Kobe Whines Too Much

To be sure, I am a huge fan of Kobe’s game. I think he is the best player in the league, and it’s not as close as most think.
That said, it seems he is always complaining to the officials. Few players gets as many calls as Kobe (he is fourth in the league at free throw attempts — behind only Dwight Howard, Allen Iverson and LeBron James). And he has become the king of drawing fouls, and he gets a lot of B.O.D. despite his reputation.
Plus, Kobe is way too big of a star to be whining so much. The league has put in all these rules to rid the complaining, because it doesn’t like that image, and the biggest star in the league is one of the biggest offenders.
I really like Kobe as a player, and I think it’s to the detriment of his legacy. People already don’t like him. As much as his game makes him hard not to watch, the complaining only gives fuel to the fire.

Marcus Thompson

  • commish

    I can’t stand all “floppers” and the Lakers have several including Bryant, Rockstar, Fisher to some extent, and Walton. I really couldn’t stand Dunleavy and Murphy when they constantly did it, mostly to the amusement of refs who would blow off their feable attempts to get to the foul line. But Bryant brings his own unique sense of entitlement to his flops and as you point out, that is what is most irritating, especially when you consider the considerable number of no calls Jax, Harrington, Beans and Monta get (IMHO). So you have every right to raise this issue and hopefully, as Kobe’s game has matured over the last few years, so will his need to get ridiculously bad calls from the refs in his favor.

  • KJ

    How can you say Kobe whines too much have you watched the Warriors play have you ever seen “Jack” ever committ a foul which he thought was fair. While I agree that Kobe does complain to the refs I would also say that since people can’t defend him he has a lot of body contact from defenders. As for flopping and Kobe get real Kobe is not a flopper hell kobe don’t even take charges well, just look at those stitches. Reality is just sitting in for you Warrior fans. You realize that it took all your team has to play the Lakers close and they were missing two starters. Once Bynum and Gasol come back they will just throw it into the low post and dominate Biedrins and Wright and hey maybe Webber. Then the whining will continue and the Lakers will flop along their way in the playoffs.

  • Hollywood

    I follow the Warriors and the western conference very closely. That said, I watch a lot of Warrior games as well as a lot of Laker games. You’re an idiot if you don’t think Kobe get’s preferential treatment. Hell, the Lakers as a team get’s preferential treatment. I’ve lost count of the number of games I’ve watched over the years where I just gave up as a fan, shaking my head in disbelief, over all the bad calls that go in Kobe’s favor. I guess whining does pay off. He’s the best player in the league, but he really irks me when I see him play. Whine, whine, whine.

  • EJ

    Kobe has been one of my favorites, but his gripping has always gotten to me. It does tarnish his legacy a bit to see him complaining after every call or non-call. To me it’s just as bad as flopping. Most of it, though, has to do with educating the officials. You complain enough and you’re bound to get a call, especially if you’re in the pantheon of Kobe, Lebron, Wade, and Dirk. You put enough pressure on the refs, and they’re going to crack. A lot of it is the fault of the officiating, though. I’m not condoning the whining, but as long as these refs continue to give preferential treatment to superstars then why not continue to “lobby” to get your point across? Drawing a touch foul in the league these days is based more on reputation or seniority than it is on the actual infraction. Rookies get bullied all the time inside with grabbing and elbows, but put two hands on Kobe’s back on a post up and you get a really quick whistle. Wade falls all over the place all the time on his drives. Contact or not, he’s getting the call.

  • MJ

    You can’t compare Kobe to Dwade or Dirk. Kobe, as arrogant as he is, is a step above any other player. Nobody else, plays bboth sides… O and D the way Kobe does. Dwade or Dirk = B Davis not KOBE.

  • commish

    KJ,we were not talking about the Warriors but about Kobe. Jax, Harrington, Barnes and Davis are just out of control with their bitching. About ten games ago Nelson must have *finally* said something because it calmed down. I mean Jax was practically a walking techical and his stupid, gratituous pats on the refs butts when (in his opinion) made a good call was really fake.

    But, as I said, Marcus was posting about Kobe, who as he said, is this year’s MVP and who gets the benefits of calls right, left and center. For him to whine is ridiculously silly, especially compared to–at least IMHO–the really bad non-calls the Warriors get and don’t get.

