J-Rich Awful in Return

His line — 10 points on 2-for-9 shooting, no rebounds, four assists — was better than his actual performance. I don’t think I’ve ever seen J-Rich look so bad.
He was a total non-factor, missing lay-ups and looking lost. I expected him to go off, to be honest. Just to send a message.
Instead, he made that trade look even better than it does on paper. He’s having a good season, and this game was more an anamoly, but I feel bad for the guy. You know he has to miss playing here, miss performing in front of this crowd and in this atmosphere. I don’t care what he says.

Marcus Thompson

  • commish

    I mean he was literally crying when he got the standing ovation before tipoff. Tears streaming down his checks. He bled for the Dubs and they did him wrong in any moral sense, but not in a business and basketball sense. I was for the trade for the long run and now every dime (and more) we saved by moving J-Rich will have will be spent on Monta and Beans with the year’s they are having. Keeping Richardson would have meant saying bye bye to one of them, probably Monta.

    The evening was sad for J-Rich and the Bobcats. Seeing Morrison limp around in street clothes looking like a homeless dude was almost as sad as J’s game. That number three signing almost makes Dunleavy’s look palatible. I said almost.

    But thank goodness we got Webber; now everything will be alright.

  • jeff t.

    J-Rich was a great Warrior, but when you sign a contract for $10 million a year you become vulnerable. No way anyone should feel sorry for a guy making that much money. Most people would play in Iraq for $500,000 — and feel lucky.

  • EJ

    i feel bad for him. as soon as the franchise gets turned around, he’s gone. and not by his own choice. it had to be killing him seeing how much fun the warriors were having.

  • traveler

    J-Rich is a class act all the way. Its normal to feel some resentment for being traded but he got over it and has acted professionally ever since. Good luck to J-Rich!!

  • Ewok

    Well, he got emotional. He started seeing the great things he missed.. Teammates, Fans wearing his jearsey, etc. Fans loved him here and obviously, he still loves being here more than where he is.. That’s tough to handle for some people. I agree there is no excuse though. You always want to play your best against your former team.

    I guess the lesson learned here is, Don’t ask for the sky and its richness sometimes… Sometimes, It aint worth it and when you find out about it, It’s too late.

  • Marcus

    J-Rich drops 38 in Denver tonight. He was obviously pressing in Oakland.

  • jeff t.

    Good for J-Rich. 10 points everytime he plays the Warriors and 38 against everybody else would be nice.

  • JustPuked

    Up close, J-Rich looked really conflicted. For most of the first quarter he continually looked to pass even when he had open looks. Despite the comments about him being a bit lost in Nellie’s system he actually appeared comfortable letting Baron and later Jackson take the bigger vocal leadership role and just allowing him to play the game. Now, in Charlotte, he’s being asked to take that leadership role both on the court and in the locker room. He’s a quieter reserved guy and I’m not sure that’s in his comfort zone. Overall just a really rough night for Jason and I really felt for him. It really sucked to have to trade him for obvious emotional reasons. I’m glad he immediately bounced back. He’s going to get a standing ovation from me every time he comes back to Oakland for the rest of his career. Honorary Warrior for Life.

  • Ray

    Why does it matter even if J-Rich was crying or wants to stay here. If that were the case, lets say, he comes back and says the contract he got was overpaid. Here, lets redo a deal so I can stay with the team. Rather than make 14 mil, I will make 7 mil, which is what I am worth.

    He is a good guy, but every player is an asset in the world of business. Players and owners are all trying to make money from the fans, and everyone has a choice. I wish him all the best, but the warriors as a team and as a franchise considering money, cap, etc. are better off without him. J-Rich will make his money, and his team will get better and he will have a few good seasons again for them.

  • JustPuked


    Taking a moment to appreciate Jason Richardson for his years of service to the Warriors, the memories of which he’ll be a part of forever and the dignity with which he represented the team in no way diminishes ones steadfast certainty that trading him was absolutely the best move for the Warriors both a fiscal standpoint as well as from a basketball standpoint.

    Some believe Cohen should have bitten the bullet and held onto J-Rich for at least this season for a playoff push, even if it meant paying the luxury tax or risking not being able to resign Davis, Ellis, Biedrins, Azubuike and Barnes. Simply taking part in honoring Jason Richardson or in any way acknowledging his contributions to the Warriors doesn’t mean you agree. You can celebrate the former player completely separate from the discussion on the merits of the trade.

  • Jason

    I am so torn on J-Rich. He is not/was not worth the money…but I would LOVE to have him for 5 mil a year….I think he is worth that for sure. I have been scanning the net for NBA related blog, I like to read up on our opponents before we play and I realized the team that kills us so far this year are the Portland Trail Blazers.

    I found a good blog that talks about them…we will be fighting with them for a playoff spot…how the heck do we beat them?

    Here is that link..


  • Bayarea Bob

    Speaking of awful. MT2’s latest article… What a hater. I agree about Chris Gatling though.