Time for Wright is Now

It’s kind of hard to go against Nellie, though I think he makes a lot of questionable decisions, dare I say some bad decisions. Still, the dude knows what he’s doing, and there have been a lot of times where he’s dead on, so there is reason for reserve when questioning his moves. Though I may not always agree with his reasoning, he usually has a pretty logical reason.
This, though, I can’t get past. I’ve tried to give him the benefit of the doubt, but it just doesn’t make any sense. Nellie: PLAY BRANDAN WRIGHT.
With Andris out, with the Webber experiment yawning along, there is no excuse for Wright not to play. I’m not even on the “play the youngsters” kick, as I’d be perfectly fine with not seeing Belinelli and Kosta on the court this year (though I don’t understand why C.J. isn’t play. He does well almost every time he’s in). But Wright, he’s different. He can be a factor now. And he’s not as much of a liability as the other youngsters.
Wright has the athleticism, the motor and the skills to contribute something the Warriors need right now. Why is his mistakes less tolerable than Stephen Jackson’s telegraphed crossover or Matt Barnes’ failed Magic Johnson imitations or Mickael Pietrus tap dancing on the out-of-bounds line? If you can bring Webber along, you can certainly bring Wright along, because he has way more life in his legs.
I’m not saying run Wright out there for 30 minutes. But he’s good enough to play 15 to 20. I’d settle for 10. And not with four other hardly used reserves, either.
Whne you think about it, the Warriors have talent on the bench. Half of them have had their confidence sapped by Nellie’s whimsical rotation. But for the most part, some of these dudes can play. Azubuike was a starter. He can play. Pietrus and Barnes can play (when they’re under control). Wright can play.
Even Patrick O’Bryant can play. Kinda. He’s slow. He’s soft. But he has offensive skills. In the right situation, such as last night against the bigger Hawks, he can give you something inside. At the very least, he could put Josh Childress in his place with a bony elbow to the chest. You might as well milk POB for what you can. He’s going to leave town in two months having made nearly $5 million off the Warriors.
All they need is the removal of the fear that one mistake will end their stint. Look how comfortable Wright was last night knowing that he was going to play. With his length and athleticism and skill set, he can’t help but make an impact. All he needs his mental under control, and he’s going to give you something — without causing you to lose.
Since the Warriors didn’t pull off a trade, they can still make a move that adds to the team. They can potentially get that spark they need, that boost past Denver and/or Houston.

Marcus Thompson

  • Oldfan

    Marcus you make some of the best points I’ve read yet about playing Brandon..

    I’ve always wondered why a vet could make the same mistakes ten-fold as a rookie, yet Nellie will tolerate the vets mistakes!

    “Half of them have had their confidence sapped by Nellie…” Absolutely…the rooks have to look over their shoulder if they make any mistke, because they know they’ll be yanked. I forget the game, but POB played a bad 90 seconds the last time he played & he hasn’t been seen since. 90 stinking seconds after not playing for serveral games!

    Finally once Brandon gets his “Mental under control” he’s going to take off…Monta blew-up after he broke through when he got his confidence going. When Brandon gets more aggressive & confident watchout…He needs the coaches trust & confidence to do that!

    Nellie’s crediblitly has taken a hit with his handling of Wright…

  • zgreat

    Really, I think Wright should have been playing regularly as a back-up beginning earlier this season.
    We’ve seen Wright play just as many quality minutes at the 4 spot as MP in fewer minutes.

  • commish

    This blog entry is long overdue. Additionally, I would suggest Nellie find minutes for POB and take some minutes from Barnes and Pietrus, both of whom are having really suckie years. Nellie’s stubborness is the bain to this team’s longer term ability to grow and compete. I’m sure our lowly opinions won’t change his stubborness, but at least we can put it out there.

  • AJ

    One of the reasons the Lakers are doing so well (besides the Gasol trade) is because Jackson plays Farmar, Vujacic, and Turiaf. He let those guys make their mistakes earlier in the year. Now they are part of the rotation and they contribute enormously!

    I always said Azibuke should be getting 20 minutes a game. Nellie should be playing Baron and Jax – 35 minutes a game and let the other guys contribute. He will burn Baron and Jax out this year! Now that Biedrens is out – play POB! He might be soft but he might block a shot or two

  • manhattanproj

    a lot of coaches dont play rooks. i understand to some degree and don’t understand to some degree. but i’m with you on this one. with andris out, wright should play.

    webber is dragging the team down. since he’s in the lineup, the w’s have been very very very bad out of the gate. i wonder what’s his +/- is. his lack of mobility, transitional defense, and out of area rebounding outweigh his passing.

    he brought life to the w’s when he entered the hawks game. he’s going to have a hard time defending pf but webber isn’t doing any better. at least his activity level makes up for some of his mistakes.

  • David Barnes

    I still remember opening night from 2007 against the Lakers when Turiaf’s energy really got the Lake Show going big time. When Wright threw down on Friday night against the Hawks the crowd went nuts. That’s something that seems to happen every time he gets on the floor and one of the reason they gave up on J-Rich so why doesn’t he play more? Because he has a bad practice? We really talking practice here?I love Nellie for what he brought but on Friday we got killed on the boards and there was no reason not to try POB or Kosta or something…

  • petaluman

    FWIW, slow starts have been a season long problem, especially at home. I don’t think you can blame Webber for that.

    However, he’s still getting into shape. There are teams he’s not going to match up well against now, and maybe forever. There are teams where he will help. I actually thought he played very good D against KG, holding position better than Andris. Of course, he may never again be as good at guarding an area as Biedrins – he simply doesn’t have the foot speed.