  • jim

    Just for once I’d like to see Kobe get t’d up for doing what Jackson or Davis get t’d up for. When I can divorce Kobe’s game in my mind from his whining, bitchy, phony personality I really do appreciate it, but that’s a rare event.

  • Wes

    When watching just his game, it’s apparent that he is a great player. But I’m glad i’m not the only one who notices his smug face and constant complaining.

    Marcus, I meant to ask you if hypothetically B-Diddy never tore his acl in college and again in the pro’s, where his place would be among all point guards. To this day, I never saw a more explosive point guard like him in his college days at UCLA.

  • commish

    BTW, I’m on a family vacation and the game last night was not televised, but I heard Fisher mugged Monta and of course Monta got the foul called on him, all the while Kobe was literally hanging all over Baron so he couldn’t take the last shot. The disparity of foul calling against the Warriors is so unfair (coming from the perspective of a “homer”). I heard, but don’t know for sure, the refs review the calls of their games. I’m wondering why Nelson or Mully, assuming they haven’t, aren’t constantly complaining to my namesake David Stern about the disparity of calls that go against us.

  • Andy

    We got robbed by the refs.

  • EJ

    MJ, I wasn’t comparing Kobe’s game to Wade or Dirk’s. Just their place in the hierarchy of the league’s superstars. Kobe is obviously the most talented amongst the three.

    There were about 5 different fouls committed on that inbounds play by both teams. It was just odd that they’d call one at that point in the game, ESPECIALLY in overtime.

    They did get robbed by the refs. But when are they going to realize they can’t rotate off a shooter like Vujacic or Fisher? Those guys are in the game for one reason: to shoot the 3.

    Marcus, what’s going on with Matt Barnes? With Pietrus out it would’ve been nice for him to step up last night. Thank goodness for Azubuike. Barnes was a big part of this stretch last season. They going to need that 8th guy to beat Denver and Dallas later this month.

  • GSWFan24

    Close game, Warriors had their chances. The game wasn’t lost on the controversial play. The Warriors went to a zone to negate Kobe going one on one and beating them. This left other players like Sasha, Fisher and Odom floating in and out of the zone (in position to make plays). I agree that it sucks for such a good game to end like that. It should have been a double foul on Monta and Fisher and re take out the ball.

    They still needed to make the shot…even after that!

    Do the Lakers get a ton of calls in their favor though?…HELL YEAH!

  • EJ

    should’ve been a no call. a double foul would’ve made it a jump ball at mid-court, and that would’ve been bad with Beans already fouled out.

  • Andrew R,

    I absolutely agree Marcus — not only is Kobe an unbelievable whiner, but he and Phil set the tone for the rest of the team — even no-name flunkies like Farmar and Walton piss and moan after every single call against them. It’s the NBA fellas — people foul sometimes.

    It’s just that Kobe and Lakers seem to think their you-know-what doesn’t stink.

    P.S. That flop by Fisher was one of the biggest cheats that I’ve seen all season.

  • KJ

    It’s fine but don’t talk about Kobe if you can’t talk about the Warriors whining. We are in the bay so if you have opinions they should be mutual. Hell I can say Kobe is spoiled yes he complains but at least when he is mad he can be more less obvious about his anger. Look I am not trying to be a Warrior hater but they would have won last year if they didn’t lose their composure and that all started when they were whining about the refs. Everyone talks about Kobe but all the greats whined from Magic to Duncan. It’s just that you can’t get on Kobe for his team game this year so now he is a whiner. That being said just respect his game.

  • CapnJack

    Its not just Kobe, its the entire Lakers team. Every time Turiaf gets whistled, he’s giving the “Who, me?” gesture. Phil Jackson had to use a TO last night to prevent Vujacic from getting T’d up for arguing a foul called on him.

    I blame Phil Jackson with his mind game BS. He makes the team over in his image, and what you get are a bunch of whiny court lawyers, arguing for every single advantage and working the refs when they have a chance.


    If last night is any indication, I’d say the NBA refs are already “playoff ready” to be the 6th man on the court for the Lakers during their playoff push and beyond. Last night’s terrific game was ended by one of the worst calls in recent officiating memory, a “call” more befitting pro wrestling than the NBA. When a visiting player can basically pull and wrestle one of your star players down to the ground, and then your player gets called for a foul, on his home court….well, that is truly something special. And, another nice touch was that there was not even a nanosecond of conferring by the officials, including those closer to the play, to ascertain whether the correct call was made.

