Lookin’ on the Bright Side …

Call it hope or the teasing delay of inevitability, but there is reason to believe the Warriors could pull this off. There are a few factors that, at the very least, keep you watching. For some, it may be cause to sleep in their “We Believe” shirts.

• Houston, which visits Denver on Sunday, still have something to play for. They are tied with San Antonio for the No. 3 seed, the loser getting the No. 5 seed. Whoever gets the No. 3, would get Phoenix and have homecourt advantage. The No. 5 seed will Utah, owner of the West’s best home record. Plus, homecourt advantage isn’t a lock. Houston needs to beat Denver to stay ahead of Utah for homecourt advantage in the first round.

• Denver will be concluding a back-to-back. Houston has been in Denver chilling, waiting for the Nuggets and getting used to the altitude. Denver is 5-12 in the second game of back-to-backs. Just two were in Denver, and the Nuggets split them.

• Should Houston win at Denver, the Warriors would need to then win at Phoenix. The Suns would be pretty much locked in to the No. 6. The Lakers have already won the Pacific. The are too far ahead for No. 7 Dallas to catch. The Suns could use some rest. This would be a good time rest up their old heads: Steve Nash, Shaq, and Grant Hill. Raja Bell has been nagged by injuries and Amare’s knees are always a subject of concern. I wouldn’t expect Phoenix to start Brian Skinner and Gordan Giracek, but I would be surprised if they fought to the death. If the Warriors are on their A game, it would be reasonable for Phoenix to wilt.

What all this means? Nothing on the court. But it could add to your stress levels.

Marcus Thompson

  • Derek

    Steven Jackson, if you read this blog, please stop shooting 3’s when we get up by 10 plus. All those misses cost us when the other teams score on there next posession.

    We keep losing leads because the guys, especially you (Jackson) keep shooting 3’s when they are not necessarily needed.

  • manhattanproj

    really can’t see houston beating denver at denver. well we’ll see what happens tonight.

  • Baller

    Lights Out!!

  • JustPuked

    Last Year: Biggest first round upset ever
    This Year: Best record to not make playoffs (16 team playoff)

    Hope for the Lottery: Best Record to ever win the lottery (not via trade)
    Ever the same: Warriors Fan Slogan, “Wait until next year”

  • EJ

    If things don’t work out this year, maybe we’ll get lucky and land Michael Beasley in the lottery!!

  • Ewok

    This season in this division is such a “freak” one.

    As far as I’m concerned, 48 to 50 wins is good enough for six to seventh places in the playoffs… But in such a freaky nature of the Western Conference, Who’s to say What’s good enough and What Isn’t.

    The league should definitely look into this. This is Basketball, not a Real Estate business where the West is looking like it has more value equity than the East.

    Ironically, Despite of good credit standing, The Warriors are bound for “forclosure.”

    No one should have to go through what the Warriors and the Nuggets have experience to make the playoffs despite of the fine season both teams had shown. It is not fair to the Fans.

    There is an Imbalance in the league and It should be checked. Otherwise, the public is deprived of top quality competition.

    As for the Warriors, It’s time to get a Biggie who can run, rebound and pass. I think Kevin Love is the guy. The Pacific Division is the Land of the Giants. Period.

    It’s time to utilize Brendan Wright and Marco Bellineli

    Matt Barnes is subject for a trade.

    Kostas Perovic, POB must be accomodated as well. These guys must gain the needed confidence. Nellie should be personally supervise these guys so he can lay the foundation. This way, the team wont be fatigued again this time next year.

    CJ Watson, MB, BWright, Croshere, Kostas Perovic should be scrimmaging as a team and personally coached by Nellie while competing against the Vets.

    In my analysis, We are one trade or player away from a championship. Who knows? we may be already set.

  • EJ

    Like what Stephen A said on ESPN, the league will probably wait for the “other shoe to drop” on the playoff issue. what happens when a 50 win team misses out on the playoffs and wins the lottery? It’s a valid point. Suppose that team is the Spurs, Lakers, Mavericks, or Utah. The point of having a draft lottery has been compromised.

    I’ve always been a big fan of how soccer fixtures are set (but I would add a playoff system). I propose this: All teams are included in one table; the top 16 teams make the playoffs based on record; the 2 worst teams, instead of playing for the #1 and #2 pick in the lottery, would receive the #3 and #4 pick and get relegated to playing in the D-league for the season. those 2 teams are allowed back into the NBA if their winning percentage is 75% and up and the 2 worst teams from the next season take their place in the D-league. That would sure solve some tanking issues and put the right teams in the playoffs. HA!

    (it’s an outlandish idea, but i like it!)

  • Andy

    This might be a stupid question to ask but, if the Warriors happen to win the last 2 of their games, and Nuggets win against Memphis they’ll have the same record (50-32). So my question is this, why do Nuggets get the 8th spot instead? The W’s will have a higher win streak, if they win their last games. So why don’t they get in instead?

  • manhattanproj

    if the w’s and nuggets are tied after the season, then playoff it’s determined by the head to head season series. nuggets won the series 3-1, so they own the tiebreaker and they get in the playoffs. dont know what happens if the series were 2-2, one game playoff?

    fyi, ewok, barnes and pob are FA as are many of the w’s. so no trade involving barnes and no accomadation involving pob. just an fyi so you can get the facts straight. and really the w’s are more than one player away from championship. i guess your analysis is wrong.

    but #14 spot isnt so bad this year. should get a pretty good player. possibly a top 10 talent in any other draft. maybe a kevin love. anthony randolph. oj mayo.

  • Ewok

    Barnes and POB are free agents?

    Then so much the better! They can opt out and we can save money. Use the money to lure Elton Brand who is a free agent this year.

    We are one player away from a championship if that one player is an impact player who can fill the void and make everyone else look better. The team’s weakness right now is the frontcourt. If we could get a big guy who can rebound, set picks and pass the ball, What other voids would we still have at present?

    Backcourt is excellent with BDiddy and Monta and you have back ups as well, Shooting guard position is great and competitive, Small forward is promising with Wright, Pietrus and Jackson, The slot is decent with AB who is only 21 yrs old but he needs help, It’s the PF position that needs to be addressed. Keving Love is the my answer.