No All-Star Love for Baron

According to a source close to Baron Davis, the Warriors starting point guard was not voted on by coaches as a reserve.
The official announcement comes tonight on TNT.
Davis was no doubt passed up in favor of Steve Nash, Chris Paul and possibly Portland’s Brandon Roy. Allen Iverson and Kobe Bryant were voted in by the fans as the starting guards. Davis still could make the team if injury prevents a selected player from participating. Commissioner David Stern selects injury replaces.

Marcus Thompson

  • ND

    Good…Roy can have his All-Star fun and then sit at home during the playoffs (cause the Blazers WILL fade in the 2nd half) while Baron rests up at the break and helps the Warriors on their playoff run.

    Priorities people…

  • norcalmetsfan

    does anyone know if Baron’s salary has any “all-star bonus” clause? if so, i wonder if it will effect his play the second half of the season…

  • Syndication Man

    The Warriors are the Rodney Dangerfield’s of the NBA. We get no respect.

    I pray Baron uses this as motivation to play even better basketball than he has been and leads us to a championship. Then the Eastern media and the other NBA coaches can go eat worms.

  • itsagreattimeout

    We have a better record than Portland. Baron has much better stats than Roy. How does Baron not make it?

  • Phil Sukalewski

    I think BD deserves it but in the end i think it will benefit the Ws twicely: 1) it will provide further resolve (i.e., piss him off) to show the snubbers he is worthy and, more important, 2) give him much needed rest. I think the worst scenario would be an injury to another player with David Stern picking BD in his place.

  • Vince

    Do you guys think BD will really rest up? Or just party all nights in LA and return tired after the break?

  • boom dizzle

    Dude, he can party all he wants as long his knees get the rest they need. Drink up Dizzle!!

  • Bayarea Bob


    Golden State “Where Snubbed Happens”.

  • commish

    Yea, but we got Webber. It all equals out in the end.

  • Andrew Rosenblum

    I agree with Phil Sukalewski — it sucks for Baron, but is good for the team. He’ll come back with a chip on his shoulder, and also get to sit and rest for a few days after a grueling first half. And whether he “parties” or not (and we know that guys like Vince never go out and have a good time because they’re too busy getting ready for work the next day), Baron is not going to be playing any basketball, which is definitely a good thing.

  • Bayarea Bob

    Baron already has a chip on his shoulder from not getting an extension this past summer. And I don’t get the rest argument. He would have played less than 15 mins and barely broke a sweat. We flat out got disrespected as a franchise. More fans should be mad.

  • PhilB

    No matter how you slice it, or try to justify it, or try to spin it, Baron’s snub is a blatant slap in the face to the Warriors. It demonstrates that there is absolutely no respect for this franchise and demonstrates that NBA coaches (yes you BScott,GKarl) can be as vindicative, immature, and petty as some of the players they often chide for same.
    Imagine, we are the ONLY winning team in the entire league with absolutely no representation whatsoever at All Star weekend. How ridiculous is that?!
    Now that Nelly is figuring out how to beat the likes of New Orleans, it will be an extreme pleasure watching BDiddy, Cap’n Jack and the rest of the guys administer regular beatdowns on our conference foes. I for one can’t wait…

  • PhilB

    Sorry guys, that’s VINDICTIVE…

    I’m so mad that I can’t even spell straight…

  • Marcus

    All this talk about the Ws getting disrespected makes me wonder why did BD have to rely on the coaches anyway. How can the star player for a franchise that boasts the so-called greatest fans in the NBA get fewer than 500,000 votes? If you want BD in the All-Star game, put him in there, like Denver fans did for Allen Iverson.

  • PhilB

    Marcus, I did vote for Davis, at least 4-5 times. If the coaches can pervert the system, why can’t I?

  • JC

    Marcus, right on! Even though I agree that the W’s are the most disrespected franchise in the league, it is the fault of our “great” fans failing to vote BD into the All-Star game. I guess that Byron Scott finally got his revenge by snubbing BD out of the game.

    And we did only have what people still call a “fluke” season last year. RESPECT has to be earned. Remember, we have 12 years to make up, but it’s coming.

    What really impresses me is how many writers are realizing what and who the W’s are. Did you see how many suggested that BD should be an All-Star? If this circus show is anywhere else, BD gets in, no doubt.

  • JustPuked

    West made the All Star Game? Riiight. Crank up the hometown host marketing machine. The NBA, where ballot stuffing happens.

    “Baron beats Roy on points, rebounds, assists, steals, and blocks and plays on a team with a better record. Other than that, Roy deserved to get in…”

    From the jersey lift post-Kirilenko facial to blowing kisses after sinking three point daggers into the Fakers, Baron is a premier entertainer. The All Star game is supposed to be about entertainment and for my money, Baron is must see TV. I hope Baron takes it all in and lets it stew.

  • Bayarea Bob

    Marcus, how can you try to put the blame on Warrior fans? Low blow, man. Nugget fans didn’t put Iverson and Melo in the All-Star game, the casual fan did. Its not our fault BDiddy isn’t popular amongst the casual fan. Btw, our marketing department sucks. The IRoy put them to shame.

