Monta’s a Stud

I hope you all are paying close attention. If you are, you’re witnessing Monta Ellis take his game to another level.
He’s not just scoring because the other team is focused elsewhere. He’s not just living off the exploits of Stephen Jackson and Baron Davis. He’s making it happen independent of his teammates, sometimes even in spite of.
He carried the Warriors against the Kings tonight. Literally. He has scored 56 points on 22-for-26 from the floor his last two games. One thing I don’t understand is, when someone is going like that, why is Jackson and Davis taking more shots than Monta? Both nights they did. Shouldn’t they be feeding the hot hand. Monta is on fire.

Marcus Thompson

  • Grant

    Monta is great because he doesnt’ take bad shots, unlike some of the Warriors. It’s true, they really should be getting the ball to Monta more. How many guards are shooting over 52% from the field like Monta? He’s carrying the team now.

  • traveler

    Monta is great but who’s going to help Monta.

    The rest of the team seem to be fading and not picking up momentum going into the second half of the season. Other teams fighting the warriors for a playoff spot is picking their game or reloading on talent. I hope the Warriors can win 46 plus games and get into the playoffs.

  • Wilson

    Monta has become the best player on the Warriors team. Nellie’s pronouncement that he had to become a point guard in order to be a star turns out to be wrong – although he’s close to being able to play a pretty good point. He’s a very smart player and almost never takes a bad shot; if his jumper is challenged he almost always passes the ball to an open man. Easily the most exciting athleticism in the NBA. I would love to see him be more assertive because Nelson isn’t making him the focus as he should, and most of the time it’s only after plays for Baron, Jackson, and Harrington break down that he even sees the ball. It would be fascinating to see how many points he could score if he was the focus of the game whenever he’s out there. I see the potential for him to be a scorer on the level of Wade or Kobe or Lebron, eventually, and he would also rack up some significant assist totals.

    I suspect Baron has some sort of injury, but for whatever reason he’s been extremely ineffective the last two games. His ego won’t let him back off when he’s not playing well, and it’s hurting the team. One criticism I have of Nelson is that he leaves the decision making entirely up to the players and that’s why the best shooter on the team doesn’t get the most shots – the biggest egos do.

  • Tokyo D

    Monta’s speed and athleticism have always been impressive, but his mid-range game these past two games has been fantastic. Heard some premature comparisons with Rip Hamilton’s mid-range shooting game, but Monta is so quick and explosive. I can’t remember a player with similiar style and skills. Any better comparison than Rip?

  • adam

    monta is still not big game tested, but my oh my, this kid has an offense like few we have seen. I am glad he’s a warrior, tho I am not convinced with webber; hopefully Nellie will pull him soon. You gotta give Nelson great marks for taking chances, but even higher ones for quickly admitting when a gamble has not paid off. What more of a coach could you ask.

  • john

    Monta has matured into a legitimate star but, even more importantly, he’s becoming a team leader. You’ll hear Charles and Kenny saying in the near future, this is Monta’s team. You can see it in his attitude, his demeanor, his toughness and, justifiably so, his arrogance. Last night, he was chewing out Harrington for missing an assignment. This is Monta chewing out Harrington! Cohan, prepare to empty your wallet this summer.

  • A star this bright deserves a nickname to match!
    Monta “The Mothman” Ellis.


  • Ray

    Yesterday showed why Davis is not an All Star, he too often has a bad shooting game. He too often is taking bad shots and doesn’t know who to get the ball too. I agree with other opinions that Davis doesn’t make an effort to get Monta the ball. Yes, Davis may make plays at the end of the games, and may make big shots more often than not, but that is not an All Star.

    If they had a game for All Stars who show up at end of the games, Davis and Robert Horry would be all time favorites, but both of them are not All Stars. Who is an All Star on the Warriors. Its Monta Ellis, he should represent the Warriors and he will be the first one to do it, next year.

    I would like to see Brandon Wright play, Nellie is too stubburn to just ride him like that. He will get rebounds and is a rush of energy.

  • commish

    Hey, it is not whether we are paying attention, it is whether Nelson, BD and Jax are paying attention. We win the Chicago game if Baron and Jax would just stop shooting their desperately bad shots and give it to Monta or at least Harrington, our next best shooter. What is wrong with these guys that they can’t see Monta and Harrington are purer shooters than they are and the ball should be in their hands? Oh, let me answer my own question: Nelson won’t force the issue and BD and Jax’s egos demand them to make the big if not winning shots.

