Standing Pat a Good Move

Let MP walk at the end of the year.
Bite your tongue and pass on Mike Miller.
Pass on Charlie Villanueva.
Walk away from the Jermain O’Neal sweepstakes.
Reaching the other end of the trade deadline without making a move won’t be a bad deal at all. In fact, it may be the best deal available. Any person of value will have a catch, usually some worthless player with a bloated contra chained to their ankle. It’s not worth it to take on a bad contract. It’s not worth it to burn the trade exception now unless it is on a no-brainer.
Two reasons: a) it won’t help the Warriors over the Lakers/Dallas/Phoenix/Spurs hump; b) there will be plenty options in the offseason.

Seriously, who out there is going to help the Warriors win the Pacific, ensuring them a top-four seed? Who out there that is available can hit the ground running over the next 28 games and propel the Warriors into the playoffs, then be good enough to make Nellie’s eight-man playoff rotation? The choices are slim.
This offseason, there will be plenty more options. The same players will be available, plus the restricted free agent market, plus the free agents to be. The Warriors won’t be stuck trying to make moves with greedy GMs looking to capitalize on deadline pressure. Mullin & Co. will have the leverage in the form of options.

With an owner that has regard for the luxury tax, Mullin has to be careful about every move. It would be much smarter to make moves for a championship than to get a round further into the playoffs.
The pattern is clear. In today’s NBA, you have to have three great players to win a title. The Warriors have one great player and two really good ones (Ellis and Jackson). By next year, Ellis will be closer to great. All the Warriors will need is one more great player. They have a better chance of getting that during the offseason then now.

Marcus Thompson

  • traveler

    not making a move to get a good player now will eliminate the Warriors from the playoffs. All year, the W’s have looked good and won more games than they have last year. But “good” is just not good enough in the West. Good will get you to 9th or 10th position and outside of the West playoffs.

  • jim

    I agree. Mullin has to walk a fine line here, because this team has some real potential in the very near future. None of the guys you mentioned are going to make this team that much better and hamstringing themselves for the offseason isn’t worth it.

    I think this team has it in them to make the playoffs, despite the competition, and since there’s no way they do a deal that gets them into position to do any real damage they should just pass.

  • JJ

    “Seriously, who out there is going to help the Warriors win the Pacific, ensuring them a top-four seed?”

    Ron Artest.

    “Who out there that is available can hit the ground running over the next 28 games and propel the Warriors into the playoffs, then be good enough to make Nellie’s eight-man playoff rotation?”

    Ron Artest.

    Ron has one year on his contract after this year. Everyone’s afraid of taking him on. The fear will be in the hearts of the Lakers, Jazz, etc if Artest joins the warriors.

  • DW

    I don’t know Marcus. Boston was terrible and there is a good chance they are going to the finals this year. I’m a little tired of the wait til next year philosophy. How long do you honestly think Baron and Nelson are gonna be here?

  • jaysohn

    The reality is there is really no one the Warriors can afford to get thats going to put them over the top. Name a player? The Warriors don’t have any huge expiring contract they can use to get better. Your not going to trade Monta, Beidrins or Baron. There’s just no difference maker out there that’s available. Someone mentioned Artest but do the Warriors have anyone that the Kinds would want in return? I would not make a move just to make the playoffs this year that would hamper the team from making a really big move during the offseason.

  • JasonVA

    Standing pat is a great move. It’s funny how impatient Warrior fans are. They get a sniff of some playoff success for the first time in more than a decade and then expect a Western Conference finals appearance the next season.

    The team is built for the future and for us to try and get in the middle of this Western Conference arms race would be ridiculous. Artest, Jermaine O’Neal, Elton Brand?? They would at best make us a 7th seed that gets bounced out of the playoffs in the first round. Is a first round exit really worth ruining the team’s chemistry and financial future?

  • Bayarea Bob

    THERE ARE ways to get better without selling the farm or getting into cap hell, you know.

    Staying put = Taking step back

  • JasonVA

    Let’s say they stand pat and win 47-50 games. Can you really say this team took a step back?

    Personally, if they don’t make the playoffs with a close to .600 record I won’t consider it a step back. It’s unfortunate, not fair (in regards to the East playoff picture), but not a step back.

  • EJ

    pietrus can really help the team this year as we saw against boston. there’s no reason for him to sulk the rest of the considering he’ll be auditioning for a big pay day next year. he’s going to be motivated. if we did trade him for dixon and graham i don’t see either of them contributing to what the warriors have going on. they’re better off holding on to pietrus for the rest of the year.

  • Bayarea Bob

    Can MP play center? Because Andris is out several weeks to get his appendix out! we’re screwed. I hope people are happy we stood pat, #14 pick here we come.

  • Wes

    Hey Marcus,

    I couldn’t stay away even after the Webber signing. Anyhow, I wanted to pose this question to you. Is it me, or did it seem like Kevin Garnett was talking trash to Andris and trying to punk him? especially around the 4 minute mark of the 4th quarter. I saw him mouthing off and kept trying to stare down Biedrins, but maybe i’m just being a bit cynical.