  • jeff t.

    Based on team and individual numbers Portland fans had to be happily surprised that Roy made it over Baron. That alone demonstrates that the NBA screwed up. I, for one will not be watching the game. It’s hard to get excited about a “goof-around” game where the Warriors get no representation. Maybe Roy should have made it over David West (N.O. already got Chris Paul in the game)– the more teams represented the better– especially if it is a close call. I predict Bay Area viewership will be 50% of what it would have been with Baron in the game. I call for 100% boycot of the game.

  • john

    I agree with Bay Area bob,..how can we be the only good team in the west without a rep. on the squad. Incredible. I’m so pissed and can’t type straight. Marcus,..please, you can’t blame the fans for BD or Jack not making the starters. Do you think Iverson got all or even most of his votes from Denver fans? Please, Yao got more votes from China than Houston.

  • EJ

    what i don’t understand is this: you always hear coaches and the media say “when baron is on his game, he’s in the top 5 in the league”. he’s been playing his brains out this year, probably one of his best years. he’s dominated every aspect of the game as a point guard. so if he’s on top of his game, how is he not even in the top 12 in the western conference?

    i think i voted about 20 times. iverson, nash, kobe are all internationally recognized. not baron.

    now here’s a question. how good is david west, really, without chris paul? paul makes chandler look like an all-star! and personally, i would’ve taken josh howard over brandon roy. the warriors are the only team in playoff position in the west without an all-star representative. AND, azubuike gets no love for the rookie sophomore game? there’s some hating going out there.

  • OneDub

    JC Says:
    January 31st, 2008 at 11:00 pm
    I guess that Byron Scott finally got his revenge by snubbing BD out of the game.

    All the coaches in the Western Conference voted for the All-Star reserves, not just Scott.

  • alizarin1

    Baron didn’t just need the votes of Warriors fans, he needed the endorsement of the NBA media machine. The Warriors have been getting disrespected by the league media all year. Warriors fans voted for Baron, but you should know that it takes more than that to be a starter. Baron does need the casual fan’s vote. How can the casual fan vote for someone they hardly hear of from the NBA media? Sure we have around 11 nationally televised games this year, but the TV analysts of those games hardly talk about how good the Warriors are. They always talk about the other team and how they need to beat the little Warriors. Marcus, you’re our insider. What’s the scoop man? Are there Warrior haters out there? Do they hate the small ball?

  • EJ

    baron is going off for 34, 12, and 8 tonight.

  • Petaluman

    I lost interest in the ASG when they went to unlimited fan voting. Sorry, I don’t do ballot box stuffing. What next, picking presidents the same way?

  • JC

    Hey OneDub, if that’s the case, then how did West get the last spot? There are 2 reserve spots regardless of position. I can’t believe that West would’ve gotten more votes from Western Conference coaches than BD. Especially since BD has ripped apart those Western Conference teams this year.

    There is definitely something shady going on here. You have to admit, that Scott probably chuckled a little when he saw that West got in and BD didn’t.

    And worldwide recognition will come when the W’s can show that the 12 years of losing is behind them. BD for MVP!

  • JasonVA

    Not fair to blame the fans. AI, Wade, Lebron, Kobe receive a lot of their votes from casual NBA fans that see them on nationally televised games every week.

    Chip on his shoulder…Us against the world…The biggest asset to BD not making the ASG is the rest. 5 full days will do wonders for the second half run.

  • jim back from fishing

    Baron dished, JRich memories, Gasol to the Lakers. This is a bad day for the Warriors team and fans.

  • lwood

    What about Baron’s reception in New Orlean’s the other day? Those fans were not at all excited to see Baron return to their town. If the nba is really trying to salvage a franchise in this city I bet they wanted to avoid any acrimony in their All Star Game.

  • JustPuked

    No, enjoying J Rich’s return to Oakland is a great day for Warrior fans.

  • Marcus

    Excuses, excuses. Iverson was like fifth in voting then made a last-minute surge. Are you saying he overtook McGrady — who has China voting for him — because casual fans pushed him over the top? C’mon.
    I would buy it if Baron was getting a million votes and just missing out. BD’s not even close.

  • ChadwicK


  • Ewok

    Roy over BD?

    Unfair. I think the league has trivialized the turn around of this franchise and the accomplishments of this organization. This is a bad message to the Bay Area.

    NBA All Star selection does not reflect the total quality of the league anymore. I think its absurd to leave out the likes of BD, Capt. Jack and Ellis for consideration.

    This leads me to a question, or a few questions..

    Was there a team in the past whose players never made it to the All Star but made it to the championship? Or better yet, became champions? Was it Detroit?

    Well, Given the variables of the team, I think this is very achievable for the Warriors. Hope they achieve it to make that statement against the league.

  • Jerel

    Warriors are the most under rated team in the NBA- no doubt. Look at video games for example, the Kings(which sucks) have higher ratings than them, they get no respect because of their history. But look at them now, heading for the playoffs and leaving Portland and Roy behind. Byron Scott is a BITCH!!!