Nellie Up to his Old Tricks?

What was the first thing you thought when you heard Nellie’s wait-until-the-offseason response to the Warriors’ picking up the team option for next season? If you’re like me, you thought “Here we go, again.”
Maybe I’m just a hopeless cynic, maybe I’m reading too much into it, but this has hold out written all over it. He pulled out all the stops — age, wife, difficulty of the job. Sounds like Nellie has his sights set on more than $5.1 million. He’s laying the ground work for another pay-raise demand. If the Warriors make a deep playoff run, better believe Nellie’s going to want $7M instead of the $5M. The Warriors’ early announcement that they were picking up the option only suggested they need Nellie more than Nellie needs them – which is all the leverage Nellie needs.
Why would Nellie fight tooth-and-nail for a raise and for a guaranteed third year only to say “let me think about it” months later? Why should anyone believe it is really about his health when he cried health last time and it was clearly about the money?
His concerns are, on their own, legitimate. He’s up there in age, his health isn’t the greatest and coaching this team is indeed a tough job. But when has Nellie ever laid all his cards out on the table? He always has an angle, a money card stashed somewhere, a master plan in the works. Don’t be surprised.

Marcus Thompson

  • Joe

    Nellie Pays Poker with Willie Nelson. He is a brilliant and shrewd strategist as a coach, a motivator and a business man. Angle? I’ll quote Kenny Rogers over Willie on this one, the man knows when to hold em’ and knows when to fold em’ When to walk away (and when leaving a franchise) knows when to run.

  • Ray

    Nellie will be back next year. He will also have Gilbert Arenas as his point guard next year. Baron if he opts out will be shown the door or traded to Charlotte for something. There are other teams who would take him too, Cleveland maybe, but in the east.

    Gilbert fits in well with what Nellie wants to do, and Ellis can play alongside him. Arenas is younger than Baron, and much atheletic with same type of head on both.

    Wright should also help next year with some bulk and look for the warriors to get a Wilcox type player. They could also trade Wright for an Elton Brand type player if they don’t think highly of Wright.

    So, Nellie will be back next year with Arena’s.

  • AJ

    Ray – wow – I’ve been thinking that for a while. That would be great to get Agent Zero back. It would be hard to see Baron go – he’s the heart of this team. However, getting Agent Zero would more than satisfy the fan base.

  • Maestro

    I’m sorry but that is just stupid. Arenas is not coming here. Baron won’t opt out this year, no one is going to pay him more than $17 mil. It just ‘aint going to happen.

    And I have to disagree that Arenas fits in. He and Monta are way too similar. Undersized 2 guards trapped in point guards bodies that have score-first mentalities. Baron makes this team better in ways Arenas just can’t. And the last two years, who has been more injury prone—Davis or Arenas?

    As long as we can resign Monta, adding a player like Arenas would be counterproductive. If Baron leaves at some point, our best option would be to find a good distributor to pair with the prolific scoring of Ellis.

  • Ray

    Arenas can do things and is bold enough to be what Baron is.

    Arenas is 6’4, 215 Ibs Listed.
    Davis is 6’3, 215 Ibs Listed.

    If Arenas and Ellis are undersized, then so are Davis and Ellis. We see how that is working out. I would love to be undersized with Arenas and Ellis, just as you say and based on what you say, today, Baron and Ellis are undersized, Maestro

    Baron won’t opt out, but that doesn’t mean the warriors can’t trade him. What about after next year. Its so easy to go find a good distributor to pair in the NBA with Ellis.

    The worst mistake the warriors ever made was not trade Joe Smith for Jason Kidd when that was offered.

    You have to think beyond what has happened, beyond tomorrow and beyond next year. Nelson would move Davis is a second for Arenas, I would be all for it, and Arenas has the same fire Baron does, and he is overall a better point guard.

  • Maestro

    Ray, as a point guard Arenas has great size. But he’s not a point. If anything proves how poor of a facilitator he is, it’s been Washington’s success without him. They move the ball much better with him out. We all saw that when they came in here and almost creamed us. Now, I am not saying they are better off w/o him, but he is more of shooting guard than a natural point, like Baron. Has Arenas ever had a 15 ast/1 TO game in his entire career? I’m willing to bet not. His main strength is scoring, not playing floor general. Monta in time will be even better than Arenas.

    I bet if you had to ask Nelly who he’d rather have running his show he’d say Baron in a heartbeat, provided he’s healthy. Baron can also be an elite defender when he wants to, something Arenas has yet to demonstrate.

    What is this Kidd/Smith trade you’re talking about? I never heard about that.

  • Ray

    Its when the warrior team was being blown up? How long have you been a warriors fan. I am only 30, but I remember the day we traded Richmond for Owens. Anyway, after all was done and we had Joe Smith and Sprewell, at that time, we had an offer for Joe Smith when Dallas was being blown up. It was Joe Smith for Jason Kidd straight up. We didn’t want to, because we thought Joe had more potential and was a building block. We didn’t want two guards to start with. No vision and bad talent evaluation.

    Leads to my next point again. You answered it, vision, Ellis will be a point guard. He is better teamed with Arenas. Yes, both Arenas and Davis are head cases, but I would rather have Arenas, I see much advantages with him. He gives the warriors just as much as Davis and a better future.

  • commish

    I know I am in a minority but I am tired of Nellie. This is the guy who told us Webber was the second coming at a time when he could barely ramble up and down the court. Nellie is all about mis-direction and mind games. Give me a straight shooter and let Nellie walk if he chooses to play hard ball.

  • JustPuked

    Great pick up on Ellis starting to drift on his jump shot. I noticed him do that a few times in the Orlando game and it’s definitely a new element (not a good one). It’s really affected/ing his shot. Makes you wonder if it’s a fatigue indicator…

    Nellie IS a straight shooter. Ask his players. He tells them straight up what they need to hear. Now when he gets in front of the Media, that’s when he’ll take artistic license. I’d much rather a coach that’s honest with his players and lies out his hinny to the media than a guy like Larry Brown or Pitino that says whatever it takes in the short haul to his players and then “Tells it like it is” to the media and undercuts his players.

    Yes, Nellie has called out his players in the media as well but when the media get to them, instead of being shocked or offended like with other coaches, they invariably say, “That’s what Coach told me and he’s right.” Who the hell cares if the Coach is messing with his fans heads, as long as he has his players respect and makes the team better the song and dance is more than acceptable.

  • fantom

    I think they did it because season ticket deposits were due, and they wanted to generate a bit more excitement

  • lobo

    I am far more concerned about Mullie picking up and heading back to NY or NJ. The quietest guy in the room is the guy you gotta’ watch…and in this case it has has Chris written all over it. Stand by