What Happened to Andris?

Remember he used to catch the ball with consistency, even bad passes? Remember when he finished everything? Am I seeing things or does it seem like he drops mre passes and misses more layups than ever before?
Baron set him up nicely on the Warriors first offensive possession. What should’ve been a three-point play turned into a fruitless possession because Biedrins missed a layup he used to make.
He still has the best hands on the team. He’s shooting 62.9 percent from the floor, so he’s obviously still a good finisher. It just seems like he’s regressed in those departments.

Marcus Thompson

  • commish

    I think that last year, and I don’t have any stats, the Warriors would at least run a semblance of quasi plays to Beans so he was more prepared to catch and shoot. Now it is even more a 3 happy team so I’m guessing Beans isn’t looking for passes as much. Since the Warriors rely almost exclusively on pick and rolls, any low post offense severely suffers. Beans is there for rebounding, not for low post offense. In other words,use it or lose it. AB is just not using it and therefore is losing it IMHO.

  • Marcus

    Of course, as soon as I say that, who goes and is 4-for-4 from the field, three of them really tough shots. Go figure.

  • Wilson

    I think last year we were all amazed at how good Andris’ hands were that we were granting almost superhuman status to that aspect of his game. He’s leading the league in FG percentage (.638 as opposed to .599 last year) and having fewer turnovers (1.06 vs 1.45 last season) so I think it’s more that we have unrealistic expectations at this point.

  • Marcus


    I definitely agree.