Report Card: Big Men

The few the Warriors do have, at least the ones who played did well. I know that sounds odd, considering the Warriors routinely get beat on the boards and pounded inside and give up easy layups. But the big men the Warriors did what they do well. To me, it is unfair to ask Biedrins to be an enforcer. It’s not fair to ask Al Harrington to protect the basket. It’s not fair to ask Patrick O’Bryant to run the floor. These players have never done that. I wouldn’t blame them for not providing the inside presence the Warriors’ need, but management.

Andris Biedrins: He was great this year. Led the league in field goal percentage, nearly averaged a double-double. This is despite being down low by himself in most situations. That has to be a tough job rebounding 1 against 4.
Grade – A

Al Harrington: He had the difficult task of being a spot-up shooter, something he’s never done before. I was encouraged by the fact he took it upon himself to diversify his game — shaking a fist of rebellion in the face of Nellie. He should have rebounded better, though. His average dropped (from 6.4) to 5.4 per game. Though he would have a hard time rebounding from the perimeter, that shouldn’t impact his defensive rebounding. Plus, he shot his worst field goal percentahe (43.4) since 2002-03. It was a tough year for Al. His ppg and minutes dropped, too. Some of that had to do with Nellie.
Grade: C-

Austin Croshere: He was big in spots this year when he did play. He often was key energy off the bench. But his shot was suspect (sorry, I expected him to be a shooter). His back is jacked up, so what he gave despite his injury was considerable.
Grade: B-

Brandan Wright: He was surprisingly further along than I thought. He was labeled a project so much during the draft that I was thinking he wouldn’t be able to contribute. He turned out to be better than expected. He knows how to use his length and athleticism. He brings energy on both ends and does what he can do, which is about what you should expect from a rookie. Grade: B

Chris Webber: Poor guy. He was set up to fail. He should’ve known better.
Grade: Inc.

Kosta Perovic: Now, he is as raw as expected. He is big and long, which definitely fits the Warriors need. He looks pretty skilled, but he is slow.
Grade: Inc.

Patrick O’Bryant: I don’t think he is as bad as he looks. He’s just really a bad fit for here. This is a fast team that wears it’s emotions on his sleeve. He’s too slow and he doesn’t LOOK like he’s trying hard enough. He has some offensive skills and he can protect the rim – if his confidence is up. It hasn’t been since he’s been in Golden State. Grade: D

Marcus Thompson

  • JustPuked

    Talk about picking a sore wound. Marcus, I think you’re being very diplomatic but I can’t grade the players based on their own abilities. There are guys that have the talent and drive to get the job done at the NBA level and there are guys that don’t. I grade them on what they brought to the table.

    Andris – He’s a top ten center in the NBA right now and he’s only going to get better. He brought it night after night and contributed consistently despite having his starting job and minutes on Nellie’s yo-yo. He still needs to add either the ability to score in post up mode or a mid-range jumper but he’s the ONLY competent and dependable big the Warriors have. A-

    Al – He was all over the map! His defense got noticeably worse, he still has trouble finishing shots at the rim and now his outside game came and went. His rebounding was solid for a day or two and then he’d completely disappear. You have to be somewhat reliable and Harrington wasn’t even close. The good doesn’t outweigh the problem of establishing yourself as a performer and then not showing up time and time again. D+

    Austin – I know being injured wasn’t his fault and when he wasn’t injured he brought it. But I can’t give him high marks for part time work. C-

    Brandan – Wow potential, but middling production right now. Between all the other inconsistent guys in the rotation, Wright had an opportunity to establish himself as the go to guy off the bench to provide energy, rebounding, shot-blocking and some timely interior scoring. Too often he failed to run back on defense, lost track of his man on the boards or just got caught in no mans land. But the highlights were always phenomenal and it’s clear it’s all about gaining experience and strength with Wright. C+

    Chris – What a clusterfrack. F

    Kosta – When he got in the game he showed a nose for the ball and made a bee line for the front off the rim both on both offense and defense. Still a bit slow but man he knows he’s a center and doesn’t pussy foot around the perimeter. Warrior could use some more of that. He’s still got a ways to go though. C

    Patrick – If only his whole season could have been the Clippers game. Back in reality O’Bryant was a non factor even in garbage time. After posting amazing numbers in the NBDL, he came back and got pushed around and was consistently out of position for both blocked shots and rebounds. Hopefully he’ll figure it out but it’s going to be somewhere else. D-

  • zgreat

    Al Harrington’s rebounds per minute played were actually slightly higher this season then last.

    496 reb / 2563 min = .1935

    2007 Golden State only
    270 reb / 1355 min = .1993

    439 reb / 2190 min = .2005

  • zgreat

    Granted, I think Harrington’s always been a rather poor rebounder given his height.

    I wonder if the drop in Harrington’s FG% was related to that thumb injury he had on his right hand. I can’t remember when he injured it, but his FG% seemed to start dropping in Feb.

  • manhattanproj

    top 10 center in the nba doesnt mean much. how many centers, true centers, are in the league, right now? andris is definitely not in the top tier centers like yao and dwight howard. he’s more in that low 2nd to 3rd tier, along the lines of chandler.

    i think harrington is largely misued, having him shoot 3s and play out in the perimeter. he needs to drive, take his man off the dribble, and post up. the way he scored back in atlanta. he needs to be more assertive rather than settling for 3s.

    wright – looks like a nice rebounder and defensive presence. but didnt shown any low post game, not that he did even back in carolina. probably more of a mid range 4 than a low block guy. “potential” – the deadly word. i still think joakim noah would have contributed more this year. but he lacks the potential. wright is a big project.