Warriors in Need of a Rout

The last time the Warriors had a game decided by 15 points or more was Jan. 31 against Charlotte (127-96). Before that, Jan. 19 vs. Milwaukee (119-99). That’s not good considering they have played 10 below .500 teams in 2008 (not counting Sacramento, a rivalry game).
Since coach Don Nelson isn’t going to use his reserves to rest his players, then the Warriors need to take advantage of the scrubs on their schedule and register some routs. Because, assuredly, the key players – specifically Baron and Jackson – won’t have much left for March and April.
Tonight’s game against Philly, who is in the hunt for a playoff spot out East, is a great opportunity to get the starters some rest. Philly is athletic and young, but the Warriors are better. If they bring their A game, the Warriors win by 20 easy. Patrick O’Bryant and Marco Belinelli are logging 8-10 fourth-quarter minutes. If they jive around, as usual, Baron will put in another 40-minute night, further wearing the tread on his tires.
More than ever, the Warriors need to start putting these garbage teams away. After Sunday, they have a four-game road trip that features three scrubs: Atlanta, Charlotte and Miami. They need to win those games by a combined 60 points, saving their key players for a big game against Orlando. It may not be enough to just win. The Warriors need to start smashing on these less-than opponents. Jax and Baron especially can use a fourth quarter or two on the bench.

Marcus Thompson

  • itsagreattimeout

    Marcus, what do you think about picking up Sam Cassell or Jeff McInnis?

  • Bayarea Bob

    Picking up Sam would be an awesome move. He can shoot it, pass it, score down low, and help finish games. He is exactly the type of guy we need in the playoffs. Right now we have Baron and MOnta basically playing all 48 mins at guard spots, Sam gives us a sick three man rotation. Too bad Mully isn’t smart enough to pull it off though.

  • Wes

    who says Mullin’s inability to pick up Cassell has anything to do with intelligence!? I’m sure if he was given the ok in terms of finances he would make the move. (That’s also an assumption that Cassell would choose the Warriors over other contending teams)

  • petaluman

    Cassell is not looking for a paycheck; he’s looking for a ring. Why do you these late season signings of solid vets always end up going to the elite teams?

    We’ve gained enough respect to be able to pick up Croshere (a Mavs reject), Webber (Detroit), and Hudson (needed to prove himself). If we can sustain our competitiveness for a couple more years, we’ll start attracting more highly regarded role players.

  • petaluman

    BTW, Marcus – good call on the 76ers game!

    We have a better shot at picking up a Tyronn Lue, Jeff McInnis, or Flip Murray, but even they will first check out the Spurs, Suns, Mavs, Lakers, Celtics, Pistons…

    We also have a full roster, so any pick up has to include waiving someone. Given our circumstances as a young, improving team, we might be better off looking for a a player to audition for the future, rather than a vet that’s past his prime.

  • Marcus


    I don’t think Sam and Baron would be good together. Sam is a teaching type of PG (what is he going to tell Baron?). Plus, he’s too good to not play. The Ws just need someone to spell Baron. Cassell is a game closing type of PG.
    I don’t know about McInnis. He’s a good player, but how will he feel about 10 to 15 minutes per night, none in the fourth quarter?

  • Marcus

    Love it how the Warriors win comfortably, yet Jackson plays 40, Ellis plays 39 minutes and Baron 37-plus.

  • Geoff Lepper

    All the Sam Cassell talk is moot because he has his heart set on Boston. Even if another team was crazy enough to put in a waiver claim (putting themselves on the hook for a little less than $2 million), I doubt he’d report.

    Honestly, I don’t think the Warriors are seriously considering adding a guard. Nelson has made it clear with his decisions to this point that he’s going to run Baron, Jack and Monta out there for 40 minutes a night, every night, until the season ends.

    Why pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to bring in a guy who’s going to get 8 minutes, tops? Is he going to do significantly more than C.J. Watson — who would have to be released to make room on the roster — can accomplish with the same playing time? Probably not.

    — Geoff

  • Al from the Town

    Wright- 12 points and seven rebounds. He should have had more PT. Not only would he increase his career high night, but the defense under the basket was nice. C’mon Nellie!

  • dareedle

    We have had a really bizarre schedule with a lot of 5-6 game breaks so 40 minutes for our top guards isn’t too bad. For the most part our guard tandem has been injury free, they aren’t rookies or unproven (like Rajon in Boston) and Nellie (not playing for the future) is putting all his chips in a cut throat Western Conference. If we had some more back-to backs I guess he might find a way to give his starters some rest.

  • Wes

    Petamula…Agreed! that’s exactly what I was trying to allude to with my statement within the parathesis.(regarding certain players choosing title contenders)

    On another point, I was actually hoping Nelson would begin to use his youngsters a little more in spurts, in an attempt to rest the vets.

  • James

    Brandan Wright is freakishly long… we’re talking about scratching your knees while standing long. Keep in mind folks, he has a .5 inch shorter wingspan than Durant and 1″ shorter than the 7 footer Oden. This kid is going to be great.

  • Derek

    Brandon Wright looks great, now if Nellie would give Buki, Barnes minutes we’ll be fine.

    Buki plays hard and smart, Barnes was a one year wonder. Barnes needs to only attempt to score as a last resort. His offensive game is lame.

    MP is playing well, which is good to see. He still plays super dumb, but he does play hard.