  • Bayarea Bob

    Nellie said BWright has been working hard, he definitely looks like he knows what he’s doing out there, right now atleast, but I really doubt he knew all the plays at the beginning of the season, or knew where to be ALL the time, he’s a rook. I’m not gonna falt Nellie for not playing him from Day 1. Its February now, Biedrins misses his first game and BW got 28 mins, this is great. IF Brandan gets a DNP the next game then its time to get on Nellie for it.

  • Oldfan

    If Brandon gets a DNP when everyones healthy…then its time to get on Nellie…

  • Wilson

    Notice how Brandan inhaled rebounds the first few minutes he was in, then played okay but not like in the beginning? That’s the game time conditioning he lacks because of not getting any playing time earlier in the year. And the positioning he still is somewhat confused about is the result of not experiencing game speed, getting burned and learning from his mistakes. Nelson has it good when he obviously has screwed up by not playing Wright, Belinelli, POB, and even Perovic to find out whether these guys can handle game day pressure – but apologists always see a method in his madness. Some of us just see madness. A few minutes here and there in the first half of games would have been extremely unlikely to affect the final result, and we might now have one or two players who can contribute a lot more than Pietrus and Barnes have this year.

    Belinelli in particular is intriguing to me. Because of the drives of Baron and Monta, teams tend to collapse a lot, play zone, and dare the Warriors to shoot from outside. Both Baron and Monta have great passing ability off their drives, so the Warriors will always be able to get a lot of open threes. But we don’t have a premiere three point shooter, just a bunch of average at that distance. By the way, our best is Azubuike, who can’t get much playing time, and I suspect that CJ Watson would also be excellent on the basis of his NBDL numbers. Belinelli might also turn out to be the great three point man we need. But even though a lot of the Warrior game plan involves three point shooting, several who may be our best can’t get on the floor.

  • manhattanproj

    Just think about it, one more pick, and the w’s could have gotten sean williams instead of belnelli. sean williams looks like a decent pf/center prospect in the mold of tyson chandler. athletic shot blocker and rebounder, exactly what the w’s need right now.

  • Geoff Lepper

    Don’t forget: Nelson gave up his guarantee on next season’s money, so he has all the incentive in the world to win now — thus convincing the W’s to pick up the ’08-’09 option — rather than worrying about developing players for the distant future.

    — Geoff

  • SC Warriors Fan

    I think you are correct on all fronts in this blog, especially the part about distroying the confidence of the young guys. Think about O’Bryant for a minute. The day after he has his best game as a pro (the 2nd Clipper game), the Warriors sign Mbenga (a former Nelson player at Dallas), and Mbenga immediately moves ahead of O’Bryant in the rotation. Mbenga had like one practice to prove himself, no way any coach can say he earned it by practicing better after one practice. Talk about messing with a young players mind.

    I have a theory about Nelson and big men. He has no use for traditional back to the basket low post bigs. I say this for 2 reasons. 1. In all his years in coaching, he has never developed a big man with those skills. 2. When he did have one with the Knicks in New York (Patrick Ewing), its been reported that Nelson went to Ewing and tried to diminish his role in the offense. Ewing balked at the idea, and that started Nelson’s demise in New York.

    I think Nelson wants a Bill Russell type of center. By that I mean that he wants a guy who has limited offensive game in the post, but gets all his points of of offensive rebounds and a slash to the basket. And most of all, he wants a center who will bring all his focus on defense, with a knack for cleaning up the messes of his teammates. This is the exact discription of what Bill Russell was as a player. Limited offensive ability, but a superior defender and rebounder who could handle the put back. Biedrins and Mbenga fall into this mold to some extent, O’Bryant does not.

    I think Nelson is a great coach. I think he will go down in NBA history as the greatest coach never to win a championship. And when all is said and done, his unwillingness to use a low post big man will be the reason why.

  • richard

    Wright should start with Baron, Jackson, Ellis and Beidrens. He’s the best power forward on the team.

  • The Time is Wright!

  • Jaysohn

    Do you remember Bob Lanier? Do you remember Nellie’s Milwaukee Bucks teams of the 80’s? Those were very good traditionally built teams, with Moncrief, Pressey and Lanier that just couldn’t get past Boston or Philadelphia. Nellie didn’t become this crazy small ball wizard until Run TMC. I wish Nellie would adapt again to allow his bench to contribute. The way he has coached the young players has really been puzzling. Azubuike starts the season in place of Jackson and I thought had a solid showing. But his minutes have evaporated as the season has gone on. Wright, POB and Kosta have a solid game one night and don’t play again. Yet Barnes, Mbenga and Webber do. Nellie picks up CJ Watson, he plays well in a few games and then nothing. I just don’t get it. What does he have to lose by at least playing these guys some in the first halves of games. Like someone else mentioned look what Jackson has done with getting minutes out of the young players on his bench. Wright should have been getting 5 – 10 minutes a game.

  • Bayarea Bob

    People seem to forget that POB got the start for the 2nd half against the Lakers and he was BRUTAL. the Lakers went on a 8-0 run in like 45 secs. He got an opportunity and he flat out was not ready to play, and thats a no-no with Nellie. BW makes the most of it when they call his number. So please don’t mention POB and Wright in the same sentence, its insulting to Brandan.

  • CO_GSW_fan

    I have to agree about getting Wright more minutes, and it looks like Nellie is starting to consider it more (hence Brendan’s second start of the season last night).

    I just don’t get why people are arguing for POB minutes. I would give Marco and Kosta playing time before POB. Especially since the former 2 will be with the team beyond this season, and POB will not. I must say, though, that I think he will be decent player on another team. He’s just not a good fit for this Warriors team.