Lakers One-Up Warriors

Leave it to the purple and gold to upstage the Warriors.
After making national news by re-signing Webber, the Lakers outshine the Warriors by stealing Pau Gasol from Memphis. Welcome to Warriors World, where winning a first-round series is a feat, where former players become All-Stars and the Lakers always make a bigger splash.
If all they gave up was scrub Kwame Brown, rookie guard Javaris Crittendon, AARP treasurer Aaron McKie and future first rounders, why couldn’t the Warriors have gotten Gasol?
Clearly Memphis is just trying to dump salary, taking back expiring or cheap contracts and draft picks. The Warriors could’ve done that, right? Patrick O’Bryant, Mickael Pietrus and Matt Barnes are all expiring. Marco Belinelli and Kelenna Azubuike are cheap. The Warriors could go five years without a draft pick, all the projects they have on the bench.
So why couldn’t they do it? They would’ve been way in the luxury tax bracket, as Gasol is pulling in $50 over the next four years after this one. The Warriors probably would’ve wanted to give up Al Harrington to lower the tax penalties, but Memphis obviously didn’t want salary back.
The bottom line is Buss has endless pockets, Cohan doesn’t. Lakers win.

Marcus Thompson

  • commish

    Like I said in an earlier post, we got Webber; what else could we want. Seriously, no bling, no ring. Lakers owner wants it much more than our owner; over and out.

  • Stallion

    Ouch. This one hurts a lot. This is exactly the type of move the Warriors should have made. Well the other thing they could do is play Brandan Wright more. Nellie’s use of rookies is beyond frustrating. Yes they are going to make mistakes but the hope is that they are good enough to stop making those mistakes as the season progresses. So he can’t afford to play rookies extended minutes because of the possibilty of losing a winnable game, but Wright seems talented enough to me to make a difference. He’s super athletic and long would be a great complement to Beidrins.

  • Andrew

    Marcus, Commish

    It looks like Memphis is rumored to be cleaning house right now.

    And what does it say of the Grizzlies? Well, it says that they’re bleeding financial losses, desperate to strip payroll and make themselves more attractive for a potential buyer. They’re shopping guard Mike Miller throughout the league too, sources say, and it’s just a matter of time until they’ve stripped themselves to the core. Essentially, they’re the Vancouver Grizzlies again.


    Do you think we have enough to give to get him, and is he someone that could benefit our team?

  • Marcus


    The Warriors assuredly could get Mike Miller. They have a $10M trade exception which I’m sure Memphis would be happy to take it. But doing that would put the Warriors deep into the luxury tax.
    Mickael Pietrus, Patrick O’Bryant and some cash would do the trick. But Miller makes more than $18M the next two years. Do the Warriors want that contract?

  • Andrew

    Im not sure the Warriors want that contract at all or any contract that gets them into the Luxury Tax. Do they need to? I would absolutely say YES! It looks like their glass is about 3/4 full right now and with adding another piece to the puzzle could get that glass overflowing.(thinking out of the box here)but If everyone just bought one more beer per game that could potentially be up to 8 million dollars in revenue. Okay so maybe I’m panick mode from the LA deal, but it seems like were so close to really making this thing special here. This may be the longest 3 1/2 weeks ever, but my fingers are crossed for another roll of the dice.

  • petaluman


    Did the Warriors ever announce what the buyout of Jasikevicius cost them? My (very rough) estimate of this year’s salaries puts us 5M+ below the luxury tax threshold, plus whatever savings we have from that.

    Of course, we’d still need to clear a roster spot to use any of the TE. It doesn’t sound like Pietrus is drawing a lot of interest, but we could still waive a player to make room.

  • Ewok

    Sometimes, in situations like this, we don’t have to up the ante. Like what they say in baseball, Sometimes the best trade of all, is don’t trade at all.

    This thing with the Lakers is a freak trade so to speak. No one expected Memphis to gamble this “stupidly.”

    The best move we could do right now is to fast track our reserves. Kostas Perovic, Patrick O’briant, Brandan Wright and Marco Bellineli. I think if we could raise their level of play and confidence, We’re “still” the better team than the Lakers?

    Do I think were better than the Lakers BEFORE this trade? Yes. Remember, we started with six losses at the start of the season… Just imagine if we won at least half of them…

    Do I think were better than the Lakers AFTER this trade? Like Ive said, this we’ll depend on our Reserves. KP, POB, BW, and MB.

    Trading Michael Pietrus in not the answer. Giving him more playing time in the playoffs will create a great difference.

  • Ewok

    No wonder the Lakers would only give CWebb insulting 10 day contracts.

    Howerver, if CWebb actually decided to play as a Laker, can you guys imagine how terrible a headache we are having now?

    Anyway, Gasol to the Lakers is not that much of an alarming situation for our Talent Base. Perhaps we should take advantage of losing teams to bring about a legitimate biggie. Nevertheless, The team as it is right now, is all set.

  • Andrew Rosenblum

    You’re exactly right Marcus — Buss is willing to pay through the nose to win, and Cohan is too cheap to go into luxury tax territory. Or maybe not — what do you think about dealing Wright and contracts for Ron Artest? Get Ron-Ron and Jax back together again — we might not beat the Lakers but we’d definitely have the most puglistically-gifted forwards in the league. Plus rebounding and perimeter D would vastly improve.

  • nbafan

    Ewok: are you drunk? the Warriors are better than the Lakers before and/or after the trade? You’ve GOT to be smokin’ something. You don’t have to “imagine” anything, the Warriors don’t match up well with the Lakers – not before, not now, not for the forseeable future. You are as good as your record indicates – bottom line. There’s not imagination, what-if’s, coulda’s, shoulda’s about it…it is what it is. The Lakers own the Warriors. Imagining that the Warriors won half of them is just that – an imagination, or better yet, an illusion. As a follower of the Warriors, I think last year, this year, and maybe next year, are what you might call a transition period, where the team rides what it has, overachieves a little, but will only make the playoffs as a #6-8 seed. But they won’t win a championship or even make it to the Conference Finals. It will require some personnel changes (some will be unfortunate), and perhaps eventually a coaching change. The way it is right now will not produce a championship; the potential of this group is near its peak, I hate to say. It has to evolve into better team, and changes will eventually be needed. It will take a lot more firepower to compete with the rest of the West.

  • dareedle

    Before we annoint the Fakers the best franchise ever, let’s wait for Webber to play a game or two, see if Bynum comes back and see what happens to everyone’s PT and number of shots when Bynum, Odom and Gasol play together. My guess is the Gasol and Bynum don’t play as well as projected (Curry, Randolph … Kaman, Brand) type of issues and in most cases, the best team … not the best talent wins the championship. Besides we are like two games back of the Lakers, despite the “Suspension”.