ellis theme …

“Do you think monta is a high first round pick had he come out after 1 or 2 years in college? I still think he would be, at best, a late first round or early 2nd round pick. Because he is an undersized sg trying to convert to a pg. and scouts dont like tweeners unless you are AI. Looking at the past 2 drafts, is monta a better pg prospect than kyle lowry, jordan farmer, rondo, javaris crittenton, randy foye, mike conley, etc? I dont he is. I think monta is quick, speedy, good college 3 point shooter, and a fantastic college scorer. But he doesnt have the vision, ball handling, and poise to be considered a top flight pg prospect. And this year, he would have to compete with derrick rose (good point but can’t shoot, jason kidd-ish) and oj mayo, etc. So would college have helped Monta? Interesting to see what you and others have to say on this.” – manhattanproj

Sorry, man, I was meaning to answer this because it was a good question. I wanted to make sure I had time to invest in the answer. Then I just forgot about it. My bad.

If you were re-drafting the 2005 draft, Monta would probably be a lottery pick. He wouldn’t be up there with Deron, CP3 and Felton. But he’s better than Yaroslav Korlev, who went No. 11 to the Clippers, or even Rashad McCants, who went 14 to Minnesota. He might’ve even gone No. 9 to the Warriors instead of Ike Diogu, if you consider Bynum would go No. 1.
Now, if Ellis had gone to Mississippi State for two years and then come out, that’s a different story. First off, I don’t think he’d be a better point guard than he is now. I have no faith in Mississippi State’s PG development (or, for that matter, the college game’s overall ability to develop and prepare players for the NBA). They would’ve let Monta do whatever he needed to do to score 40 and get their school to the tourney. Because of the talent in the draft and because of where he would’ve gone, I don’t think he would’ve gone much higher. The highest I see him going is No. 11, where Atlanta took Acie Law. In a perfect world, he could’ve gone where Mike Conley went, No. 4 to Memphis. But that’s if a team don’t need a true PG and if they’re looking for the most talented guard. Maybe Chicago, a team that needs scoring, or Sacramento, a team that loves scorers, would’ve taken him instead of who they drafted at No. 9 and No. 10 respectively. Ellis certainly would’ve been a dominant scorer at Mississippi State, but I don’t think teams pass up size for him.

Marcus Thompson

  • manhattanproj

    so you think monta will be a lottery pick. interesting.

    i think monta falls more into boobie category.

  • Marcus

    I don’t think Boobie has Monta’s natural talent. He doesn’t play above the rim. He doesn’t have the same explosive quickness. He doesn’t have a knack for scoring and a diversity of ways to score.
    Gibson is a better shooter, but, to me, Monta is a better talent.