Baron’s All-Star Hopes Still Alive?

It looks like Kobe Bryant’s hand is bothering him to the point he may be a scratch from the All-Star Game. He reaggravated his dislocated pinkie and has all but ruled out his presence in the 3-point shootout. He still hasn’t decided if he’ll play in the game, but the Los Angeles Times reported that Kobe has been telling teammates he’s not going to.
“We’d like him not to play,” Jackson said. “But that has to be a determination that’ll probably be medical more than anything else.”
If Kobe is too injured to play, the league could replace him. It’s commissioner David Stern’s call on who will replace him, but the big snub this year is B. Diddy. Kobe said he still planned on going to New Orleans regardless, something the league would love because of his appeal.

Marcus Thompson

  • Ray

    Baron shouldn’t go. I wouldn’t go play, Davis needs the rest as well, and the fans there are not going to be kind to him. He can rest up for next half. It might be Tracy McGrady or even Ellis, that could be good for the game.

  • Jesse

    I have dislocated both my right and left pinkie over 10 times from playing basketball. I tried all sorts of splints but it kept getting hit and dislocating. I finally designed my own special splints that don’t interfere with playing the game. I don’t sell them or anything but I would certainly make one again for Kobe. I tried to find a way to reach him or any of his people but can’t. If any of you can reach him somehow, show him this email. It may just save him from a nagging injury all season.

  • Wilson

    On the Warriors-Phoenix telecast Jeff Van Gundy said that Baron was the most shafted of the players not named to the All-Stars, and said further that a case could be made for Baron as league MVP. I wouldn’t go that far, because of his borderline FG percentage and erratic shot selection.

  • Ken

    The actual quote by Van Gundy was “in any other season he be a borderline MVP candidate” essentially meaning top 10 candidate. I absolutely agree. If you look at the first tier of mvp candidates it probably looks somewhere along the lines of: cp3, KG, lebron, and kobe. Baron is absolutely in that next tier with nash, Boozer, and Duncan. Aside from his stats (22 points, 8 assists, 5 boards, 2.5 steals) which are great I think Van Gundy made another excellent point. His ability to defend 2 guards (which in turn makes Monta that much more effective) allows the Warriors to be successful.

  • Jazz Fan

    Deron Williams deserves to go over Baron Davis. D-Will was the big snubb, not Davis.

  • manhattanproj

    now, will baron shun the league and the coaches? kobe spot could go to kidd if the deal goes through?

    on an nba question: why is a small potato like devean george holding up a blockbuster trade and possibly the fate of two franchises? just who the heck he think he is. his on the court abilities dont even deserve to have a no trade clause, let alone exercising it. marginal players have no right to decline trades.

  • Jerel

    I think Baron will replace him, only reason he might not is that he will be bood at NOLA. (people hate him there because of his trade request a couple of years ago)

  • D

    From what I’ve read its not a no trade clause in his contract…but a clause for players that sign one year contracts with the team they’ve played on the previous year allowing them to be eligible for the Bird rights in the end of their contract. By getting traded he would lose those rights and is given the opportunity to block a trade.
    I was also thinking how crappy it would be if the Kidd deals go through, Kobe opts to not play in the All star game and is replaced by Kidd, Baron gets screwed again and another player undeserving of All-Stardom in the East get a bogus bid.

  • manhattanproj

    regardless, declining the trade for a guy like devean george is absolutely ridiculous. will he be a restricted or unrestricted FA? if dallas wants to trade you, what’s the possibility of them resigning you? go to the nets who are obviously rebuilding, get the minutes and play like you did when you were with the lakers earlier in your career. then you may actually be able to score a 3 year deal for maybe 9 or 10 million.

    i guess one thing he is afraid of is not having the PT with jefferson and carter manning the 2/3 spot. then he’s worse off than staying in Dallas and getting the spot minutes. that i can understand.

  • Jazz Fan

    Are you kidding!!!???
    Deron Williams has played 3 times better than Barron Davis since the “snubs”.. Count on seeing D-Will in the All-star game!

  • dareedle

    BD deserves to be slighted despite his great stats for two reasons. 1st, his shot selection and shooting percentage is among the worst for top NBA players. 2nd, players like Duhon and company (Kleiza) and other scrub players have career games against the Warriors. Do we really when to pay the price(like his sundance thing) for a bad performance just because he didn’t get to rest over the weekend?

  • JustPuked

    Dareedle- Guy having career nights against the Warriors, Duhon, Mason etc., were mostly guarded by Monta…

    Speaking of Monta, how about sending the “Mississippi Missile” down to Nawlens for the All-Star game? I’m sure the Southern fans would find some hospitality for the Kid Flash they dubbed “Old School” back when he was lighting them up in HS. No boos for Monta is good for Stern. Okay, I’m probably a season too soon for that, so table it until next year. I’ve got 2/3 odds on Ellis making next years ASG.

    Baron is gonna be jobbed on the All Star game no matter what. Too bad, but it looks like the bad blood from his past is paying with compound interest this year. This could potentially be his last chance at an ASG. Guys are going to look back at his career and be dumbfounded that he didn’t go to more All-Star Games.

  • Derek

    If Baron stopped complaining about every foul call and conducted himself like an adult man he would get more resect.

    Real men do not b-tch !

  • Does anyone else see it a waste of an all-star spot that Kobe played 2 mins in the All-Star game? 0 shots, assists, fouls, steals. 1 defensive rebound.

    Yes it was cute of him to make an appearance, but if you can’t play and you know you can’t play why not let others step in who want to? On the contrary Pro Bowlers were dropping out left and right like flies while receiving backlash for their absence.

    Think anyone would complain if Kobe dropped out?

  • JustPuked

    Kobe did want to drop out but David Stern wouldn’t let him.


    Stern wants to make sure the NBA All Star game doesn’t go the way of the NFL Pro Bowl where no one gives a damn about playing and nobody watches. Right now the NBA All-Star game and weekend is the funnest one to watch in Major League sports. Maybe if the NFL added a pancake block or decleater hitting contest they could compete with the 3 point shooting contest, dunk contest and home run derby. Until then, did you even see the NFL pro bowl? Neither did I.