Mullin Vindicated

Some have criticized the Warriors for not making a move, especially with missing the postseason being such a real proposition.
But based on who was moved and what it took, it seems the Warriors’ brass was right to pass this time around. Apparently, the Grizzlies either wanted to much or didn’t want to move Mike Miller. Ditto for Ron Artest, Chris Wilcox and Charlie Villanueva. Anybody of value was being linked to a bad contract, kind of like when the mom makes the ugly sibling tag along on a date.
For the entire trade season — dating back to July 1, the start of the NBA season — teams just wanted more than what the Warriors had or was willing to part with.
Look what it took for Cleveland to get Ben Wallace.
San Antonio had to give up two expiring contracts for Kurt Thomas. Atlanta had to give up young talent (Shelden Williams was a No. 5 pick) for Bibby. The Mavericks gave up their future for Jason Kidd.
Around the trade deadline is when GMs turn into pawn brokers. Everybody’s trying to hustle. Everybody wants to come up. Kudos to the Warriors for not being so desperate that they fall victim, like the Cavaliers did. Aparrently, it would’ve taken Monta Ellis and an act of congress to get anybody worthwhile.

Marcus Thompson

  • manhattanproj

    like i’ve been saying, don’t make a move just to make move ala the stupid danny ferry of the cavs. but he was forced into it by lebron. now they really going to suffer down the stretch. wally? big ben? how are they going to help.

    seriously, who the w’s can get that will make them better without giving up a core player? i just don’t understand why all these talks and negativities about the non trade. if you watch and understand nba basketball, you’ll understand that was the right move.

  • Bayarea Bob


    There ARE trades that DON’T require giving up youngsters or taking back bad contracts. You guys realize that, right?

    Look at what Seattle did with their big trade exception. They got two first rounders + Kurt Thomas, a player who was very productive for that team. And then they traded him for expiring contracts + another 1st rounder. Meanwhile Mully has sat on his big trade exception and will let it expire getting NOTHING in return.

    Props to Mully! Yeah right, gimme a break.

    Oh and we just lost to the frikken Hawks!

  • manhattanproj

    yo bayarea bob,

    so are you saying that the w’s should trade for kurt thomas? and you do realize kurt thomas has an expiring contract, right? and you also realize the sonics are rebuilding, they’re just unloading. and you also realize those 1st rounders are going to be pretty low.

    so why don’t you give US, true w’s fans, a break.

    why don’t you tell us what those trades or players that you are talking about and so enthusiastic about? who really out there that is worthy of using the trade exceptions? who on the roster (minus the core)that will attract offers from other teams?

    watch some more nba and w’s basketball. that’s all i gotta say.

  • jim

    One more thing about that trade exception BAB. It can still be used in the offseason if I recall correctly. And deals are available in the offseason, unless they changed the rules.

  • Ewok


    I definitely agree. Just like in baseball, There’s a saying, “Sometimes the best trade you could get, is not to trade at all.” I’m happy the way the team stands right now.

    I wonder however, If trading the disenchanted Michael Pietrus and filler for former Warrior, Joe Smith would work. Joe Smith is a big guy who moves well with and w/o the ball, He is a former Warrior and would be a good piece for the type of plays Nelson generates. Collectively, He may not be an impact player but he can still contribute consistently on both ends of the court significantly. He can maintain the tempo and control the lead in the second and third quarters…. How about Brian Cardinal?

    As for Webber, I refuse to accept the arguement that he has seen his better days. I think what he needs is to get his touches and his post plays so he can get involved early in the game to get his playing rhythm. He has to get the ball before he could pass it. He has to command the double before he sees the open guy, In other words, he has to be a Threat first and he can only do so if we make plays for him.That worked with Dampier with Nick Van Excel. Big Men tend to play lost,lazy and unmotivated if they dont get their touches early Right now he is just a utility guy. If that’s his role, then I would have settled with MPietrus – Joe Smith or Brian Cardinal. .

    Last but not the least, I believe the Warriors will create a bigger impact this year (Despite of the tight race in the West) not just by instinct alone because They like to play together as a team and they are different team in the playoffs.

    Sure the Lakers have gotten better and is more stronger than the Warriors, but their chemistry is the question. Do they like to play as a team? Laker Dramas tend to erupt at this time of the year. I know Odom and Bryant don’t like each other.

    What LA did to beef up their squad is nothing new. Remember Portland with Sabonis, Wallace, Pippen, Steve Smith and Damon Stoudamire? How about Houston with Barkley, Olajuwon, Pippen and Drexler? Not too long ago, the Lakers had Malone, Payton, Kobe and Shaq… Look at the Celtics now, all of a sudden they play very vulnerable.

    Most if not all of these Built up teams have failed in the past.

    If there’s anything I would like to point out with this, It’s that Team that LIKE to play together, have fun and have strong reasons to prove themselves and personal redemptions among the few reasons, always succeed. Teams like Detroit, San Antonio, Phoenix, Dallas, New Orleans, Cleveland, and Utah.

    And from this arguement, We are not far off. Im still celebrating the success we had over Dallas last year… Liking to play together as a team can be very contagious. It sets positive precedents too.

    And aside from the fact that the team is fun to watch and is having fun playing together, their desire to redeem their reputations is also strongly evident in their performances. Chris Mullin once thought to be too raw as a GM and is about to lose his job, Baron Davis, once reputed as lazy and uncoachable, Monta, an undersized, high school kid nobody took a chance on, Stephen Jackson, Well, no need to mention… Azubique and Watson, “D” leaguers, MP, his deserved playing time, Barnes, nobody wanted him before… Chris Webber with his erratic waltz with Nellie in the past. I guess from the owner down to the last personell, This team have something to say, and prove. And in all likelihood, they will.