Knee problem for Webber

I commented to Tim Kawakami in the Oracle Arena media room Sunday afternoon that my one concern with writing about the improvements in Chris Webber’s game was the fact that things might turn 180 degrees at any moment.


After a first half Sunday night in which he clearly struggled, Webber did not come out after intermission because of soreness in his left knee, the same one that gave way in 2003, eventually requiring microfracture surgery.

The team didn’t have much in the way of details — “sore left knee” was as much as we got in the locker room — but Webber said he wants to get an MRI as soon as possible. It’s not clear if the team can get that done before its scheduled departure at 10 a.m. Monday, or if Webber might stay behind to see the doctors and catch up with the team later.

With Andris Biedrins already out, if Webber is unavailable in Atlanta, Don Nelson will have few options in the middle: go small with Al Harrington or Austin Croshere, or go big with oft-inactive Patrick O’Bryant or Kosta Perovic. I’d expect the former rather than the latter, which should insure that Brandan Wright will continue to start for the foreseeable future at power forward.

I’ve been skeptical of the notion that the Warriors, with 15 guaranteed contracts, would sign another player, since many of the guys available are not clearcut improvements over what Golden State already has. But if Webber’s pain is a significant injury, I think they have to give further serious consideration to that idea.

As for Sunday’s game, the thing that stood out the most for me was the fact that seven players scored in the fourth quarter. I can’t remember the last time Golden State had that kind of diversity down the stretch of a game where the outcome was still in doubt.

— Geoff

Geoff Lepper

Geoff Lepper has covered the Warriors since 2005 for the Oakland Tribune and Contra Costa Times. Before that, he covered baseball and college sports for the Marin Independent Journal.

  • itsagreattimeout

    Thanks for the update! Please keep us posted as you find out more!!

  • manhattanproj

    if w’s can find watson and buke from the d-league, arent there a big man worthy of a shot in the d-league? or are most big men snatched up already?

  • jim

    The numbers of players who have seen significant minutes in the past two games, along with the results of the fourth quarter last night and Wright’s good performances, give me a lot of comfort that the Warriors might have the stamina to fight through this playoff race without totally wiping themselves out in the effort.

    Looking forward to seeing Biedrins and Wright play together. Fitzgerald suggested last night that Biedrins might be back on the road trip. Is that possible?

  • WallMurr

    This would be a blessing for the Warriors. They need to get a rotation set for the playoffs, sans Webber. It’s true that he’s a veteran, but even in his prime he had no track record of leading teams in playoff runs. Let Jackson and Baron lead, watch Monte explode and give Wright and Kelenna a chance to go through the school of hard knocks that is the playoffs (assuming they make it in.) Nobody should be fooled into thinking this team can win more than one playoff series at most. But next year they could really turn into something if they do the necessary development this season.

  • commish

    Nothing against Webber’s well being, but I hope this opportunity gives Nellie the ability to save face and let Webber fade back into oblivion. Although Webber was getting a little better as he played himself into shape, I would infinitely rather see a starting rotation of Wright and Beans than Beans and Webber. I don’t think Nellie’s ego would allow him to say he made a mistake by signing Webber, let alone starting him. So let Webber mend his knee and find some minutes after Wright, Harrington and Croshere in that order of our “bigs”. To me this is a blessing in disguise and I hope Nellie just sucks it up and let our younger and more athletic players do their thing.

  • manhattanproj

    where’s chris taft? how’s his back is doing. i’m sure he can be of some help on the boards.

  • EJ

    The Warriors are 7-3 over the past 10, with better road records than Dallas, Denver and Utah. Can’t forget to mention they’ve beaten the Spurs TWICE this season and if the playoffs started today that would be their first round match up. Monta Ellis is ballin out of mind. Pietrus and seldom used Brandan Wright have stepped up in Andris’ absence.

    Question for Marcus or Geoff:

    Are the Rockets better without Yao? The ball seems to be hopping around more and their defense has been pretty awesome since he’s been out. Does their 16 game winning streak speak of the type of team they really are or is it an aberration and just a case of getting hot and gaining momentum?

  • manhattanproj

    well, the rockets have been playing pretty soft competition. they are definitely not better without yao.

  • James

    You guys plan on updating anytime soon???