Can the Warriors Get In?

So, the Warriors have conquered their Spurs jinx, and they may have finally started showing up for the Lakers rivalry. Now they can’t beat Portland.
This begs the question, what are the Warriors playoff chances? Realistically. There are 10 really good teams in the Western Conference. The Warriors just may be 9 or 10. They certainly aren’t going to finish higher than seven.

San Antonio, Phoenix, Dallas, Lakers, New Orleans and Portland are all better, or at least will finish with better records. That leaves the Warriors, Denver, Houston and Utah fighting for the last two spots. Maybe you can throw Portland in this mix (will they slow down, right?), making it five teams fighting for three spots.

As Warriors fans, you have to be nervous about the team’s chances. They’re a good team, but they may not be good enough. They’re going to be forced to make a move at the deadline to get even better just to keep up.

Marcus Thompson

  • frenemy

    I think last night’s game and the one on Friday against the Hornets really exposed the Warrior’s weaknesses and immaturity/lack of discipline (I say this as a die-hard fan). Given BD and Monta’s ability to get to the rim it boggles my mind that they play long stretches without going to the basket. They are getting crsuhed inside and while I think Biedrins is great he needs help (I know there were cap reasons for letting Mbenga go but the lack of a real bruiser in the middle killed us against both teams). They’re still fantatsic to watch (at least in strecthes) but I think we have to be realistic that without a few additions they’ll probably end up as the #8.

  • JustPuked

    Portland may fall down a bit during their upcoming Eastern Conference swing, but overall, they belong in the upper group of playoff teams. On the other hand, during the next stretch of games, the Warriors could easily work their way up from the eighth spot to the seventh or even the sixth spot temporarily.

    Overall, I expect the last seven games to be just about the toughest stretch for the Warriors all season. The Dubs could very well sneak up and stay at seven or six.

    Conventional wisdom still says San Antonio, Phoenix, Dallas, Lakers, New Orleans and Portland are better teams. On paper, Denver, Utah and Houston are better. Somehow the Warriors keep getting it done and keep hanging in the playoff race in the murderous Western Conference. I still like their chances to make the playoffs comfortably. Nellie habitually turns conventional wisdom on its head.

  • EJ

    i think anything can happen. we were all ready to pack it up last february, remember? i don’t know that portland can keep this pace up through out the rest of the year. the lakers either.

    i agree that we do need to make a move before the deadline. not necessarily because we’re bad, but the west is pretty much in a league of its own.

  • Derek

    The Warriors need a power forward who can run the floor, Pau Gasol looked like that guy tonight against the W’s. Chris Wilcox is a guy who fits, so is Jefferson from the T-Wolves.

    Package Barnes, Pietrus and O’Brien for a Power Forward. The W’s also need to get Braden Wright into some games. If the D-league guy can get some run after a couple of days on the team why not Wright ?

  • ND

    Wow…I understand overzealous Warrior fans putting them at 4-5 at the beginning of the season, but lets just see how Portland and LA do when they play a much harder 2nd half schedule while the W’s have an easier schedule. I can definately see the Blazers and Lakers take a tumble in Feb and March.

  • JustPuked

    ND, exactly right. The schedules have been easy for Portland (tons of home games) and the Lakers. Meanwhile, the Dubs have held on to the eighth spot through the toughest meat of their schedule (2 five game road trips) including the auspicious 0-6 start. There are only 6 ½ games between the 10th and 1st spot in the Western Conference. There’s plenty of time for the Warriors to make their move up.

  • ND

    And as I said what I said…Andrew Bynum, Lakers improved starting center, has a dislocated kneecap and is out 8 weeks….