Webber a Hall of Famer?

His numbers stack up among some of the best. He certainly had Hall of Fame talent. His impact on the game – changing the way we look at power forwards in this era – is rare.
But Webber is not a Hall of Famer. Sorry. He was a great player. But I find it hard to place him among that elite group. There very specific reasons he doesn’t belong.

*He never won. Never even played in an NBA Final
*He had a reputation as a diva, a coach killer. True or not, that’s how Hall of Fame voters will view him. He won’t ever pass the Hall of Fame citizenship test.
*Michigan scandal. Remember, it is the Basketball Hall of Fame, not the NBA Hall of Fame. His NCAA violations, which cost Michigan their Fab Five records, factor into play. That’s a stain that is too hard to hide.

Webber was an innovative player. He was a productive and special talent. But, based on his success as a player, he could almost be considered an underachiever. Someone with the tools he had should have rings, MVPs, etc. He was only a five-time All-Star. He made All-NBA once.
That’s not enough, to me. What do you think?

Marcus Thompson

  • Anthos

    I totally agree he was a great player the whole fab five thing the bald heads with black socks those were good times great early on with the warriors great on the bullets, instead of keeping and re upping webber they signed Juwan Howard that 125 mill deal they couldve kept him and they had rasheed wallace behind him great on the kings probably one of the best passing 4’s ever but your right about the violations costing the fab five their legacy thats not good underachiever is right on but he was still an above average player

  • JustPuked

    JR Rider
    Derek Coleman
    Chris Webber

    A lot of hype. They always passed the eyeball test and they sure seemed like talented players. Except they were all missing something either in the chest or between the ears. Whatever it was, it never added up to Hall of Fame for any of them and it always seemed they were perpetually failing to live up to their abilities.

  • EJ

    I think inducting him, at the very least, merits some kind of consideration. You’d have to take a few years before you come to solid conclusion on Webber’s career. When he was at his best, there were only two PFs I can think of that were better: KG and Duncan (both already Hall-bound). He’s certainly one of the most skilled bigs the game has ever seen. You look at a guy like Grant Hill and you’d also have to ask if he’s worthy of the Hall of Fame. Granted, Hill won a national title, but he too was slowed by injuries. Jason Kidd took his team to the Finals, but were humiliated in that series. Is he a Hall of Famer? By excluding Webber from Hall consideration you’d also be excluding the likes of Elton Brand from getting in unless he won a title. There’s no question he’s made a huge contribution to the basketball and the way it’s played from the high post. I’m not saying he’s a Hall of Famer right now, but C-Webb deserves some consideration in a few years.

  • AJ

    Hell NO!

  • Derek

    Noway !!

  • Andy

    In a couple years maybe…once the negative impacts on C-Webb will have faded away, he could go up to the Hall of Fame. Till then, no.

  • Ray

    He bailed, he didn’t give it his all. The warriors looked at him as the center they needed, the inside presence. He probably realized he doesn’t want to grunt with the Shaq, the Bynum, the centers in the west. So he called a timeout.

    He bailed on the warriors twice and done it everywhere else. He is a pretty boy who wants to be known as a blue collar guy.

    He doesn’t deserve the HOF.

    My 2 cents

  • Gunner

    Definitely no. I am looking at the following link at “modern day” NBA players that have been selected to the Hall of Fame since 2000. Webber does not measure up to any of them, by far


    Joe Dumars
    James Worthy
    Rober Parish
    Magic Johnson
    Moses Malone
    Isiah Thomas

    The closest Hall of Famer to Webber in terms of achievement are probably Dominique and Barkley.

    But Domnique was selected as an All-Star 9 straight times (1986-94) and had unmatched atheletic and scoring ability in his time.

    Barkley also took his team to the finals.

    Combine this with his Michigan history, Webber is not worthy to be a Hall of Famer.

  • Remi Mo


    You don’t have to win a ring to get in the HOF.

    ’93 Final -vs- Carolina

    Why is your 4 taking the ball up against pressure?
    CW was afraid that someone else would take the last
    shot and he would not be the man. His baby sitter
    coach gave in to him. Fab 5 had so much more talent
    than Carolina.

    CW’s most important NBA game, ’02 West Final -vs- Lakers

    He scores 2 points in the 2nd half and OT. Gets a T
    in the 4th quarter. Throws all his teammates and coaches under the bus afterwards.

  • Marcus

    Just Puked,

    Did you really just compare Webber to J.R. and D.C.? That’s cold, man.

  • Anthos

    yeah I agree Marcus that was strethcing id say more in the catagory of shawn kemp the rain man

  • mj