Advantage CP3

There are not too many times you are going to see Baron get totally outplayed with the game on the line. One of those times was Friday night.
Chris Paul schooled Baron in the second half, specifically the fourth quarter, when Baron normally shines. Look at these fourth-quarter lines:

Chris Paul – 11 points, 5-for-10 FGs, 4 assists, 1 steal, 0 turnovers
Baron Davis – 2 points, 0-for-3 FGs, 2 assists, 0 steals, 1 turnover

Don Nelson: “Chris Paul is as close to Steve Nash as you’re going to get for a while and he’s still so young, so he’s going to be quite the player for a long, long time.”

In the first half, Davis (20 points, 6 assists) got the better of Paul (9 points, 7 assists). Byron Scott started off with Paul defend Davis, which was a mistake. In the second half, Paul was on Ellis for the most part and a bigger guard (Morris Peterson often) defended BD. Still, Davis guarded Paul, and he was wearing Baron out, running him off screens and killing him with those midrange floaters.

Baron Davis: “You’ve gotta pay attention to him at all times. He’s always looking to pass and has some good shooters around him. He did a good job of spreading the ball around and they knocked down shots and that’s how they were able to break that lead and get it wide open.”

This gives Chris Paul a leg up on the All-Star bid, if he didn’t already have it. Kobe Bryant and Tracy McGrady, based on the third returns, will be the starting Western Conference guards. Steve Nash is a lock to be voted on by the coaches as a reserve. That means one spot left for a guard, two at the most.
The coaches must pick two guards, two forwards and a center and two wild cards. They could use a wild card to pick another guard. But there are a lot of forwards who are more deserving (Duncan, Carmelo, Nowitzki, Boozer, David West, Shawn Marion, Josh Howard), so it is likely the two wild cards will go to forwards. If it does go to another guard, Brandon Roy, Tony Parker and Allen Iverson will be in the discussion.
But if it does come down to one guard spot, it has to go to Chris Paul. His team is better. He handled Baron head up. The All-Star Game is in his backyard.
Advantage CP3

Marcus Thompson

  • nickj

    agreed. chris paul chopped baron davis up into mincemeat friday night not even close. to say the least he was spectacular. if the warriors have any hope to make the playoffs and if they rebounding again is going to kill them. you saw chandler and the effect he had with four warriors around the rim for the rebound and he would just slice thru grab the board and ebound it back in the hoop. you think nelson would’ve learned by now that small ball will only get you so far. why also is pob not getting any run? ab is very limited in what he can do and they clog the lanes when ab is on top of the key looking to pass because he has no outside game so it would be difficult to drive to the hoop. we were exposed and other teams can figure out how to beat this small ball lineup.

  • JustPuked

    Paul was amazing. Baron was schooled. I haven’t seen that in a long, long time. Based off that and the All Star game being in Paul’s hood, Paul is in, Baron is out. Maybe Baron gets one of the wild cards. Baron being shunned is better for Warrior fans anyway. Lord knows Baron needs the rest and he’ll be extra fired up for the stretch run about not getting voted in or selected. Cynical? Of course it is….but probably true.

  • EJ

    right before paul scored on a drive and foul for a 3 point play the camera did a close up on baron. my lip reading skills aren’t perfect, but from what i could decipher he hollered something along the lines of “if he goes inside, **** him up!”.


    i know baron took that match up personally–old team with a new point guard. i know hornets fans have been posting all sorts of “baron who??” messages on their blogs. this one probably hurt him bad considering they’re both competing a spot in the all-star game.

    how great would it be if baron won the mvp without being an all-star?

  • JustPuked


    I missed that exhange but it looked like there was plenty of chit chat back ‘n forth. Looked like Tyson took it personal as well.

    Considering Baron’s national rep as a bad seed, he’d have to step his game up another notch and the Warriors would have to move past, at minimum, the Blazers and Lakers in the conference standing for Baron to get enough press to be on the short list for MVP. Baron for MVP is a great feel good story in the Bay Area and I’m sure it helps sell out the Roaracle but the Fear the Beard campaign doesn’t have much steam on the national level. It all makes you wonder how long he can keep this up…