Don’t Mess with Monta

Never witnessed that side of Monta Ellis before. But last night, when Jamaal Tinsley that shoulder check, Monta was angry. He played like he was angry. Fortunately for the Warriors, he plays well angry.
Young dude was possessed. He was aggressive, but still smart. He didn’t force it too much, but he made sure he was involved. He’s probably tired of people going after him, trying to guard him by roughing him up. I was glad to see him keep his composure. Plus, it was probably a smart move not to run up on someone whose used to being shot at. I can’t imagine Tinsley, a product of the NYC streets, who has about 50 pounds on Monta, was worried about the frail third-year guard. Nonetheless, that incident pumped some life into the Warriors.
It was good to see Monta answer the bell and not crumble. He was so disappointing in the playoffs, watching him take his game to another level when challenged was encouraging.

Marcus Thompson

  • commish

    For a long time I felt Monta would be very good trade bait for a greatly needed inside player who could defend and rebound. And there was the lingering question of how much would Monta want at the end of the season since we didn’t extend him or Beans for that matter.

    Now I am feeling Monta is the real deal and I would not want him traded. He is our only pure shooter; he slashes and drives; and best of all, he isn’t part of the Tri-Captain’s three happy throng.

    I don’t know what his potential really is, but I sure hope we bite the financial bullet and plan to resign him for another four or five years to find out.

  • JustPuked

    Kid Flash is for real. EJ, this is the upside of Monta. He’s just starting to tap into his potential. he still has his flaws but don’t give up on him yet.

  • Mei

    The “one man fast break” is maturing very quickly. Glad to see that he’s having a great year so far.

  • Greg

    I like the “Kid Flash” moniker. I always thought of Monta as a mini Dwane Wade.

  • Pearl Kolling

    I love the “kid flash” name — that describes Monta so well! I also had my doubts earlier on about Monta, but now that he has been given the opportunity to be much more of the scoring guard he is, he has helped the team tremendously. I definitely would NOT give up Monta or Beans!

  • EJ

    i did like what i saw, no doubt!

  • Marcus

    What?! EJ showing love to Monta? Satan must have a cold

  • Wilson

    Monta, still a kid, defers to the veterans too much, in my opinion. Especially at crunch time – and the playoffs last year were constant crunch – he isn’t as aggressive as he should be. He’s a very good clutch shooter so it isn’t that he couldn’t be a good option under those circumstances, so I think part of his growing process is maintaining his confidence in pressure situations. Baron and Jax, who aren’t nearly as good percentage shooters overall, are good at crunch time, but I’d like to see Monta create near the ends of games rather than consistently going to Baron. (However, that’s worked pretty well up to now, so it’s hard to argue against it.) One reason for his lack of aggressiveness may be that Monta, whose handles are so dramatically better this year, still may be reluctant to risk turnovers like the ones in the playoffs. In my opinion, Monta is the one untouchable on the team – even more than Andris – because he has the potential to be the most exciting player in the league to watch.

  • EJ

    LOL. like i said, i don’t not like the guy. i’d just like him to do a little more than run and score. he definitely showed some other weapons against the pacers. i think i’m another game away from getting a monta jersey!!

    i’ve been impressed with his rebounding, actually.

    can we really leave pietrus in the game? it’s almost becoming obvious that when he gets in, he tryies to pad his stats. and thats in the first quarter! marcus, does he want out that bad?

  • haastheman

    Monta is energy. He reminds me of a young allen iverson with reigns around him. Just think of the potential this kid has. I can’t wait til they take the daiper off.

  • dareedle

    Monta is a great player, probably ahead of Biedrins in current talent, but under no situation is he less tradable than Biedrins because of simple supply and demand. There is a long list of servicable guards in the league, probably only 5-6 bigs that make sense to upgrade the team’s center position and none are on the open market. Biedrins has peaked under Nellie mostly because Nellie can’t coach bigs and his long, long summer .. Call me crazy but I don’t see upside to Monta … at times he is already the best guard on the floor … but restricted free agent in this new luxury tax era means affordable resign and any big of value is wearing Celtic green or is virtually untouchable (David Lee and Haslem have been virutally untouchable)

  • ChadwicK

    Monta’s a pimp and BD gots his back regardless.. All this other speculation seems like some people arent really aware of just exactly what they are witnessing on an almost nightly basis.. Monta and Andris both are a step away from All-Star status

  • JustPuked

    Chadwick- Whoa. I know this is a blog but let’s not wade too deep into hyperbole territory. Monta and Andris are the real deal, no doubt. All-Stars? I’m not feelin that. I get what you’re saying but that’s a long, long way off. Maybe they’re close on a talent level but look at it this way.

    At minimum, Andris is going to have Yao and Stoudemire blocking his path to the All-Star game. And he’s going to have years of Gasol, Bynum, Chandler, and Aldridge PLUS Oden has yet to play a game. I love Biedrins, but he’s more than just one step away from leap frogging that group. He’s not even a 20-10 guy yet. I know you can chalk some of that to Nellieball, but seriously, I don’t see any All-Star games in Biedrins future.

    For Monta, it’s even worse. The step of distance between Baron and Monta is humongous. It’s Gignormous! Baron has the talent to completely take over games, not just scoring but defense (he saves himself a lot), assists, rebounds, and most importantly jaw dropping, ball swingin’, in your face, game winning shots. Dwayne Wade says when Baron wants, he’s amongst the five most unstoppable players in the league. Now Kid Flash is hot, but come’on, I don’t care how many And 1 commercials you watch, Ellis is not now nor will he be at that level for at least a few more years. The kicker, even with Baron playing like Capt Save a Dub, and getting serenaded with MVP chants, he can’t get a sniff of the All Star game. He’s got at best a 10% chance of making it. If he can’t even make, having this kind of year, Monta, even with a Paul Bunyan step, has no chance in hell. The Guard depth in the West is even deeper than it is at Center. Again, ain’t no All-Star games in Monta’s future for a good long while.

    But I love the spirit of what you’re saying. They’re bringing it now and if they both take a big step up (and I mean HUGE), they’d at least be in the conversation. Now if we can only get them signed this summer for reasonable amounts that would be a huge step in the right direction for Nellie/Mullin/Rowell/Cohan….