Another knock for T-Mac

Houston Rockets star Tracy McGrady has been taking heat from all points in recent weeks as he sits out with several nagging problems in his left knee. The Chicago Tribune suggested that he’s not happy in Houston and wouldn’t mind being dealt. And the Detroit News reported that one Piston said McGrady should get a new nickname in honor of his cousin, New Jersey guard Vince Carter, who goes by the handle “Half-Man, Half-Amazing.” That Piston’s idea for McGrady? “Half-Man, Half-A-Season.”

Well, a member of the Warriors (who shall remain nameless because the comment was off the cuff rather than officially on the record) had this to say recently about McGrady’s various knee ailments, which have been blamed for his eight-games-and-counting absence: “He’s not hurt, not hurt bad enough to miss games. He’s just tired of losing.”

Obviously, it’s hard (if not impossible) to know that for sure from two time zones away, but it’s certainly interesting to see how a reputation gets perpetuated and cemented around the league.

— Geoff

Geoff Lepper

Geoff Lepper has covered the Warriors since 2005 for the Oakland Tribune and Contra Costa Times. Before that, he covered baseball and college sports for the Marin Independent Journal.

  • EJ

    that’s unfortunate. i really hope that’s not the case. maybe it runs in the family (cousin vince)? i had always wished the warriors took him rather than tod fuller. i bet the rockets are wishing they didn’t send stromile swift AND rudy gay to the grizz for battier. FOR BATTIER! i think rudy gay is eventually going to be better than brandon roy, and then probably end up being the best player from that class. they could’ve eventually built the team around him. and now adleman is running the team? poor houston fans….

  • Latrell

    Usually players don’t change when they’ve been in the league for 10 years. TMac doesn’t have to change, he’s making over 17 mil a season. He reportedly wants out of Houston now because he’s “tired of losing”. Like his coz
    Vince, he’ll probably fake an injury and force a trade, and suddenly start playing well again. He is today’s version of Chris Webber: talented, unreliable in the clutch, always blaming someone else for their failures,
    and never going to the Finals. Of course TMac has yet to get out of the first round. Maybe it’s just as well the Warriors took Foyle over him in the draft.

  • manhattanproj

    rudy gay will never, NEVER, be the best player from his draft class. roy is probably at his ceiling but he has the intangibles. aldridge is probably the best because of his skills and size. the questions surrounding gay has always been: does he have the IT. and he’s not exactly lighting it up this year on a bad memphis team.

    as for mcgrady: it’s hard not to think that way. he’s been out a huge part of the season ever since he was a rocket. the back, the knee, you name it. athletes get pay to keep themselves in shape. and they have all sorts of trainers and strength coaches. how do you constantly get injured without any sort of “accidents”? look at kobe and karl malone, tip top shape all the time.