Oracle Struggles

You want to know what’s wrong with the Warriors at home? The last play of the first half Monday told it all. The Warriors hustled up a steal and had a three-on-one fastbreak in the final seconds, with Stephen Jackson leading the break.
What does he do? You knew it was coming as he slowed down and gathered into his trademark shot. He pulled up for three.
I know what you’re thinking. If he makes it, it’s a huge shot. True enough. The problem is that he’s going to miss it far more than he’s going to make it. At best, he makes 20 percent of those pull-up 3-pointers. Are the eight misses worth the two makes?
Instead of getting a lay-up, and going into the locker rrom up 53-44, he took a gamble worth one extra point. For what? To gain momentum that would’ve dissolved by halftime anyway?
It’s those type of decisions, the thirst for the big play, that have the Warriors 8-7 at Oracle Arena. Instead of going for the dagger, trying to play into the crowd, make the smart play, get to the basket.
Here’s a stat that shows what I’m talking about. At home, the Warriors average 23.9 free throw attempts. On the road, 27.9. Shouldn’t you get to the line more at home than on the road, where you don’t get the calls?
When the Warriors play the same smart ball they do often on the road, they’re unstoppable at Oracle. Just ask Phoenix. In arguably the biggest home win of the season (unless they pull it out tonight), the Warriors took 28 3-pointers (right around their average) and had 31 assists. They went right at the Suns, taking it to the rim, instead of bailing Phoenix out with jumpers.
That should be the model for how the Warriors play at home.

Marcus Thompson

  • jrhester

    I didn’t mind Jack’s three to end the first half.

    Didn’t look like he had time to get it to the rim, the shot was wide open, and that’s his shot.

    Gotta try to stick the dagger in whenever you get those chances.

  • ND

    What you said about that three by Jack was dead on. I was wondering why he stopped and shot with numbers on a break. If it was the end of the 1st or 3rd qtrs, I may be able to handle it. But it was a 3 on 1 and they had 3 seconds left when he shot it! Plenty of time for a quick pass and a drive to the hoop. They could have gotten a 3 pt play out of it.

    But just when you tell him to stop it…he has an OT like he just had. Well, at least they are exciting.

  • commish

    Marcus, I couldn’t agree more.

    And speaking of Jax,even though our captains came through big time in OT, as far as I could tell Capt Jax was MIA for most of the first 48 minutes.

    I am not sure if he was dazed after the collision with Duncan, but I think Jax was in one of his agnry funks after so many “non calls” his mind just went south.

    I blame him because he is a professional; but honestly this was the worst refed game I have ever personally seen. Not just the dispartiy of calls in favor of Spurs, but missed calls on out of bounds, etc. And the “funny” thing, if you can call it that, is if a call didn’t go in the Spurs favor, Duncan and Parker went ballistic with the refs. These superstars feel so entitled to get calls in their favor it seemed ridiculous.

    So I ask–am I the only one who saw this or did others see what I saw?

  • EJ

    i was hoping for them to take it right to hoop to end the half. but you right, marcus, we could see the 3 coming from a mile away. the end of the first half is way too early for any dagger sticking anyway, especially with a team like spurs. just look at how fast they erased the 14 point lead.

    i think if there’s anyone that benefits from the oracle more it’s baron. i’d much rather have him with the ball the entire possession than jackson. he’s one of the best in the league at getting his defender off balance.

    monta pulled down 9 boards!!

  • Dash

    “Didn’t look like he had time to get it to the rim, the shot was wide open, and that’s his shot.

    Gotta try to stick the dagger in whenever you get those chances.”

    He didn’t, but the other two guys slashing to the rim in front of him on that 3on1 play did.

    Jax is the worst decision maker in crunch time that we have.

  • Peachruss

    Knew it was coming. But I have to think, so did Nellie. That’s the free reigns coaching style he has towards Jax. In all fairness I think Jax was more upset with himself after that miss than anyone else. I’m sure the other possible finishes ran through his mind.

    My personal opinion is he can take ’em as he pleases. I trust Nellie will take up the slack if that style becomes a complete liability. Gotta love it when he makes those (like he did in OT).

  • Petaluman

    Great game! We’re now 3-3 in this “defining stretch” of 7 games against our play-off competition. With 4 of them on the road, I’m happy with 3 wins total. It sure would be nice to bring Portland down a notch, though.

    Jackson is shooting more as a Warrior than he has in the past, but part of this is our pace and his minutes. More than that, though, he’s been asked to handle the ball more. After never averaging more than 3 assists, he’s been over 4 apg since coming here.

    However, his shots are up and assists down from last year. Interestingly, so is his FG% (last year a career high of 44.6%). Hopefully, he will figure out that we need him to continue to get his teammates shots, too.

    In the Suns game, the Warriors had 24 of those assists in the 1st half!!

