Funny man Baron

You know those ads that the NBA is running with the split faces? One half is one player and the other half is another player, but they are playing the same thing?
I just got word that Baron has one. Yes, the NBA is only using players in the postseason, and Baron isn’t in it. Guess who he’s pared with? Adam Sandler.
It’s a promo for Adam Sandler’s new film “You Don’t Mess With the Zohan.”
It’s pretty funny.


Marcus Thompson

  • BJ
  • Bwright Side

    funny stuff, haha!

    It was kinda bugging me, seeing all those split face commercials, wondering who would ours be if we made it back to the playoffs. A Biedrins/Gasol one would have been nice. Or how about POB/Mbenga? haha

  • JustPuked

    Great Find! Thanks for posting. I thought Baron is roller skates was funny, but this is perfect. Only goes to show just how LA Baron really is. Point Guard or Point God?