Wow. That Was Kind of Amazing

On his way to the shower, Stephen Jackson started chirping to the media.
“Y’all had y’all loss stories ready, huh? Don’t lie. Y’all was ready to write about a loss.”
To be honest, I wasn’t. Nor was my colleague, S.F. Chronicle’s Janny Hu. We both were talking about how we expected the Warriors to pull it out and had already started writing. Even the scout next to me predicted the Warriors would win. Partly because the way the Warriors were playing, partly because Houston looked awful.
With that said, I was still blown away with how they won. I figured they would start making shots, Houston would make mistakes and Baron Davis would come up with the necessary plays.
But it was unbelievable how they just dominated. Jackson missed like 10 straight shots. All of a sudden he was on fire. BD, again, just decided to take over and there was no one who could stop him. He had 10 points and four assists in the fourth quarter (he had 10 points and three assists in the final period Sunday in Denver). He would’ve had six or seven assists Monday if the NBA did the hockey assist.
They were playing as if they knew it was a matter of time. Someone would take a 3-pointer, and two or three other players would hold their hand in the air, expecting it to fall. It was like three minutes left, and they were celebrating like the game was over. And it was.
They outrebounded Houston by 13. All but Andris Biedrins had at least two assists. The Warriors had 26 second-chance points of 15 offensive rebounds.
These stats show grit, team chemistry, resolve. It was impressive.

Marcus Thompson

  • Andrew

    This team plays with such tenacity, and confidence. I like the character makeup we have assembled this year. Underdogs through and through fighting for every last piece of sucess.
    I am proud to be a Warriors Fan.
    Shout out to Matt Barnes..dudes ferocious

  • Andrew

    Oh no Jerry Stackhouse didnt!!!
    Why add fuel to the fire? Its going to be a great game WED.

    “I just think we didn’t take advantage of some of the things that we should have. We weren’t aggressive in our moves. We allowed him to play; up until that series, nobody had ever thought of Stephen Jackson as no hell of a defensive player. He was just a guy that could shoot the basketball. He made some big shots for San Antonio when they won the championship that year [2003]. But, he’s not no defensive stopper or anything. I think it was moreso what we allowed to happen to us.


  • Jackson vs Dirk will be fun to watch tonight.

  • JustPuked

    This team has grit ‘n heart. Someone should re-mix MC Lyte’s Ruff Neck, cuz she was talking ’bout these guys. Stackhouse is a fool. The LAST thing you should do when playing the Warriors is make it a personal challenge for Baron and Jackson. Dude just called Capt Jax out. Talk about stoooopid. This just went from a hopeful win to a sure thing. Only thing that could derail it is some crazy officiating.

  • EJ

    ….or devin “mickey ears” harris flopping in the post against baron.