  • Jason

    It is not entirely accurate to say that Monta is a better shooter than Baron or Jackson, more accurate to say Monta takes better shots than them. Monta takes the shots that he is good at, going to the basket, mid range jumpers. I can’t recall the last time Monta pulls up a 3. If Baron and Jackson has that kind of discipline in their shot selection, the W’s would be much better served.

  • Joe

    Monta is defiently the future of the franchise along with biedrnis. We need to extend both of them and look to draft a tall PG who can learn behind baron and take over when he is off team. Monta has a game similar to Iverson at this point in time. and he is only 21 or 22.

    and Jason yes shot selection has a huge amount to do with FG% thats why Monta has a higher fg% cus he takes shots he knows he is good at while Baron thinks he can make a basket from anywhere on the floor.

  • jim

    Marcus, Monta is a stud but the team philosophy now is depressing. I would rather see the Warriors mix development of young players than make the playoffs this year. As set, we are not a contender this year. The Gasol trade has thrown off the whole Western Conference now. And I think we are in for a very jaded season ending. With all the restrictions on trading, it’s incredible that a trade like this could happen. Right on Popp!

  • jim

    To all. Stop blaming Baron! Could you see coming to the Warriors this year after last year’s playoff run and getting no respect. He kept low with the salary and allstar issues. But to see the team he’s committed to receding before the jaded Lakers’ trade. We were the dangerous team waiting to happen. But it didn’t happen. And now the team needs to move forward and I think Baron questions whether this is right for him.

  • commish

    Statistically Monta and Harrington are better shooters; that is what I meant. Monta does take better shots and that is a good thing, right.

  • manhattanproj

    in all fairness to baron and jax, their shots do not have a limit, as in they have range. when you can shoot from anywhere on the court, you don’t really have a go-to spot, hence we see they shoot from all over the places and arent really conscious of where they are. but i do agree that their shot selection is bad. this is also something that w’s fan have to live with because a lot of their “bad” shots have actually helped w’s win. remember the step back 3 against the lakers by baron. they was a bad shot but it went in and w’s won the game.

    on the other hand, monta doesnt have the range that baron and jax have, so he honed his mid range game. very similar to hamilton. he takes “good” shots because he makes alot of them. he played to his strengths.

    but monta almost cost w’s the game with his late game turnovers and missed free throws. he also got a few calls here and there, which could have been turnovers. he had a good game but he’s not really an all star. i dont think he has yet reached agent zero or AI level.

  • GSWFan24

    Monta is playing well but he won’t get the proper respect until he plays well in the playoffs. Mark this Utah game on your calender (first game after all star break) and see how he does against D. Will, that will tell us how far his game has come. Droppin 34 on Mike Bibby is cool, but against players in the west who are playing at a high level is a different story.

    The bigger story is what’s up with Baron, has been himself lately, probably needs to put his movie production company aside (off season at least).

  • edward

    monta is an amazing offensive player, especially in the open court! let’s be honest, he’s not refined as a PG (i don’t think it fits his style of play, and he doesn’t possess the ball handling ability to play PG) and the mid range jumper is not always going to fall the way it has been the past few games (no player in the league can keep up that shooting pace). he benefits from not having to be the main offensive player so his shot selection become a lot simpler and less pressured. i’m not taking away from the guy, i’m just being realistic. with all that said, its the improvement, progression, and growth of monta that have been truly amazing!

  • Ray

    Monta, Baron, Jax, they are all good and do different things for the team. The team would be nothing without them. Lets talk about team maturity. Monta plays to his strength, he works hard, and takes good shots. Why can’t Davis and Jax do that as well. Why can’t Jax take 3’s that are good, off of ball movement and then when he is open to catch and shoot. Why does half his shots are that he dribbles and then shoots over his own guy. Also, he has ability to drive and pass, and he should do that more often, not force it in like he does sometimes, and stop complaining to the refs on every drive for a foul. Monta never does any of that complaining and talking to the referee’s after a miss shot, but he hasn’t missed many shots lately.

    Davis, how can this guys wake up in the last five minutes, drive, dish, hit 3’s and rest of the game, doesn’t do any of that. Kobe plays like Kobe all game, that is an All Star. Do you think Kobe cares the Lakers are up by 15 so I will coast and just bail for a 3 point shot, even though I can drive and finish.

