Can the Warriors win 4?

I’m thinking the Denver Nuggets have two losses left in them, so the Warriors need to go 4-1 to make the playoffs. That looks feasible based on the schedule.
Of the Warriors five remaining games, four are at home (Sacramento, Denver, Los Angeles Clippers, Seattle).
There was a time that you could guarantee four victories left for the Ws. The league’s elite couldn’t win at Oracle. The Kings, Nuggets, league’s scrubs didn’t stand a chance.
At this point last season, the Kings, Clippers and Sonics — three of the remaining visitors — would’ve have stood a chance at the Oracle. Now, it’s hard to say. After home losses to Minnesota, Chicago and Atlanta, and near losses to visiting New Jersey, New York and Indiana, how confident are you the Warriors will get it done? Or will they slip up and suffer one last potentially fatal missed opportunity?

Marcus Thompson

  • Ray

    Hi Marcus, If the Warriors make the playoffs as the 8th seed, do they have the 16th pick then, or do they have the pick after all the Eastern teams stack up with their records.

    What is the way they determine that. From what I understand, it goes on the records. That is a wrong format if it is. It should go by the seed in the playoffs. Of the two 8th place teams, they should pick first based on their records, and then the two 7th place teams and so on. Why? Because records don’t get you into the playoffs. You get punished by the conferences, so you should get rewarded by it as well.

    Your thoughts and facts.

  • Rob W

    Marcus, if Jack does not continue his shooting slump, we’ll win 4. Jack was 6-34 FG’s during the 3 losses last week. Interestingly, Jack was the primary reason we won all year. Today, Jack is the primary reason we lost 3 games last week. Hero to goat that fast. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt though and hope he bounces back.

  • creepy ross

    as well as jax has played at times this year, i can’t stand to watch him play anymore. his horrendous shot selection (has to be one of the three worst offenders in the league, along with baron), his constant complaining and his lack of effort in transition defense (particularly when he’s turned the ball over or forced another horrible shot) has me screaming profanities at my tv. my neighbors must think i have tourettes.

    prime example was in the game at new orleans when he lobbed that pathetic pass to baron near midcourt that paul stole and passed to a trailer for a dunk. meanwhile, jackson was jogging half-heartedly down court.

    end of rant. sorry, had to vent, been holding that in since sunday morning.

  • fantom

    sure thing

  • zgreat

    Denver’s schedule looks a lot more difficult then it really may be. If Utah or Houston have clinched a play-off home court advantage by the time they play Denver, they may play their scrubs to rest up for the play-offs.

  • EJ

    They can win 4. Tonight’s game against the Kings will pretty much dictate how the rest of the games will go. If they can’t get up for this one at the Oracle, then they’re toast the rest of the way. Hopefully Pietrus is back tonight. I have a weird feeling that Francisco Garcia is going to go off tonight for about 23. But I think the Warriors can take this one, especially if they have good 2nd and 3rd quarters. That 0-6 start really hurts right now!!

  • GSWFan24

    Im going out on a limb, Dubs will get it done and make the playoffs, Jack and Baron’s struggling won’t continue as their reputation as big time players are on the line.

  • manhattanproj

    as it look now, dont think the w’s can win 4. i think nelson reliance on jax and baron has finally doomed the team. they looked fatigued as the season comes to an end. they dont even get out in breaks and when they do, they look awfully slow. i think the w’s two leaders just ran out of gas. 4-1, not very likely. i’m thinking 2-3 or 3-2, probably 3-2. so the nuggets game is going to be key.

  • JustPuked

    Nothing has been a given with this team all year. Who knows how they’ll come out tonight? If Denver hadn’t flopped it would already be over, you can’t emphasis that enough. As much as Baron and JAX hero complex’s have kept the dubs in it all season, they were no where to be found in the most important games of the season. Denver choking is the ONLY reason they’re getting another do-over. That said, I’ll be on the edge of my seat all night long. Go Warriors! Considering some teams may shut it down early in order to rest for the playoffs, does anyone else get the feeling this is going to go down to the very last game of the season?

  • creepy ross

    looks like both houston and utah will be fighting it out for home court in the playoffs, so i don’t see either resting players when they meet denver this weekend.

    by the time the w’s hit phx, the suns may be locked into their playoff matchup, so they could be resting players. everything is so tight though, the next few games could change things throughout the top eight.

  • mj


  • Le

    They had a good team game tonight vs Kings. Everyone did well, even Pietrus brought the energy they have been lacking. Key is beating the Nuggets on Thursday. They win that game, they should be in. Go GSW!!!