Phoenix Loss Not All Bad

Finally got a chance to watch the Phoenix game. I was quite impressed with the Warriors performance. Yeah, I know they lost. But they didn’t get blown out. They played well for most of the game. They got less than stellar performances from key players.
And they only lost by eight, finishing off a back-to-back set on the road.
What I liked:
*Baron was unstoppable. I thought he was wearing down, but he still has some juice left, obviously. All he needs is motivation, which he’ll have down the stretch and in the playoffs, should they make it.
*The attention Ellis received. He didn’t have a good game, but he’s gotten good enough, especially against Phoenix, that they can’t just key on Baron. If Jax and Al are hitting as well, Phoenix can’t guard the Warriors
*I liked the way they played Shaq. Instead of sending a double-team, Nellie stayed with Shaq straight up. Smart move. Though Al – and anyone else on the Ws bench – are way undersized, it can work. Shaq isn’t as good as he used to be, plus the size difference is so exaggerated, there is a much better chance Shaq will drawn an offensive foul. No need to help Shaq by sending a double his way, which will open up the open looks for everyone else. Make him prove he can dominate.
It was enough to make me like the Warriors chances against Phoenix in the playoffs. They can win in Phoenix, and we know they can beat the Suns in Oakland. The Warriors would have to figure out something to do with Amare, who dominated way to easily. But they are good enough, and Phoenix has stepped back enough, that the Warriors can steal one or two in the Valley of the Sun.

Marcus Thompson

  • John


    I don’t think the W’s will face the Suns in the playoffs the way it looks now. What do you think? Also, I really feel these next three games against “inferior” opponents are a must win to give them a slight cushion for the tough ones coming up, but we all know how they play against these types of teams. Can’t go 2-1 and 1-2 would be devastating!!!!


  • Marcus

    I was just writing about that. Great minds think alike

  • commish

    I only have one question: why hasn’t Wright been given playing time, especially when no one could stop Amare. You have to give Pho their due because they played hard and well, especially Nash and Amare. But still, what is up with not playing Wright after his short and impressive series of games when he started?

  • Le

    I think our gameplan against Shaq worked against us. We got him in foul trouble and they had to remove him from the game. They were dreadful when Shaq was in and played at their comfort level when Shaq was out. Maybe next time, we should try something else.

  • Da

    we could’ve won that game if the we kept the lead up in the, i think 2nd-3rd quarter?