    Somewhere last night, Vince McMahon was having a laughing fit, saying to himself, “gee, even I couldn’t pull something this blatant off with three referees.”

  • JustPuked

    EJ, Barnes just hasn’t been playing well according to Nellie:

    -Q: Is there a chance Matt Barnes gets back into your main rotation?

    -NELSON: Like I told Matt, I think two people are playing better than him right now. I think Pietrus is playing better and I think Wright is playing better than Matt.

    He played a few minutes last night. He played ahead of these guys for three quarters of the season. I gave him every opportunity and tried to be fair and I think it’s quite clear the other guys are playing better than him right now.

    So he’ll have to take what he can get. I can’t promise him a rotation or a certain number of minutes. Like we say, you have to take crumbs when you’re not in the eight-man rotation. You take what’s there, you take what the coach gives you and you have to live with it.

    -Q: What’s the difference between this year and last for Matt?

    -NELSON: Just a good year and then a not-so-good year this year. I don’t know, a little of everything. There isn’t one thing you can say he’s not doing–he just did everything better last year.

    He’s had a great opportunity. I looked not too long ago and he was playing the same amount of minutes that he was playing last year. I have to make a decision and so I’ve made that decision.

    So Pietrus has been playing ahead of him and Wright as well if the match-up is good.

  • JustPuked

    Jackson gets into funks where he’s complains almost constantly. But he’s gotten away from that and he’s a much better player for it. He’s the worst offender on the Warriors by far. Still, he’s not even close to being in Kobe’s class as a whiner. Kobe could be the first player to be the MVP and MFW (Most Frequent Whiner) in the same year. Respect the game for sure, but the preferential treatment teams like the Lakers and players like Kobe get just tarnish the reputation of the NBA. NBA refs are by far the worst in professional sports. Bad calls happen, but they happen ALL THE TIME in the NBA.

  • KJ

    Just puked then you have to say you always hated the NBA because Jordan had the most famous no call in NBA history when he shoved off Byron Russell to make that jumper in the finals against UTAH. But unfortunatley to most fans Jordan could do no wrong. But honestly I wasnt a big Jordan fan and that was probably because I didnt like him beating my favorite teams, however reality has sat in and he was just good. same thing can be said for Kobe and the Lakers. While I understand that the call was big lastnight the reason why the Warriors are in 8th place is not because of the calls in the Lakers game, but it’s because they didn’t show up to play in Sac a couple of weeks ago. That just made me sick.

  • I couldn,t agree more. he,s one of the top 2,if not the worse,and is the best right now. but I can,t stand to watch him play. He is by far the biggest cry baby in the league. larry d. a warriors fan for 50+ yrs.

  • With his overall talent, he is very comparable with his “Airness,” Frankly, I think Kobe by a slight margin, got more skills… He shoots treys and dribbles the ball better.

    But He is not the better player than Jordan. Jordan is a leader while Kobe is a hater. Jordan never demanded great names for teammates, Kobe demands them with his endless pouting. He now got Gasol, who is also a whiner himself, yet they still could’nt figure out a clear identity for the team.

    Jordan never tanked a game. He wants the blame for the loss of a game. Kobe, In my opinion and observance, tanked games before, that’s why they lost the Championship to Detroit. Kobe scores 40 to 50 one night then he suddenly dips into single digit scores.

    Kobe can’t share the limelight, Jordan is secured of himself and makes it a point to his teammates that they do their best every game.

    Kobe is just going to be one Talented kid, but I really doubt if he will produce a championship.

  • manhattanproj

    kobe has 3 rings. if those dont count as “his” then jordan also hasn’t won a ring because he didnt get his 6s without pipen.

    and really, i like alots stars are whiners. paul pierce, d-wade, steve nash, amare, and so on and on. i guess it’s just the way it is these days.

    but man, the lakers are strong. great ball movement and pretty good defense. with pau and bynum, that makes their interior defense even stronger. kobe and fisher are good perimeter defenders. odom is as versatile as any players in this league. just look at the way they clamp down on the w’s in the 2nd half of both games, esp ellis. no wonder jackson said they are the team to beat. they can definitely hang with anyone out west.

