Marion Now an Option?

Phoenix may have paved the way for the Warriors to get Marion, though they’d likely have to pay the tax to get him.
Miami, who acquired the Matrix on Tuesday, will either have to sign him to an extension (he can opt out at season’s end, walking away from $17.1 million) or trade him. Otherwise, he walks as a free agent.
The Heat certainly would not have the same apprehensions as Phoenix about sending Marion to Golden State. Miami may even be looking to build around Marion and Wade (and don’t look now, but they just cleared a lot cap space to make a run at a free agent-to-be, such as Baron Davis). The Heat can’t afford a rebuilding process as Wade has just two years left on his deal after this season. But if they can get more value out of Marion on the trade market than on the court, the Warriors could be a real player. A running, finishing, rebounding, defending power forward would fit well in Nellie’s system. And he’s a career 34 percent 3-point shooter, which is better than BD and Jax.

Marcus Thompson

  • EJ

    i thought the very same thing last night. but miami was able to get marion for next to nothing. they can also extend his contract and keep him or let him walk at the end of the year and clear major cap room. i think they do intend on keeping marion and build with him and wade. marcus banks could be a good point guard in their system. i think they extend marion and sign brand in the offseason. the heat can also unload haslem and maybe a couple of their young wing guys (wright, cook) to clear more space.

  • HeadSlap


    Please remember cap holds the next time you start to play GM. If Matrix opts out, Miami still has his cap hold in place until they renounce him. Until then, they keep his Bird Rights and the right to go over the cap to resign him and the right to S&T him to another team, something I imagine would be important to both Marion and The Heat. Only if Marion opts out and Miami renounces his rights would they have the cap room to go after another team’s FA. I can only imagine Marion opting out with the intention of signing outright with another team if he knows there is a suitor. How many teams have the cap room to give Marion a long term deal at his current salary? Almost zero.

  • Marcus

    Head Slap,

    I am assuming that if Matrix opts out, it won’t be to re-sign with Miami. It is more likely he’ll keep the last year and get an extension if he does stay with Miami

  • Wanna hear something reallllly scary? Baron opting out and going to L.A. Baron, Kobe, Gasol, Walton and Bynum – thats scary.

  • B-Randon

    Walton does not scare anyone. I hope you meant Odom.

  • shin

    does anyone have anything POSITIVE to say about this trade for PHX? i definitely see the negatives, but i heard marion wasn’t playing that hard. can anyone see how this could work out to the suns advantage?

  • JustPuked

    Steven – The Lakers are so far over the luxury tax threshold, the only way they can sign free agents is for the mid level exception and the so called million dollar exception and in a sign ‘n trade. I don’t see Mullin agreeing to a sign ‘n trade with the Lakers for anyone in this lifetime.

  • Tyler

    I thought a player cannot be traded again for some period of time after the initial trade?

  • Vince

    I can guarantee that Baron will not give up $15+ million to play for the Lakers.

  • EJ

    JustPuked – i’m not as salary cap savvy as everyone else, but i think the lakers could be able to make an interesting offer for baron. they’re about 16 mil under right now. ariza, mihm, and vujacic’s deals are up after this season. that accounts for about 7.5 mil. they don’t have to extend bynum’s contract this summer. odom will have one year left after this year. he’s making 13 mil per so he could be moved for filler guys. that gives them a lot of money to play with in free agency and make a push for a title next year.

  • EJ

    yup, i was wrong. but they could move odom in the offseason and clear some space.

  • JustPuked

    Actually EJ, I was thinking Odom and filler for Baron in a sign ‘n trade might be workable…er livable. Odom would be an upgrade on Webber at least. But that means some bridge between Nellie and Baron would have to be burned and it would mean Davis and Mullin choosing to end Baron’s time in Oakland. What kind of hell would the season have to become to get there? In that case, getting Odom would be about making the most of the situation. Even then, I’d rather do a sign ‘n trade for Marion (talent wise, but not salary wise). Anyway, there’s ALWAYS a way to get trades done, but Baron to the Lakers would be horrible for Dubs fans.

  • JustPuked

    Actually Odom vs Marion is a tougher call than I thought…

  • manhattanproj

    just why would mullin trade davis for odom and other lakers’ trash? is it workable on paper? sure. but why would anyone think of such an impossibly un-think-able deal? unless mullin is a huge lakers fan, then yea, i guess it’s possible to think of such trades.

  • Marcus


    There is. I’m talking about a sign-and-trade in the offseason