Next Year’s Back-up Point?

A story today in the Chicago Sun Times has Chicago Bulls PG Chris Duhon – the one who set his career high at Oracle Arena not too long ago – said he likely won’t be back with the Bulls next season.
I have long been enamored with Duhon as the perfect back-up to Baron. He is a true point guard who defends, and his outside shot is improving. There was a concern about how a solid back-up might stunt the growth of Monta, who was penciled in as the back-up PG. However, that isn’t an issue anymore because Monta is a bonafide starter.
If I’m the Warriors, I’m picking him up this offseason. Duhon hasn’t even played since the Bulls got Larry Hughes. He skipped practice for the Duke-UNC game. You know he’s a goner. It makes you wonder if the Warriors could have gotten him for relatively nothing before the deadline.
Nonetheless, taking the moment to look ahead a bit, Duhon is the answer at back-up PG. He’s good enough for Nellie to be confident resting Baron, but not good enough to create issues about him being the starter. The Warriors can even keep C.J. Watson around as the third point guard, giving him more time to develop.

Marcus Thompson

  • EJ

    i’ve always liked duhon. i remember him winning the 3 point contest in high school and in college. for some reason his shot has gotten away from him a bit. he’s a guy that could definitely be a floor leader, and that’s something we’re lacking from the reserves. would the mid-level amount be able to land him?

    marcus, for some reason i can’t see harrington as a warrior next season. he isn’t really fitting into that “gunner” role that nellie has envisioned. is it a possibility that he’s moved before the draft? mike miller for al, straight up? the salaries work and harrington’s contract would expire after next season which would work for memphis’ rebuilding process. i think that would make us an elton brand away from being a real contender for next season without mortgaging the future.

  • Stee in Concord

    Chris Duhon would certainly be a nice addition next year with CJ around for added depth. Also, When Perovic was sent to the D-League last week it looked like a demotion. In retrospect, the fact that it occurred at the same time Webber’s knee flared up, coupled with Kosta’s quick recall after two very effective games invites some re-evaluation. Could it be that the W’s were contemplating the end of
    the Webber experiment and Kosta’s D-League trip was to get him some meaningful (35 min. per game) minutes of court time? That Perovic’s play in just two games was convincing enough to bring him back quickly while Webber is still MIA and Beans is still not yet 100%. Also the news that Nelsons contract was just picked up for next year lets Nellie know that he doesn’t have to “go for broke” this year. It also tells Nelson he has to start thinking about next season and to start to develope his big men–Beans, Wright, and Perovic toward that end. But who are the Warriors “developing” POB for? Why not just release him and give another D-Leaguer a 10 day contract? They might just find another Azibuke or CJ Watson.

  • PhillyJ

    Duhon?! No way. We don’t need him. CJ Watson is good enough to spot BD 10 min or so. Duhon is like Eric Snow or Kevin Ollie–no talent.

  • commish

    Marcus, you didn’t address how much Duhon would cost us. Have you made an analysis of how much money the Dubs will have after presumably signing Beans and Monta along with our other known obligations? Of all our unmet needs, is a backup point guard the highest priority? And who do you think we will draft–won’t that effect any free agency signing as well? Signing Duhon might be the right thing but I think the larger issues have to be addressed before making a move like that in the abstract.

  • goingforthemoney.com

    Duhon would be a nice piece, however I must reiterate that the W’s need,better yet must focus on a move to get a power forward. They are one quality low post player away from becoming a legitimate contender. like EJ said Elton Brand would be a good fit. Take it from me, the W’s don’t need to tinker around with the roster, they just need to make a bold move and go for the gusto. Don’t forget the league is littered with interchangable parts that can fit in with the W’s in the 2 or 3 position. It is entirely different to find mobile big body. Peace Out and keep faith. WE BELIEVE!

  • Marcus

    Calm down, people.
    Obviously, the Warriors need a big man. But why wait for Duhon — provided the Warriors want him — to sign elsewhere? Based on a pipe dream?

    Elton Brand, in all likelihood, will be staying with the Clippers. He may not play this year. If he does, he assuredly won’t look good. Based on that, what’s more likely: A) He opts out of $16.4 million and test the market, despite having not played in a year; or, B) he stays in Los Angeles, signs an extension with the Clippers (who can offer him the most money), who are pledging to rebuild around him?
    If not Brand, who is the big guy you want to hold up the whole show for? Chris Wilcox? Jermaine O’Neal? If someone comes available, sure, go after him. But until that guy becomes available, why not structure the team based on reality. Whether CJ is capable or not, Nellie isn’t playing him. He doesn’t have the confidence in CJ to let him run the show. Even when he does play, he plays with Baron or in garbage time. Maybe Nellie will have confidence in Duhon and Baron can actually sit down sometimes.


    Duhon is not a bank-breaker. He made $3.2 million this season. He’ll be doing good to get that again. With the kind of money Ellis and Beans will get, Duhon’s change won’t make a difference.


    I agree. I don’t see Al sticking around, unless Nellie changes his vision for Al – which ain’t happening. He’s kind of expensive for a gunner anyway.

  • zgreat

    While I agree that Duhon could be a nice fit, I can’t seem him signing with us. Duhon should be in the prime of his career and I would guess that he’d prefer to sign with a team where he has the best chance of getting 25 to 30 minutes a game. I don’t think he’d be happy with the Warriors getting 15 minutes a game behind Baron.

  • manhattanproj

    it depends on who the w’s draft…if there’s a good pg in the draft like collison or mayo, i think it makes more sense to draft a young pg rather than signing duhon. he can be davis replacement in the long term.

    signing duhon is more or less a stopgap move. and really, is nelly going to play duhon? so why not groom a young pg if w’s can land one in the draft.

    but if w’s go big in the draft, then duhon may be a good alternative.

    blog question: do you see harrington going to the bulls for a package of sefolosha, tyrus thomas, and joakim noah? or maybe a package of resigned duhon, sefolosha, and noah? there was some talks that the bulls wanted harrington before the deadline. with hughes and gooden, sefolosha and noah/thomas become expendable.

  • Dr Scott

    Chris Duhon would be great a long as he can defend 2’s so that Monta can continue to cover the opposing point guards at times and they can switch everything ..which seems to be a defensive strength.

    Love the Mike Miller for Harrington vision. Miller is a much more consistent shooter than Al is and surley would be energized by joining the W’s. E Brand would be great, however you are talking about trading within the division to get a star. I would be really be interetsed to see what that proposed trade would look like ?

    How about Brandon Wright and Biedrins really commit themselves to the weight room and gaining weight. Add strength to their athleticism, length and finishing around the basket and you have champion ship calber big men. There are plenty of legal supplements that can get it done for those willing to work at it. Add some daily rigatoni to the mix and the W’s are there !

  • GregC

    I’d like to see an upgrade of Al Harringtion also, but he also plays a couple of crucial roles in the Don Nelson Scheme:

    The Rod Higgins role. Al is the guy who gets the thankless job of guarding the teams starting center when the warriors go small. He also shoots the 3 thus clearing the lane of the opposing center.

    The Tom Tolbert role. Al bears the brunt of Nelson’s wrath for the entire team;sometimes deserved, sometimes not. Nelson can’t alway yell at Baron or Jackson, but he sure can yell at Al.