  • Derek

    Matt Barnes has flat out played himself out of the rotation. I hate to see him with the ball in his hands. He can’t score to save his life. He has had trouble scoring around the rim and really bad from the outside. No hustle toward rebounding.

    It seems last years success went to his head and he lost his hustle/hunger, which was all he had. If he cannot regain both and/or realize that he is not a star, or even a mid level guy , he will be better served.

    Barnes was a scrapper who hustled and always tried outworking the opponent, then he became a cocky scrub.

  • Andrew Rosenblum

    Hey Marcus — great piece calling out Delaney and the officials for that absurd OT call. I had the same thought about the Donaghy scandal. It’s not that I particularly think Delaney is on the take, but the Donaghy scandal reminds us that the officials don’t necessarily have spotless integrity. Was it gambling, does the NBA want its beloved Kobe to get homecourt advantage and ideally face Boston in the championship series?

    The answer was probably just incompetence by Delaney, but as you point when the league plays “see no evil” with such an absurd call, these lingering questions sit and fester.

  • JustPuked

    Kobe just got kicked out of a game for whining. How can I hate the NBA after that? Lol.

    KJ, so you were rooting for Utah? Ugh. Your Warrior fandom has been revoked.

  • EJ

    LOL. Yup, Kobe got tossed. He’s the John McEnroe of the NBA!

  • Ewok

    Just want to make a comment this exceptionally talented but emotionally unstable athlete.

    He does have three rings. (But it was under Shaq’s leadership which he resented). Comparing the Shaq-Kobe and Jordan-Pippen tandem is very inaccurate. Jordan practically molded Pippen. I should know because this was my generation. During those days, Chicago wasn’t called the Bulls, but the Chicago Jordans because their talent level was so pathetic, Jordan was the only one making a difference… As a matter of fact, It was widely believed Jordan wasn’t concerned about winning a championship. He never believed in his team but he believed in breaking records…

    Hey! it took seven years before he got his first Championship and this was primarily due to three factors, Jordan brought out the best in da Pip, Phil Jackson philosophy of ball control, and an aging Lakers. The Bulls grew to greater heights and they achieved their legacy in Basketball History and Im not even a Jordan fan to say this, But I do respect and admire him a lot.

    Basketball Fans of the 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s clearly see the class acts of the stars then. But they also see the classless acts of todays players and Kobe leads that pack. A.I. second. “Practice? Talking about Practice?

    Kobe’s fans simply come from this generation who adore players because of their tatoos and not their game. This is also a generation of Tatooed and Jeweled players with mediocore games. Nothing against the expressions.. But I do think the players today should realize their games should speak of themselves, not their personal effects.

    This is the generation Kobe is making his mark. But instead of influencing it with his talent and example, He is allowing it to influence himself.

    Kobe had all the options. All what was wanted of him was patience to wait for his time. The Patience to respect the legacy of Shaq, the Mailman and the Glove…

    Had he have the maturity to realize this, He wouldn’t be in the situation he is right now, Image wise.

    Sure he is talented, and people adore him for this, but once he starts diminishing his moves, once he starts slowing down due to age, What will be his excuse this time? Jeannie Buss? I expect his critics to write nasty books against him. I mean how can you discount Malone, Shaq and Glove as teammates without a championship? Absurd. Really Absurd.

    The Lakers dont have a championship yet since the Post Shaq years.. Shaq has one with Miami and is not far fetched to get another one despite his obvious decline. This was the time Kobe was suppose to emerge with Shaq. Kobe without Shaq as of presstime has no titles. The Lakers are no longer Showtime.

    Kobe has another chance with Gasol, Bynum, Odom, Fischer and a great bench with Turiaf, Walton and Sasha V.

    I doubt however if he will ever win a championship again which will put his name in history in a more sullen light. If he does win one, It should be to the credit of Phil Jackson and Mitch Kuptchak. These two built the team together despite of a malcontent. Two individuals Kobe chastized and resisted publicly.

    Jordan won championships with Cartwright, Longley, Perdue and even an aging John Salley. Kobe had to be equipped with the Gasols, the Odom’s, the Bynum’s and still couldnt establish a winning momentum, and Evidently, He is still not happy. Still a Whiner.

    How do you deny a Tiger of his stripes and Leopard, of his spots.

    Because Kobe is Kobe and will always be. I hope he proves me wrong.