Houston’s Killing Me

I’m thinking I should stop waiting for this team to fall off the map.
I just watched the Rockets blow out Dallas. They look good. They’re sharing the ball. They are knocking down shots. They’ve got some young hustlers who don’t mind doing dirty work.
Not having Yao practically kills their chance of reaching the Finals, but apparently his absence won’t stop them in the regular season. They are playing faster without Yao, which takes advantage of their athleticism and works well in the regular season. Not too sure if it will work in the regular season, when Rafer Alston’s decision making will be critical and players like Carl Landry and Luis Scola will have their weaknesses picked at.
How does Houston’s never-ending streak effect the Warriors? Hard to tell. I guess we’ll see. But I think the Warriors need to get the six seed to have the best chance of advancing (they have no chance in the first round against the Lakers and the Spurs, who are starting to separate themselves). Dallas (No. 7) and Phoenix (No. 6) are falling fast, so maybe the Warriors can overtake one of those teams. Because it doesn’t look as if they’ll catch Houston.

Marcus Thompson