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“How do we get better given the depth in the West? With Monta and Beans playing so well, their agents will be demanding top dollar for their new contracts. And even though we have leverage since they are restricted free agents, we may have to dig deep. If Baron stays, we keep Monta and Beans, and keep Bukie and maybe Barnes, we will still have to sign and pay two new rookies plus Wright, Kosta and Bellineli. If all that happens, wouldn’t we be at our cap limit and not be able to sign a free agent, even Webber if he works out? So how do we get better if not this season than at least next?” – Commish

Their agents can’t demand anything. The market will determine what they get. Unless they negotiate solely with the Warriors and agree to a deal Mullin likes, the Warriors will likely wait to see what offers they get, then match. Pretty much what they did with Pietrus, accept at some point they come to terms.
Biedrins and Ellis will probably get less than everyone expects. Restricted free agency isn’t the pot o’ gold it used to be. Teams will probably not be willing to sign these two to an offer sheet because a) they know the Warriors will match, b) their cap space could be locked up for seven days while the Warriors decide; c) there will be other, perhaps more desirable restricted free agents, such as Luol Deng, Andre Iguodala and Emeka Okafor, who will hog the offer sheets; d) they would have to go above and beyond the market value to get the Warriors not to match.
You’re right, if they keep every body, they will be over the cap and can’t sign a free agent. The only way they have cap space for free agency is if Baron doesn’t come back, or if Beans and Monta walk, which is unlikely.
The way the Warriors get better: trades. They have Harrington, Pietrus, Barnes, two draft picks, four young players. Who knows, they may be willing to part with Biedrins, too, depending on who they can get for him (Okafor?).

Marcus Thompson

  • goingforthemoney.com

    u’r right the warriors are in a great position unlike the rest of the west who has to overreact to the lakers great acquisition. But i’ve said it once and ima say it again. We don’t have to do nothing right now. Yes it would be great to get a guy like marion cause he is a serious warrior and an underrated star. But once again the warrior only need to be patient and the right piece will eventually fall into their lap. This is not the previous organization who would let their stars get out the door, squander draft picks and make poor front office decision. I would do the deal for marion for harrington, petris, and our draft pick and maybe barnes but not much else. Besides no one expects us to be a factor anyway and i like it like that for know. Ps Webber is going to make us a 6 of 7 seed. people be sleeping on his skills. Besides when youre in a good marriage you get more out of it.

  • commish

    Hey Marcus, thanks for answering my question. I thought you raised some really good points about the organization mostly being in the driver’s seat, and I sure hoop you are correct (pun intended).

    Where I do disagree with you is I don’t think we have much to trade to get better. Harrington has a big contract that is not close to expiring; Pietrus has gotten zippo so far as trade bait; our rooks haven’t proven they are worth anything of true value. Since Nellie doesn’t really value any of these guys, including Harrington, that sends a message of their worth. What we do have the TPE if Cohan will let Mully use it now or at draft time. It seems if we use that chit to land a good player before it expires, we will potentially have a serious cap problem unless of course we use it now for an expiring contract we don’t expect to resign. But that will keep our team pretty much the same all things being equal so, again, I would ask you how do we get better in the very tough West? I am not sure you addressed that question with your answer but did give me encouragement we can keep Monta and Beans.

  • Marcus

    I did address the question: trades. You get better with trades. I disagree with you that they don’t have much. I don’t think their pieces are as valuable as many may think, but they aren’t worthless. And, again, you’re not counting Biedrins. You’re underestimating Harrington (two years, $19 million after this season, which is not horrible). You’re underestimating the value of Brandan Wright and you’re forgetting about future first rounders.
    The Warriors have plenty to work with. Will it land them KG? No. Could it land them Mike Miller? Sure.
    We have seen two examples of inconceivable trades. The Lakers stole Gasol for nothing. Miami was able to dump $40 million of aged flesh onto Phoenix. The only thing you need to make a deal is a willingness to deal. To say the Warriors can’t make a trade, especially in light of their history (who thought they could unload Murphleavy) and recent events, is a bit pessimistic.

  • manhattanproj

    i dont think okafor is a better prospect than biedrins. too injured prone. i do hope the w’s can get iguodala or deng.

    but the main question is: what do the w’s do about davis? he asked for something like 60mil over 3 years as an extension. he’ll probably ask for a max deal, if he indeed opts out. do the w’s gamble on davis and his health? or do the w’s look elsewhere or trade him? if they do trade davis, what can you get in return?

    davis for joe johnson and their 1st (which won’t be a top 5, so no derrick rose)

    davis for marion and their 1st (which could land w’s a derrick rose or michael beaseley.)

    davis for hinrich, deng and their 1st