  • kevin murphy

    i agree the goal is not to get to playoffs and win a round the goal is to win a championship. as long as warriors make progress and play well thats ok. 50 wins and a 9th in the west? i can live with that have to look at big picture

  • manhattanproj

    it’s kinda funny how most of you wanted a trade. just who is going to help the w’s. yea, ron artest may help but obviously, the asking price for any western teams was too high. that’s why he’s still with the kings and bibby was basically given away to a eastern team.

    what does making the playoffs mean this year? another 14 or 15 years of irrelevance? why would you do something like the stupid danny ferry of the cavs, who succumb to the pressure. ben wallace? wally? like they’re really going to help. now they lose the flexibility to be a major player in the FA market.

    if we make the playoffs great. if not, it may actually help the w’s because this is a deep draft. w’s can get a really really good player in the early teens. oj mayo, darren collison, chase budinger, brook lopez.

  • Vince

    So how much cap space will we have this summer? Do we have enough room to target top tier players who may demand $15M+?

  • commish

    Standing pat gets us into the lottery (again) this season. I just hope Cohan will let Mully use the TPE prior to the NBA draft to land us what we need to compete next season after we negotiate long term contacts with Beans and Monta. The scary thought is if we continue to stand pat, we are stuck with the same team from this year going into next season. An entertaining but deeply flawed team to make the playoffs or if we do, then do much damage.

  • manhattanproj

    for those that keep saying “staying pat will just get us in the lottery” – seriously who can you get that will improve this team without giving up a core player? seriously, name one player. c’mon let’s get real.

    don’t make a move just to make a move ala cavaliers.

    if i remember correctly, half or so of the team will be fa. ellis, andris, buke, barnes, pietrus, davis(potential), not including one offs like webber and d-league call up.

    so the w’s going to have the cap space to pursue FAs after signing ellis and andris. you can go after true difference makers like deng, iguodala, okafor, etc. all restricted but possible.

  • Wilson

    The Warriors are a good team this year. Next year Monta will put on some muscle and improve defensively. Andris will develop some low post moves. Brandan Wright, Belinelli, Watson, Azubuike, and maybe even POB and Perovic will improve and be contributors. The team might learn to play smarter. So even if the personnel stays the same, this young team could get even better next season. Add one big guy at PF or center through trades and there’s the potential for winning it all.

  • traveler

    we’ve been looking to the future for the last 10 plus years. when is this future going to come? possibly next year with Monta and Biedrins playing well. Hopefull Nelson returns and barring any injuries, we have next year or the future to look forward to. Its too late for a trade for this year but I think we are a piece or two from being in the playoffs and knocking off a Dallas type team in the first round using the current roster. Without making changes this year, I still think we finish on the 9th position. the west is tougher this year and we have the same lineup with no relief from Webber.

  • pastiche

    Where’s the potential upside for Andris? His success is contingent on a penetrating guard like Baron…Like Baron? How many BD’s are trolling around the league looking for the perfect system for them to excel (Nellieball). How many PG’s can actually make this team run.
    Our veterans are our blue chips. Monta is a bonafide stud at the SG position, but as a point? No…
    Andris doesn’t have the tools for a real jumpshot (shoots from his wrists for heaven’s sake). He’s terrific offensively as a slasher, without having to assert himself with post moves, but he will never be a first or second option on offense. Esp not in a Nelly type tempo, the same that Ellis thrives in. He is reeeaaaalllly deficient on D. His rebound stats are blown out of proportion on a team that doesn’t rebound well. What kind of money will a player with such gaping holes demand? Perhaps we should consider an impact player in the offseason with $ we all figure will be thrown at AB. I am not sold that he is worth the money he will command.
    BW and Bellinelli have shown nothing in practice, shoot arounds, scrimmages etc. What makes everyone so optimistic about their development. BW seems terrifically undersized and seems to lack offensive instincts and has exhibited NO JUMPSHOT (a staple for a Nelly 4). And which position will BW guard? The Garnett comparisons bare no fruit for me (KG came into the league at 7 ft, with glimpses of ball handling skills and a smooth jumper, BW cannot lay claim to these skills). Bellinelli doesn’t posess NBA speed or body. Certainly not what our style of play needs. He may have value as a Steve Novak type player?

    Kazu- obviously limited skills wise (lots of natural talent) but doesn’t seem to have a tenacious mindset.

    Staying the course seems a little safe and short sighted.

  • Petaluman

    The future began last year.

  • EJ

    it’s taken 12 years for the warriors to become a competitive basketball team. i say be happy with what we have right now. it’ll be a couple of years at least before we can actually call them a title contender.

  • commish

    The Warriors, without going into the luxury tax, and assuming Baron does not walk away from over $17M, will have no money to sign any meaningful free agents in the off-season after signing Beans and Monta. For sure our team will be better and more competitive, but no way do we get deep into the playoffs. I think our only hope is the TPE because that is worth $10M and could be a big chit to play pre draft.

    From a fan’s perspective we have an exciting team to watch, but a team that just isn’t good enough to compete successfully in the very deep West.

  • manhattanproj

    as long as the w’s are willing and competitive, i’m happy. they going to be in the playoff chase this year and if they continue to do what they’ve been doing, they going to make the playoffs over either the rockets or the nuggets. they have a pretty good record since the 0-6 start. if they were 3-3 in those games, they are the 7th seed.

    i dont know where all these negativities come in. be happy that the w’s are competitive. even if they will be 9th seed, it’s still a hell of lot better than watching the days when joe smith, sprewell, mookie blaylock, john starks were playing. be content that w’s are competitive. there is only one world champ every season.

  • traveler

    i think at some point, we have to aim higher than 9th or 10 place every year. otherwise, why bother competing. True, the Ws are entertaining. Could they do better, I think so. For example, why the heck do we have Pietrus and not Ruben Patterson. Why did we sign Watson to provide relief for BD but he is not providing relief. BD is still playing in the 40s.