Nuggets Bail Out the Warriors – Again!

So, the No. 7 seed is out. Dallas will make the playoffs, and rightfully so. They’ve earned it with Sunday’s huge road win, something the Warriors could not pull off.
It’s not official, but the Warriors trail Mavs by two games with five to play. If the Warriors went 4-1, Dallas would have to go 1-4 for the Warriors to have a better record. The Mavericks close vs. Seattle and Utah, then at Portland and Seattle before closing vs. New Orleans.
So that leaves the Warriors vying with Denver for the eighth and final playoff spot. And though Golden State isn’t getting it done on its own, as it did late last season, the Nuggets are proving to be even more un-clutch.
Losing to Sac at home and at Seattle shows that Denver doesn’t have it. Their defense is atrocious. At least the Warriors force turnovers here and there. The Nuggets don’t even do that.
The Warriors last remaining tasks: win at home. They host the Kings, Nuggets, Clippers and Sonics. Win these games and the worst they can do is go 4-1 over these last five. That should be enough, because it would force the Nuggets to go 4-1 to finish tied with the Warriors. Denver has three more road games (At Clippers, Warriors and Jazz) before closing at home against Houston and Memphis.
The way they’ve played the last two games, it doesn’t look good for Denver fans.

Marcus Thompson

  • Crazy! Maybe you’re right. Maybe Denver really doesn’t have it. I can’t even favor them in a game against the Clippers. That still doesn’t bode well for us though, if we back in to the playoffs and have to face a team like New Orleans, which seems to match up better with us than I expected.

  • Gary


    Denver’s failings are a blessing, but I just dont see that energy with the boys like before, even maybe 2 weeks ago. They have enough to beat the Memphises and Heats of the league, but when Nellie essentially plays only 6 guys against an elite team, this is what happens. I understand the bench isn’t bringing it, but what if (I hate saying that, but) Nellie played the rookies more earlier in the season?

  • Baller

    Let’s just say, by a long shot, the W’s make it to the playoffs, then what? Three and out!?

  • AJ

    Baller – FYI it’s the best out of 7 series, so it would be 4 and out (if they get swept).

    They haven’t played very well the past week. Hopefully they get their mojo when and if they make the playoffs. I would rather see them IN the playoffs and competing than sitting at home!

  • Tripp From Da ‘Sip

    What’s wrong Warrior fans? Where is the outcry today?!! Monta Ellis played his heart out yesterday (35 pts. and 10 rebs.) while the rest of the team played pathetically–including Baron. Over the last 10 games or more, Monta is leading the team in scoring while shooting over 50%. He’s even passed that “ball-hoggie, no shooting” Steven Jackson as second on the team in scoring.

    The crazy part is all of the questions about Monta or K. Martin; Monta or Agent 0; Monta or whoever. If the kid did not earn your respect on yesterday, please let him leave G.S. in peace. He was the BEST player on the floor (including CP3). Be as quick to praise him with the positive as you are to criticize him with negativity.

  • sad jose

    i think you definitely want to get to the playoffs just to see what you have on your team. we learned a lot about the warriors when they beat the mavs- and when they lost to the jazz. this has been a fun year, the warriors are a good team, with a lot of youth. i’m not as optimistic or wild-eyed as last year, but this is a good situation. its just too bad baron and jax seem so worn out.