So … It Wasn’t Just Ribs!

Apparently, the Warriors are “seriously interested” in C-Webb. We’re running an article in Saturday’s paper that the Warriors are in talks with Webber, confirmed by team sources.
One of them thinks the two parties are even close to reaching an agreement.
Webber’s top choice is perhaps the Pistons, as he wants to contend for a title and Detroit has the best chances of reaching the Finals of the teams interested. But my colleague Chris McCoskey of the Detroit News, wrote on his blog that Joe Dumars refuses to buy out one of his current players to make room for Webber. The only way Webber gets on the squad is if Dumars trades Flip Murray or Primoz Brezec.
Plus, word on the street is that Dumars isn’t too convinced Webber hasn’t changed his ways. Webber was not the consumate locker room guy when his playing time wasn’t what he wanted.
With Detroit unlikely, Webber’s options are narrowed to the West (maybe Boston gets in the mix).
The Lakers, another team considered a serious contender, have an open roster spot and have also reportedly offered Webber a one-year contract for the veteran minimum. Supposedly Denver has interest in Webber, too. So the Warriors have some competition.
The Warriors have a full complement of 15 players, so to make room for Webber on the roster, they might need to rid of someone. The only one non-guaranteed player, rookie guard C.J. Watson, whose second 10-day deal expires on Monday, perhaps has been too impressive to cut.
“We’re feeling good about him,” Mullin said Thursday. So the odd man out may be guard Troy Hudson, who’s out for the season after hip surgery.
The Times also learned that Webber and Nellie have talked it out, trying to put their past feud behind them. No word yet on whether they’ve hugged it out.
Asked Thursday if he and Webber would be able co-exist if they worked together again, Nelson wouldn’t answer directly.
“Let’s talk about that not in anticipation of something happening or not, let’s talk about it after the fact,” Nelson said. “After it happens, that will be a good question.”

Marcus Thompson

  • Andrew

    OH SNAP!!!

  • Valr

    I think most fans are being closed-minded about CWebb. If he can still produce like he did for Detroit, then why not? Look at this stats last year:

    Regular season (43 games)
    29.7 minutes, 11.3pts, 6.7 rebs, 1 steal
    25.2 minutes, 9.9 pts, 6.3 rebs, 1.5 assists

    Most fans point out that he is no longer fast enough to run with the Warriors.
    I would argue that the Ws don’t really run for 48 minutes anyway. When they try to play a halfcourt game, it bogs down because they don’t have anyone who can play down low. It’s time for the Ws to develop their half court game. Something the team can use alternatively during games and definitely during the slower-paced playoffs.
    It could work if Webber can still play. It might prove to be a very clever move by Mullin. Props to Nellie for extending the olive branch to CWebb. If nothing else, at least they’re talking again.

  • Andrew

    VALR is spot on..What do we have to lose anyway? Thud?

  • zgreat

    Given a choice between CJ Watson and renting Webber, I’d rather have Watson.

    C-Webb ruined the team his first time here. Do we really need to give him another chance to do it again (especially since he doesn’t have much if any game left)?

  • James

    Hate to nit pick but why would Dumars trade Flip Saunders? 😉 It would be better to trade Flip Murray instead.

  • Marcus


    That is too funny! Good catch.

  • Vince

    There is nothing to lose by signing Webber. At the very least, we can keep the Lakers from getting him. Hudson will be waived to make room for Webber.

  • JustPuked

    #2 Valr – I remain a skeptic but I like Vince’s idea of signing him to keep him from the hated Lakers!

  • itsagreattimeout

    Nothing to lose? I disagree.
    1) Chemistry
    2) A spot that could be taken up by someone better

    I really don’t think that Webber brings anything to the game. Never mind his stats, I’d like to see his +/-.
    Inside presence? Please. He’s lazy and not aggressive enough. Harrington is more aggressive down low. Plus I don’t want to see Webber shooting jumpers. I always knew Webber was a bad influence. Remember when the Kings were winning like 80% of their games while Webber was injured? After he came back they were nowhere near as good and lost in the playoffs.

    I’d like to see more of Brandan Wright or even Croshere before I’d give any minutes to Webber. Isn’t there someone better that we can bring in? Maybe through a trade?

  • mei

    No, to C-Webb. I don’t want him ruining the team chemistry we have. The guy has no lift, how do we expect to see any rebounding if he can’t jump 4 inches? (i’m exaggerating of course) Develop a halfcourt game? This is Nellie ball here…

    With veteran presence, you’d expect leadership and mentorship of younger players, something I don’t see CWebb doing.

    (Let’s keep CJ Watson!!!)

  • wes

    if the warriors sign him, i will no longer be a warriors fan (which i’ve been my whole life). Words can’t express the optimism I once had when it was, Webber, Sprewell, Mullin & Hardaway coming back from the ACL. We had just traded for Rony Seikaly and then Webber couldn’t get over his ego and issues with Nelson. I could never forgive him….:)

  • BayArea Bob

    well, nice knowing you!

  • alizarin1

    i was really against this idea when i first heard about it. however, upon having read Nellie’s endorsement, i have since then changed my mind. he seems to really want webber, so i’ll trust him. he is the warrior godfather afterall.

  • Wes

    bayareabob…likewise…anyhow, enjoy the demise of the team once again…

  • Andrew Rosenblum

    Bring back Latrell too — and maybe Mullin can suit up — the Warriors need shooters, after all.

  • EJ

    it’s funny how everyone brings up the issue of chemistry. if webber comes back, he’s back as a roll player. i’m sure mullin, nellie, baron, and even jack will make sure that’s his mind set from the get go. wouldn’t it be even more disastrous to trade away harrington (’cause you can’t get anything for pietrus) or some other part of the nucleus?

    i don’t think mullin is looking for webber to be amare stoudamire. and i don’t think you’re going to see nellie running webber with a fast line up. what you will get is a legit power forward who can run the offense through the elbow (which baron usually does) and occasionally knock down a mid-range jumper. he’s not going be an integral part of the rotation, so i don’t expect to see him out there against phoenix or denver. i do see him helping against possible playoff match ups like san antonio, utah, and even the lakers.

  • D

    I went to Kings games just to boo Webber…so I can’t see myself cheering for him in any way. I’ll be happy for any move that’ll make the Warriors better…but totally torn on this one.
    How about bringing back Uncle Cliffy instead…isn’t he available? big man, lock down D, shoots the 3? perfect for Nelly Ball…at least the 03 Warrior version of Cliff Robinson. As you can tell, I’m desperate for another alternative.
    Unless Nelly’s bringing him back just to yell at him like it was 93 and then leave him inactive all season. As a Long time Warrior Fan to screw him in that way and see him frowning in his sport coat on the sideline might be worth the signing for me.

  • dareedle

    For our team to totally complete the ghetto remake, we just need to add Ronnie in the off-season. Forget chemistry, we need size for the playoffs and playoff run. It might even be a Nellie ploy for Biedrins to play more aggressive basketball. It is a low risk gamble, a gamble is signing a player like Dampier to a big contract when he plays good every 10 years, or signing ball hogs like Marbury, Curry and Randolph to those stratosphere contracts. Our team needs is a high post passer, a mid range shooter, a wide body with experience and an short term expiring contract …I guess C-Webb and his so called bad attitude may not optimal but the word in the street KG was not available.