  • DubFan

    i don’t see anything wrong w/Jax’s 3 to end the half. i sometimes don’t like his shot selection, but realize that’s just the player he is; and i take the bad along with the incredible good from Jax.
    but there was nothing wrong with the 3 at the half. he got the ball a mid court with under 4 seconds. so he was able to settle into a comfortable open 3 at the buzzer. to do anything else would have been forcing it at best. it would have been difficult for him to get any closer to the hoop, especially when u consider the one defender standing in the key waiting for him, and the other defender running down the court even with him. sorry, but there wasn’t enough time to do anything other than take a 3 that he was able to get set for.

  • A better blog story would be how Boom Dizzle got snubbed out of the all star game because of the fans not voting him in!

  • yoyoyo

    It seemed like Jack didn’t have time to pass to Monta, so the three was okay with me. I just hope Jack stops driving into the middle and losing the ball.

    Go Warriors!

  • Andrew Rosenblum

    I agree with you 100% Marcus — when the Warriors are driving and getting fouled, they tend to win, since the drive-and-dishes create better looks from outside.

    Also, LOVED the big win yesterday. Given the two game losing streak and another tough road game at Portland looming, definitely the biggest win of the season, psychologically. They beat a fully-operational Spurs squad! Imagine that! At this time two years ago — or even one year ago, the smart money would have been that the Warriors wouldn’t win a season series against the Spurs until 2012, or whatever year Duncan decides to retire.

  • Brandon

    Cap’n Jack and Baron both take too many bad shots, Barnes too. Those pull up threes kill me, I am always yelling at them through the TV even on the odd occasion they go in. Especially then actually, because when one goes in it means that five more are coming after it. I think the freedom and abandon they play with is part of the key to their success, but better shot selection sure wouldn’t hurt anyone. Jackson field goal percentage is .400 a very poor number. http://www.nba.com/warriors/stats/

    It’s weird the tri captains take any shot ever, while the rest of the team seems shy about taking even open shots at times. They have the worst field goal percentages of anyone who gets significant minutes. I don’t think they can get to championship contender level playing like this. It is fun to watch them do all the wrong things for three quarters and then somehow pull things out at the end.

  • bayarea bob

    I don’t think there was enough time foe a lay-up, he BARELY got that shot off from the 3pt line in time.

  • Marcus

    I’m watching a taping of the Warriors-Spurs game. I actually have it paused right now. He had plenty of time.
    Stephen Jackson caught the pass from Azubuike on the ground with 4.8 seconds left. He crossed half court with 4.1 seconds left. He had Monta out ahead of him on the far right and BD just to the right of him, about a step behind in the middle of the court. Jax slowed up almost immediately. With 3.1 left, he picked up his dribble and was rounding into his shot. Monta was at the right elbow cutting to the basket, and BD was at the top of the 3-point line. Jackson actually released the ball with 1.6 seconds remaining.
    It was just a terrible decision, even for Nellie ball.

  • s dizzle

    commish, i completely agree.

    i was at the oracle for the game and made a bit of a nuisance of myself bitching and moaning about the officiating, which was the worst and most lopsided, particularly against a home team, that i’ve seen.

    others around me didn’t seem to react with QUITE the amount of venom that i expected, but STILL.

    plus, i really think tony parker’s toe was on the line for the 3 at the end of regulation.

  • EJ

    can baron’s new nickname be “captain crunch”?

  • JustPuked


    I didn’t get to watch the game until last night (Tivo) and yeah, Jackson had PLENTY of time to hit Monta for the layup. But that’s the way the Dubs roll…As a team, they LOVE to go for the Dagger.

    In a game like that one, and in the game against the Suns, the impressive thing from the Suns and Spurs is there ability to run a play to get points when they need a score. The Warriors don’t run plays like, outside of the pick ‘n roll for Biedrins. They would be better served for the playoff if they had a few more of them in the bag so they could stop an opponents run or score on an inbounds with more efficiency.

    I know this is just how the Dubs play and I’m more than entertained but I’m going to need to see a cardiologist after the season.

  • EJ


    WHAT WAS WITH ALL THE COMPLAINING IN FIRST QUARTER LAST NIGHT!?!?! They pretty much took themselves out of the game with all that nonsense.

  • Khoala Bear

    I LOOOOOVE STEPHEN JACKSON! He is obviously a major piece of the team. But quite simply, JACK SHOOTS TOO MUCH!! I know he is capable of turning it on at the blink of an eye. But I think he should look to get his teammates more involved early and keep his shot attempts down until the end of the game. Jack can score but he is not a consistent shooter, dude is only shooting around 40% for the season! Apparently he thinks he has morphed into Kobe or something. Jack is ideally a 3rd option, maybe 2nd at best on this team. But I think we are in some trouble if that’s the case. If you don’t believe me take the beginning of the Portland game as evidence. I don’t buy into the notion that this team hasn’t gotten worse without JRICH. We are missing that consistent scoring and production every night. WHY DOESN’T NELLIE ASK JACKSON TO TONE IT DOWN JUST A NOTCH?! We all know Jack still has more than a green light come crunch time.

  • jeff t.

    I thought the same thing on that play. The Warriors, especially Jackson and Davis, let the crowd effect their decisions at home games. It’s bad basketball, but it can be very fun to watch.