    Baron will never be in that league, because he only plays at that level a few minutes a night. Monta plays the same way all game. He drives and finishes all game, he rebounds all game.

    I would really practice the 3 point shooting in the offseason if I am Monta and come back with maybe 3 to 4 three point shot attempts a game, but stay with the game he has. He is so efficient and gone to the next level. He will do well in the playoffs, people need to remember his age and he came from high school and in his 3rd year. Last year was his first in the playoffs.

    If all 3 could play to their strengths and do what needs to be done, this team will and can do something. But its all 3 of them.

  • John

    Monta is great but shouldn’t the philosophy be to get Marco, Branden and Bidrinis more playing time? not less. I am so tired of seeing barnes jack up threes that miss, or petrus run around and not do much. Instead of just being exciting for awhile, The Warriors need a real plan to win a championship. Hopefully Monta is not just another Iverson. Fun for awhile but nothing in the trophy case when it is over.

  • EJ

    if the last 5 games are any indication of monta’s potential, then WOW! he’s pretty much been able to get off any shot he wants. you can just throw two points up on the board when he pulls up and there’s no defending his finish as he can go with either hand.

    yes, i now love monta’s game.

  • EJ

    did anyone else’s hi-def feed of the warriors/kings game have no sound? had to watch it on regular fsn and it was killing me. just wondering.

  • manhattanproj

    i think everyone needs to cool down on monta. he always go through this type of stretch when he scores in bunches. but he’s 6-2 and playing the off guard spot, and he doesnt have AI dribbling skills or court sense. all of you are naming monta as a franchise player but he’s not. he’s a good player, not a franchise player. he will always need a true big PG as his running mate because he can’t run a team for the entire game and he can’t defend SG. that is not what a franchise player should be.

  • JustPuked

    Monta is amazing, no doubt but he’s not a franchise player. He’s an amazing combo guard that can run your team for stretches but not long term. He can be your off guard for stretches but also not long term. His limitation is he’s only able to guard opposing point guards. Full sized off guards will give him fits. The only way to accommodate him is to have a large point guard running with him that can guard those off guards that are too big for him to handle. If you have the players to pair with him, like the warriors do with Baron, then it’s all good. Lose Baron and you cut drastically into Monta’s ability to affect the game for the Warriors…unless you get another large point guard. But if you DO have a large point guard, then he becomes a dominate weapon. As long as you’re aware of the situation, it’s all gravy.

  • Vince


    Would you guys trade Al Harrington + Pietrus for Ben Gordon + Chris Duhon + Tyrus Thomas? I would!

    The only worry is re-signing Gordon though, who thinks he is worth $10M+ per year, while not performing as well as he has been the last couple of years.

  • manhattanproj

    gordon and monta? bad bad bad. sub gordan with deng, then i would do it. but can deng/jackson play the 4 as effectively as harrington? nelson is going to lose his mismatch without harrington. and deng isn’t the 3 point threat that harrington is.

  • commish

    This is sad in so many ways, the least of which is MP even dreaming of being an all star. Maybe he’s thinking of MJ and those letters are confusing in French.

    It is sad that Nelson won’t create a semblance of a “real” lineup where SF’s don’t have to play PF’s and there is a ‘real’ rotation where players know their roles. A few days ago Harrington was commenting on how much better it was last year during the playoff run, when everyone knew their role, when they would play, etc. Basically the mad scientist Nelson has gotten even more stubborn with his experiments including adding a lumbering and out of shape Webber to take valuable minutes from an already fragile team psyche. Frankly it is getting old, probably the way Baron and Jax’s legs feel with barely half the season under their belts. Downright stupid IMHO.

    There seems to be only three scenarios which make sense: use MP and POB’s expiring contracts plus the TPE to get someone really good and a keeper, thereby jeapordizing the resources to sign both Beans and Monta next year; bundle POB and MP and ship them out as expiring contracts and get a better role player who also has an expiring contract; or, just let those two guys linger and create the equivelant of a mid-cap exception dollar amount to use next year for a good player or to help pay Beans and Monta.

    In any of these cases, the ball is clearly in management’s court and that sucks for the players; but what else is new in the NBA (at least sometimes)? Time is obviously running out for the first two scenarious.

  • Derek

    Belinelli sux, the guy is not NBA material.

    To slow and not as good a shooter as advertised